think he never simple

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 17:56
; Hesitated a moment, Luo Wenyu Cai Zhitao eyes pretending to be seen on and whispered: Shao, do not know how to engage in, overnight, we Hongsheng An insurance exclusions news spread all over the Heibailiangdao. Many unexplained people say we Hongsheng An insurance illusory, afraid Mayflower ...... Tigers captain a shot conference table, loudly: Mayflower considered a bird, as long as they dare to come to Hong Kong, I have to ask them to keep no return! Panthers captain echoed: Yes, ah, even Mayflower transverse cross only in the UK! In Hong Kong, but take the geographical and, can neutralize them! In two comrades watched, Dragons captain stood up to make concluding remarks: Miss Master, I feel that we should take over this commission, which is not just for tens of millions of bonuses, but also to face! Since we have such strength, why serving soft defeat it? Master Choi, please reconsider ...... Liu Yu have to understand that these Hongsheng An insured elites over, is to withdraw its proposal to Canada Goose Tremblant Pullover persuade Caizhi Tao. Judging from the scene, the general manager Luo Wenyu apparently hid Panther such senior security personnel! Liu Yu one looked, Cai Zhitao Chen Sheng said: Well, do not say, and this is something I have decided. Regardless Zhou commissioned gold jewelry out how high, no matter how people outside of our ridicule, this commission say then, do not pick. If you hear anything on the outside baseless rumor, without scruples, go directly to explain, say I'm Cai Zhitao old, can not afford to offend the Mayflower, who is powerful, who are connected to ...... three captain sounded helpless, but Cai Zhitao are Mayflower consider themselves afraid, afraid, and their grudges, they can say what? ! However, this hypothesis shares stuffiness but stagnation in their chest, not catharsis. You know, all along, the captain thought that Hongsheng An Insurance is the largest security company in Hong Kong, they are also first-class professionals, commissioned ten years 100 percent success rate, a mere Mayflower what of? ! However, Cai Zhitao insistence, as well as their respect for Cai Zhitao, let them have nothing to say, only to inquiries by telling her the leave away. Get out of meeting rooms, which three would talk away. You say, how is this good? Tigers captain angrily asked. Panthers captain shook his head, watching the Dragons Captain: Do you reckon it, how to do? Dragons captain did not answer, only light, said: Do not you think it strange? Usual Master Choi is how proudly, simply set an example Warrior! But today, his performance seems not the same as before, became timid a lot ...... Yes, I have this feeling! Panthers captain nodded, hesitated a moment and said: You see, there would not be anything wrong with it? I suspect Master Choi might have something without telling us. Master Choi will be telling us something? Tigers captain surprised a moment, scratched his head, not very convincing, said: do not you? He has been very good to us! Dragons captain's eyes flickered, Chen Sheng said: Perhaps it is because we have to be good, so just telling us. Tigers captain look of confusion: What do you mean? I do not understand! It also did not understand? ! Panthers captain has some clear understanding, on behalf explains: There must be something threatening Cai master, or what bad news on the company threatened him, he did not want us to know, so we are worried. Tigers captain blinked, still confused. Dragons captain's eyes squint squint, again a rhetorical question: Do not you think it strange? The relationship between us and the Master Choi also considered Men's Timberland 2 Eye Cupsole close, and can be heard when he had an heir's? Even in recent days only accept it, there is no reason to immediately change wills, these ten million fortune all to apprentice ah ...... good. Tigers captain nodded vigorously and said: It was indeed a doubt! Tsai boxing Jiruo wind fierce thunder, do not have enough strength and superior sensitivity, Canada Goose Women's Hybridge Lite absolutely impossible to discover the one in Samadhi. That what Liu Yu, I think he handsome frail, do ducks are afraid exhausted and death, not to mention doing the real descendant caijia boxing ...... Panthers captain nodded endorsed, echoed: I'm afraid it is because by the a threat, Master Choi was forced to renege on their minds, to make things like: give up and Mayflower confrontation accept a frail man's apprentice, a lawyer and so things will change ...... Now that you know Master Choi threatened, then what are we waiting? Tigers captain turned and said: Go, we go find Master Choi. Dragons captain pulled him, Chen Sheng said: You can not go, it would only arouse his suspicions! Master Choi telling us they really want, they will not admit there is the matter of. Tigers captain eyebrows wrinkled, asked: do we have only so helpless, let Master Choi was threatened? Shook his head, Dragons captain said: I do not know the moment we only Zhazuo secretly monitor the investigation and found evidence only to find Master Choi! Now, do not reveal the slightest tone, just that Liu Yu, I think he never simple, we have to watch out point him. Good! Panthers captain looked Tigers captain said: We can not act recklessly! Damage we are nothing, but if the Master Choi bad things that people do not live fishes ...... I know! Tigers captain seemed to know that this is specifically Panthers captain said to him, and simmering airway: I'll pretended not to know these things, can not cause the kid's attention ...... do not go far three captain know that they have all this dialogue into the two ears. Liu Yu and qi rebirth after more than six decades of Cai Zhitao, have a sensitive ear. A mere ten meters, how to fool them? ! For the three captain's wariness, Liu Yu actually did not care how, after all this thing in mind unclear Cai Zhitao outsider there seems to be a lot of unreasonable, arouses suspicion is also reasonable. However, another one of the parties is not so open-minded! Cai Zhitao frowning brow tightly that he did not think that their decision will actually give others so much bad guess. Liu Yu saw an indifferent look, Cai Zhitao hearts give birth to a little guilt. Absolutely can not let apprentice bullied! Can not let apprentice lose! With this idea, Cai Zhitao made a decision! Liu Yu He smiled and said: apprentice, martial arts, there I am ready for boxing spectrum, you first look at the past. Such as Ronaldinho and I say something, you'll be right there to guide you! Yes, Master!
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