According to Wang Ping's argument

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 18:32
In the very next day; in the evening, Wang Pan had come to help the villagers stood in a circle at the foot of the mountain, and then from the four burning mountain. As the first fire Wang Pan starts, as the point of course like Beacon Tower, so the whole mountain and black smoke towering and, in a burst of crackling sound, the fire spread to the whole hill. Fortunately, Wang Pan on the fire before the foot of a week to clean up again, but also to the surrounding mountains five meters small seedling weeds Montebello CG55 Parka Canada Goose are clean. Otherwise, the fire spread out will be in trouble, there is a grass, a flame will be lit a piece of mountains, if accidentally caused the forest fire can be a sin. Now the whole mountain from afar like a big fireball quietly upside down there. Half an hour later the whole mountain hundreds of acres of land is only a piece of black ash. Only dozens of young trees in cold hard standing on the mountain, like the guard was responsible to defend their territory. After the fire, a group of people and the check, see also Mars where the fight, or cause a fire is not good....... At this two Kensington Parka Women Sale days while digging in the hills, the tree hole and weeds, Wang Ping found a project team to field test a dirt road from the village to the foot of the mountain, this two days have been a variety of paving material, now Wang Pan's home on the edge of the open space was filled with cement, stone East west. Leaders of the engineering team is also the village acquaintances, the price is cheap the whole road more than 100 meters, can as long as the about one hundred thousand. These Wang Pan didn't go to tube, he just took out has been placed in the space of the money, and gave it to his father, North Face Outerwear Sale let him full responsibility for the road. The next few days on the road from time to time there came a boom... Detonation sound machine, and workers of laughter. The progress of the project is also very fast, only had two days to the three car parallel to the highway. Quality is also decent, these days, although Wang Pan did not go to a site, but Wang Pan's father, but from time to time to go. According to Wang Ping's argument is not assured, to look at their heart bottom. Two days later, the village was a return to the quiet, the road was repaired, only now can start building after opening. Brother, we have today. Wang Pan and his father just off the road workers, back home to see Wang Hao ran over to pull the king pan. Wang two back, your job is not the king holiday for two is Wang Hao, her mother also told his two child. Almost every child in rural areas have nicknames, is also the nickname. Wang Hao is the second child in the family, so was born without a name called him the king of two, two baby. This is more than a lot of people in the village can't remember his name, and called him the king of two or two child. Wang Panting loved the king two, grew up watching him grow up, Wang Er is like climbing the five brother, because he and Wang Pan particularly affectionate, he knew that in Wang Pan with behind some good stuff to eat. Our teacher gave us a lot of homework, let me play all the time No. It also said the Du wears a small mouth, one face of depressed sample. You will not bribe your brother, let him help you write. He touched his head. This little guy is not honest, always take good photo
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