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September 21 [Sat], 2013, 10:55
; Her what is wrong ? A relatively high point of the door it ! But look Ningcai Qing look, like a patrol behind her is a Jinshan . "Do not you touch ! You go away ! " Ningcai Qing loudly shouting: "This is the most important place in the cloud brother , even I allowed to enter, you are more Freeze ." "Cut ~ ~ ~" somans scoff, "It's really so important to Fangdui Jiang clouds ? " "Yes ! that door only cloud brother's fingerprint to open, no one allowed to enter, do not use your dirty hands dirty it ! " Ningcai Qing seemed to remember something sad thing, Hyun Yu Qi , "In the past , cloud brother's house only allows me to come in, Canada Goose Men's Lodge the other woman he allowed to enter, but did not expect , and now he should also let you live in, you do not want to push your luck , hitting the most cloud brother important thing ! " " Hey ! your head broken , right ? " somans hissing, " You did not see him at all times lived in his house three beautiful ah ? what Ginny Lucy something, I think the nausea ! you actually said his house one person only let you come in ! " " They are not the same ! who is responsible for the cloud brother serve me , and for him to resist those he does not like women ! clouds brother every month receive compensation for them, they are brother's maid cloud , cloud not like their brother ! " Ningcai Qing said, very sure, somans choose to believe her. No wonder , when they introduce clouds Jiang said , they are his secretary , assistant and butler , this is the original ! Somans suddenly felt that at this time the river clouds in her mind, and used to have a little bit different. "Hey ! Are you still standing here doing ? You do not Get out of here ! " Ningcai Qing menacing said. " The roll is you is ! Not know they have a few two kilograms Shen idiot ! " Somans unceremoniously contempt look at her, turned and looked at the door. Although this door looks very strong, very high , but if you cast out of her learned his life , but also not the same she can not handle it ! Heart, thought, and so somans casual put their hand on the door on the LCD screen, I did not expect a miracle happened ! "Wife ! Welcome you to only two of us love nest ! ' Somans head Timberland Women's Roll Top sounded river clouds genteel sound, the sound from the speakers hidden door in coming out with the sound of the river is not the usual clouds Like , a little more magnetic , but also a bit The North Face Outlet more confused . Jiang clouds echo with the sound still slightly when somans magic in front of the door so separated. Looking in front of her door slowly opened , somans surprise - when the river clouds is input into the palm of her ? She had no idea how ! Hear the sound of the river clouds , see somans the palms on the door actually opened the door, Ningcai Qing 's heart was broken. She was shaking his head , while murmuring to the back, "Impossible ! Impossible ! How could this be ? I do not believe ! I do not believe ! I'm going to ask my brother cloud ! That he can not do this to me ! Not ! " Ningcai Qing turned and stumbled and ran down the stairs , somans looked at her back , sighed and shook his head , Jiang clouds that man fox spirit is really unfriendly ah ! However, he was really hard for her ! Somans walked in, the door automatically closed behind her . Originally somans enough now that she was shocked , but did not expect more shocking still to come !
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