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March 27 [Wed], 2013, 12:13
> "For the weak to fight injustice and contention ... great ideal ... I was a laity can not understand ... but I believe that you are a trustworthy person, I have my brother back to you. WWW very reassuring. QUanbeN. Com. follow you, I think they certainly do something big. "Burning Blade day edge, president said, he felt old, can not afford to fail, the painstaking efforts of the Society to become fragmented, even start again at how, if not the brothers persuaded, he already dissolution of the Association, but now it can finally find worthy of the people entrusted to him ... "This road is very hard times song may never succeed. They also insist on it? "My brother is born for righteousness, for justice, war days Blade said with pride, be able to follow the brothers down, but only for the righteousness of the year,Nike Air Max Skyline, never betray, if considering the interests, as early as from the gang. "This is a game ... Do not say so heavy ... But ... I also think that the fight for the weak, for the uneven struggle,Mens Air Max 90, but it is a noble ideal ... This is my childhood dream ...... did not think ... ... I realize there day ...... I only hundreds of colleagues on behalf of the Society of the War Lion joined Kyushu. together for our righteous war. "War Lion after the finish, holding out a large hand grip together with leaves proud Wind. "Plus I ...... on the outside has been bullied, bullied game ... I am an absolute ban." Days lent a big hand edge coverage above. "Yes ... not in the game bullied." The hunting days businessman lent a hand. "War for righteousness, I will carry on non-tens of millions of people, not fame, not for profit, but to share peace of mind, even life or after death infamy, just for the sake of Conscience." Breeze swordsman muttered language, their own hard in pursuit of nothing more than peace of mind only, little time to get the Cheats hard study martial arts, rove the streets, and then finally have achieved four engaging in warfare, is nothing more than to prove their martial arts masters, lifelong learning, to be worthy of the Cheats, only for share of peace of mind. "My objectives, Conscience, then I want to do now is what, and strong do? Into the guru? Perhaps just looking for teammates to fight together!!!" The breeze finally found his original mind swordsman,air jordan clearance sale, Who is willing to be as a servant to follow the war imperial heart that is just fought side by side with him. "I'm the one ......" interlinked breeze swordsman stretched out his right hand. "San Leba!! Separate a few people, so the breeze swordsman held up his right hand does not know what to do. "In fact, you would have is one of us." Ye proud of the wind with a smile. "You do not care that I'm older it?" 41-year-old breeze swordsman, but a group of people the oldest one. "You are my life? Fast approaching 400 years old!" Said Ye proud Wind helpless. "400-year-old ... that are no monster ... everyone exclaimed, do not believe. Alone breeze swordsman in it thoughtfully, legend above the Warrior comprehension for those who can live for countless years, there Lama's Tantric reincarnation, leaves proud Wind older seems such a light, but the skill of the terrible ... especially the which control the sense of rules, ...... is a 21-year-old man to do this? Leaves proud of wind shook his head, but it is not in the language, but says his true age, but it is felt a relaxed, just for some surviving data, who know the pressure behind ... scattered after the day edge and war The Lions themselves to convene brothers. While Ip Ngo Wind With hunting days of businessmen, but went to a big tent, not close, felt a gust of alcohol lunged, did not think ... here is actually a temporary pub. Very busy pub, the sound Dujiu mora high talk about including the sound of laughter, endless, the wolf, they do not help arrives rather Beware, Wolf wanted to help and will not be afraid, because they have a brother. "How the atmosphere is pretty good! ..." The hunting days businessman, apparently of regular customers here, in fact, he is the boss here, he was already planning for the development of the refuge Valley early in the discovery of this valley, he has made want here as a strategic location, this is his first time to think of in the asylum Valley arming. "Very good ... you drive ..." Ye proud of wind can be seen from the waiter respect for him, here is his people. Behind-the-scenes boss. For hunting days businessman, he was a bit see through. Says he's prosperity? But Shoko can prove that he still lived in a second-hand apartment, lived the life of three meals a day to eat lunch and said he was poor, but it can support such a large operation of the Association. This is a strange person to goods theory, it is an extraordinary person, but has a one doing big heart. "What can be concealed from your eyes ... go ... into the inside ...... friends are on the inside." Hunting days businessman laughed, then took leaves proud of wind into the inside. There is a curtain separated, opened the curtains, leaves proud of wind saw earlier follow their own copy of the next person. Barbarian Shoko, the middle of the night three