shot put two demon holy

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 15:22
; Gold feather fairy realms rare speed , she shot to get people to attack something , let alone Ao letter, cattle devil had to eat this loss ! A golden Dapeng soar , skins claw clutching a book , a moment disappeared in the sky. Kim Yu fairy fly thousand years after the fall of a hill, golden flash , then change into Painting fairy. Fairy light yellow yarn sleeve , the prime hand clutching a thin book . That letter has an atmosphere Ao Yun supporter , cattle devil air transport decreased recently , but increased the number of his ship ! Fate in the body can not frivolous, does not know what he was going to do him merit ...... strength of the people , I can deal with one hand , you can not deal with him , really is Wohuo . However, now I robbed him of his treasured book , can be considered a tit , so he is not in the body of luck , I treasure this book and then the power law to contest with him , when he went to see how to do ! Gold feather fairy has a hint of grim faces of intention to kill . Although her junior sister apprentice Ao any Yinger love letter , Men's Timberland Euro Sprint but she is a strong emperor enlightenment period , any Yinger such a small junior sister apprentice , she has seen no one thousand eight hundred , and mind to still be ignored . Kim Yu fairy hearts name of wishful thinking , to use this power law book skins kill Ao letter , that the Ao letter die of humiliation . Kim Yu fairy pinching leather cover open , myself have some expectations , Ao letter so baby book , want to chase her snatch , do not know what this is a good thing ? She eagerly anticipating the opening of the first page , suddenly face a stiff ...... harmony between men and women pictures on the first page alone ! What this ! Kim Yu fairy some exasperation , quickly has opened the following pages , she did not notice that the first page of text. Then a series of messy things , see gold feather fairy baffled how the room will be a secretary ? Ao Shun evil is also one of the demon king , get this book , as you put it down ! Kim Yu fairy turned down again , and finally flipped it painted lifelike , vivid Motome nine style ! Kim Yu fairy see red in the face . She always love yourself , do not mess seek companion , plus she repair transcendent , but also despise what man, so are still unfamiliar with this matter , just listen to anybody about , but never seen . This booklet nine style painted explicit, let her see the body trembling ...... Finally , gold feather fairy found infuriating run chart , her heart startled, turned and shoved it back to the first page, you will see that after three Motome words. Huangdi Motome Sutra is the unique North Face Down power law , Regulus Di Yu three thousand girls and soaring day , who does not know these things ? Kim Yu fairy see these pictures , I just feel dirty his own eyes. Also thought she just put relentless , said to use this booklet on the power law rid Ao letter ...... that bastard, I will certainly be discovered early in the tracking , so just take this kind of thing deliberately make fun of me ! I also really angry evil ! Kim Yu fairy little angry , murder is no mood changes, at the moment it is feeling angry and intolerable ! The other side. Ao letter was robbed gold feather fairy stuff , also very angry , but fortunately he has put all the content Motome been back down the heart down not much regret. He is now in some confusion , gold feather fairy just said to use cheats on exercises to teach him a lesson , until golden feather fairy found the above in mind what it is , he is not be dead ? Ao letter but knew the Phoenix family ferocious , Kongxuan , Mirs , nine pheasants fine, which one is the good man ? While with the Golden Feather Fairy Goddess , but certainly no doubt ferocious nature . Ao letter on the Golden Feather Fairy , a grasp of survival and no, there is no ability to escape ...... the moment he quickly jumped back , going around again hid cattle devil ! Lions Camel Ridge Qunyao not yet dispersed , cattle devil just around the captains are still discussing the war . Fen Wei generals defense , Canada Goose Women's Dawson Parka can be regarded as eight product contains , but unfortunately Pengchengwanli stronger . Fortunately, we're in the White Dragon demon king magical wand rescued Fen Wei generals ! That Pengchengwanli singled to find someone , but also dare to find weak people , Fen Wei generals on our side, there are two major generals, seventy-three road demon king , that the West Liang mountains White Dragon striking instance of the demon king , but also Sin has his wife lute power of the Buddha is the world rare . So much stronger , that Pengchengwanli are afraid to challenge , really is a bully, a soft egg . Lions Camel Ridge merely mediocre . If we win that Pengcheng Niu Wei Fen , and no spoiler Ao letter out , then this battle Lions Camel Ridge will be able to shake the world up . But when it comes Ao Shun shot, rescued cattle Fen Wei , defeated Pengcheng , followed by an enemy three victory, Lions Camel Ridge becomes a typical bully . That promising Pengcheng , now is become everyone laughing clown . That strength is really strong White Dragon demon king , heard that he studied under a number , also had to make songs ' be tolerant to diversity , tolerance is a big' , really is no small ambition , but also large potential. Compared to him , we just did not even strength and ambition of the demon Bale. This demon king put Ao letter a few poems plagiarism Cao said it. Later, several people talked about the battle . Lions Camel Ridge three holy demon 's strength is still very strong . That garuda too fast , and instantly moved nine miles , I failed to see that its lethality is terribly large , and we played five frittering Story , wind water and fire chaos. Fortunately, the other two magic no shot , otherwise ...... those two magic and we are old friends Story , how could they be shot ? I heard this Lions Camel Ridge three magic , the youngest and strongest , the old secondary , boss but the weakest. Even if the three of them together , and we can actually play Story only three demons, in fact, it does not matter . Anyway or fairy gold feather powerful ah, a shot put two demon holy peak scored , two holy can not break her, she hit the ground ! This is a gold feather fairy wings fairy cousin , but also flat -Day Story of the righteous sister , only she have the strength and qualifications blocked two ...... I heard she was a saint Nuwa disciple ? She looks brilliant beauty, strength of high strength , there are so large background , my mind the most desirable goddess , is her ! If you can not say out ...... she opened the dojo closed demons, a short time will be able to gather one million estimated demons follow ...... this man obviously Yang Mu Jinyu fairy. In addition to his outside, surrounded by a lot of people are exposed deep that expression. After all, that gold feather fairy hand before too beautiful for words , and gold feather fairy looks glamorous , background is also very strong . Ao letter Listen cattle devil demon king men talk , the beginning was very contented , after all, these people boast themselves. When listening to them talk about gold feather fairy , when they are guilty of the crowd Dunzou it. If people know that just by these things , they will ignore Zhibu Ding colleagues brotherhood, to help arrest fairy gold feather head down toward his ...... Ao letter cattle devil hillside location . He suddenly looked up and saw one thing and then , suddenly one eye pupil contraction , blood is boiling up ! · ( Click seeking membership , recommended votes , collectors ! )
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