thieves, crazy Mage Frost goddess, the the melee Hunter Loulan baby, thieves, lone wolf, full Paladin winds blow, the old warrior dwarves uncle, there are four people, in addition to the legendary mercenary group Elf female archer, people have come to Qi. "Ah ... our Assembly long to ... really can not think ah ...... quietly founded Kyushu Association ..." Li Bingbing is still so straightforward, plus cynicism ... "I have heard your guild by raid ... It seems that you did not how something happens. "Ye proud wind scanned the crowd, to see if they are equipped, but there is no off-stage look, he felt pleased. "Fortunately, the killer of his brother to the timely ... otherwise we non not keep the corpse." The Loulan baby said. "I've always felt the accident ...... the Loulan baby you did not actually hang ...... single came refuge Valley .... It was a miracle ..." Li Bingbing staring Loulan baby and asked everyone bloody immediate concern asylum Valley Loulan baby arms around a rabbit actually miraculously come single, and there is no fear like. "Hmmm ... I still very powerful ...... ... on the road, I have been afraid ... but the fear of a long time ... had pretended not afraid ... actually go all the way over ... hee hee." The Loulan baby stroking rabbits were said. Afraid a long time ... had to pretend not to be afraid ... This is what fear, and everyone felt a sad force in the throat. "Baby ... this is a gift to you." Ye proud of the wind out children of bird Xuelang left, that is the formation of blood cells of a blood cocoon filled life momentum. "Thank you, proud of wind brother ... or am I proud of wind brother ...... prepare a gift to me ... this is what ah ..." Loulan baby took over, asked, curious. "This is the a child left Xuelang, it should grow up to be a powerful pet." Xuelang ...... you do not speak the desert north tsunami Xuelang it!!! God ...... This Xuelang pups can simply be comparable with the artifact. "exaggerated providential son said. Xiao blood Xuelang ...... BOSS monster ... his descendants certainly cattle incredibly legendary with Corps touches all know that the other person is only followed surprise. "This thing is too precious ... I can not take the the" Loulan baby holding blood cocoon holding handed Ip Ngo wind. "You called my brother to call it total not white!!! ...... This is the gift of the brother as a sister ... talk about precious ... like it?" Like ... after you pro brother ... than the elder brother also the kind of pro. "Loulan baby said pleased. "I knew I can also tell your brother Well ... maybe send me the artifact it ......" Li Bingbing muttering. Others surrounding us, Ye proud Wind the Xuelang loot taken from the backpack down, Carew and Luoshuang eyes shining, looked long and perfect blood weasel the hunting days businessman is tightly holding that two blood Spike lone wolf on wolf claws are interested. Smiling Britain half a step value that Xuelang blood several other Plate'd watch the fun. "Last Dire Leather gave you that ... this Xuelang representatives of speed ... you will not fight with me." The frost buildup to seize blood weasel tightly to let go, this skin too perfect. The masterful stripping can be peeled off, such complete command of the level of blood weasel, it is estimated that can make perfect two-piece, which comes with some of the properties of the Xuelang will. "Otherwise bearskin suit to you ... Anyway, I do not wear." Said Carew died shameless. "Roll ...... bearskin suit increases the power ... I want to what ..." Luoshuang anger broke out in the eyes of the strong murderous. Argue what strong ... no master speaker ... say you buy from .... "providential son drinking wine, lethargic voice. "This Xuelang complete a skin can do three Leather and recommends shoes gloves, clothes, some of the properties should be able bleeding wolf paws can be refined dagger, this tooth, you should be able to do a vampire attributes necklace or jewelry, to me ... I will put it into a Need for thieves equipment may become green containers maybe. "green containers also do it, but they are more powerful biological The remnants made, then, the owner has been worn on the body, the influence of gas warfare, tried and tested without damage became legendary green containers. "Well ... Well. Liujiantao. This equipment called Luoshuang the Assassin dance ... how to nicely?" The frost buildup changed the apathy, but Yanzui laugh, laugh Yan flowery, look at the crowd togethers. Maybe it is her face, but it is just a flash in the pan, replied that frosty look. "Only the strongest assassin to prevent equipment disrepute .... I think you will not have that qualification." Lone wolf said coldly, "Well ... than they are not qualified." Damn wolf, Luoshuang curse Road, do not see people really like the Xuelang package it? Told me to grab. "You slow down to discuss who is the strongest assassin the ...... Xuelang cross hunting days businessman handled ..." Ye proud wind too lazy to pipe the two, the two men are born enemy saw test of something is impossible, however, who win but who is negative can not see out. He now discuss hunting days businessman to create material things, is the enhanced strength of the guild. <
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