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Text] four hundred and thirtieth chapters sacrifice! Wars! (Three) - the sudden appearance of the Quartet sāolu-n, it just ran out to find the dragon lizards Xingyu when they are laid down in sāo scrambling ploy Long Xingyu let them four were from four directions sāo interference, this time The sāo scrambling action does not require much hurt the enemy rate, Long Xingyu just let them four possible n-ng big movement to point out,Oakley Sunglasses Probation, it was just so Mohun within the organization to know why these experts dispatched as possible Multi-master. While in receipt of Long Xingyu given task, they are four large lizards were divided up action, and four direction n-ng out no small movement, especially small red and blue, they both strength very strong, and because they each hold a mere two to the extreme energy, once commenced, and that the overwhelming sea of ​​fire and filled the ice, can give strength to those poor people who bring serious harm, but because it is the scope of attack , which also makes the two of them caused by the momentum is greatest. Huomo puppet strength slightly weak number, but only n-ng a big movement, then it is also not to be outdone, with a flame, it is n-ng out of the movement is very large. As for the big lizard, this guy strength is good, but the lack of large-scale attack, so the momentum has become the weakest one, but whatever the outcome, can be considered now big lizard dragon, and the dragon yn can not leave, Wei hn complex which caused power and influence, but also not to be underestimated. And because this is the first large lizards sudden movement direction, so Mohun organizations are also given a large enough response. And in the four directions respectively, situation Mohun tissue reaction in this regard, but also people who stay here also removed the fifth, which is already a very impressive figures. Moreover, these rush to support, most people are more than up to the level of God, even many super-God-level master also with out. Anyway, even if they went out and found the cause sāolu-n on four inhuman monster Stepping back in time, it will certainly be l-ng spend a lot of time, which is sufficient to Long Xingyu create certain opportunities the. However, Long Xingyu just going to let them some sāo large lizards scrambling, met Mohun experts to support the organization, it is definitely not hard top, even if they are four strong, but the face several times even several times on their enemy, that is absolutely not withstand. So Long Xingyu directly allow them to see each other on the moment immediately after the withdrawal of reinforcements, if encountered chase each other, then try the other side of those experts with far point to the strength of their four now, you want to run, then is estimated to be not many people can chase on. After seeing all the people went away reinforcements, Long Xingyu know the first step task was successful, however, Long Xingyu also understand that this move natured trick most can only play a little small role, after all this time they will to such a point person, you want to engage in a bigger movement is not likely, but now, they only use some little trick to weaken the strength of the other person as much as possible. Anyway, as long as Mohun organize a few people here, then they will act upon his success rate will be larger. Reinforcements have been seeing each other at a distance, the dragon Xingyu immediately Bing Yan nodded toward the next step is the second step, and this step will depend on the performance of the ice inflammation. See the dragon Xingyu hint, ice inflammation nor any nonsense, she immediately will own that a body to abandon. As the energy come together, so these ice inflammation after having abandoned the body, that a body diffuses directly into energy, then the energy dissipation, there is even a little signs are not seen. And now the ice inflammation in the body from the ru state, has also been restored to the first meeting with the dragon Xingyu state when she is completely invisible, and even energy bō action can not be perceived. This is why she had shocked when the Long Xingyu form, however, the original Long Xingyu strength is low, so there is less ice found inflammation. At that time, Long Yan Xingyu thought it was the strength of the ice is too high,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, so making him unable to observe. But, out on the ice when the inflammation, Long Xingyu thought virtue raised to repair the late quiescence level, you should be able to see the body of ice inflammation What is the occasion of things, Long Xingyu was shocked to discover that he Bing Yan still can not see, and even perceive are not perceive, and this situation, just like ice inflammation does not exist in general. Aside, Fan Xiliang and square of the day to see this scene, suddenly silly, although they have seen Bing Yan transforming other forms to help them turnaround, but as they are now, the ice inflammation completely disappeared in front of them when they are somewhat difficult to confidence, this kind of thing can be said to have exceeded the scope that they can understand it. Think about it, a large living suddenly disappear on their noses, any who would be surprised, but fortunately it seems that they do not see the dragon Xingyu anxious look, so the two of them did not say what, if Bing Yan really sudden accident, then, presumably Long Xingyu also anxious, and now Long Xingyu no movement, it is obvious there are other reasons. However, the ice may not want to control Fan Yan Fang mind how they think, and now she has come to fear the black and red patch of s-surface scope. At the moment, people still Mohun organization conducting the sacrifice ritual, one by one on the altar were they put into this area, but a few minutes, put on one of the people will be completely dead, until now, This sacrificial ritual has been going on for a very long time, and on Long Xingyu can see, there are four groups of people have been acting on their way to the ruined this, but look at the immediate situation, they simply do not seem to stop plans. Just another group of people were put into this piece of dead zones, suddenly, the ground began to riot black and red s-matter up, the original black and red surface disseminated s-substances, all of a sudden it so stripped out, and very soon began to move toward the top of convergence. With this happening, the surface of the black and red s-substance dissipated very quickly, but a minute,Oakley Sunglasses Online, almost all black and red within the protected area on both s-substance peel off from the ground, the ground has been restored into a the naturals s-, s-just as black and red material disseminated, this area had already gone vegetation, so here will become a yellowish brown. In addition, the original has been dyed black and red skull, at this time also restored the gray s-, obviously, this is all within the scope of black and red s-substances have been stripped, even if it is integrated into the part of those skeletons also same. Those who have been stripped out of the black and red s-substance in a continuous folded everybody's eyes, and all gathered together, and gradually converging to a tall object. Only this time the quality of ground black and red s-matter too much, so after convergence is continually changing, is that no one can understand what it is. More as people baffled as to why these substances would suddenly converging to such a subject. However, on the occasion of these people are unknown so that black and red s-matter accumulation of objects is a burst of surging, and soon began a contraction of the object when it reaches nearly seven meters, these substances will no longer appear highly changes in favor of changing the surface began to appear in the process of constantly surging, and finally, the object began to transform ch-ng human type, and waited a few minutes, a man-object appeared in front of everyone, but , this person can not see the body type of the object, while facial image does not exist, except as the human type, all other features are inhuman. But, now in the presence of members of the organization Mohun do not know how this situation is going on, because it causes sacrifice one thing or the other, also, therefore, they will not dare to act rashly. They do not know the situation, so the move will lead to the fear of a humanoid body attacks. 'd Be prepared to sacrifice those who are clinging to people who are relieved after seeing this change, at least temporarily, they are safe, there is no ground on that area, then the sacrifice will not be able to continue, Mohun organizations human being can not kill them, because they do need to flip, so they temporarily are fine. Although I do not know this person type object how it was, but the gang to be sacrificed people never mind that, as long as these people do not type them as a target object, then everything will be fine, but if this man really object type To deal with them, then they are also nothing with it. Suddenly, two dull red glow from the s-type object personal position of the face is lit, as if the two Stupidly is this Humanoid eyes in general, and with the light lit, the people also have action-type objects : Kick tuǐ, bent, twisted neck. Once this is done after the event, this strange humanoid object is suddenly turned around to see that three commanding Mohun organization, this trio is comparable to Long Xingyu repair trio, then, this man-large objects stride moved up almost three two had been close to three people. At the moment, one of the three command Mohun organization is looking very curious about this sudden condensation out of the monster, but I can see this from the black and red material condensed out of the monster suddenly lunged toward them, but it is scared and fled back, although Triple strength is not weak, but the face of such deaths substance, three of them are afraid to touch it, otherwise they will probably die without burial of. Type of object being chased, the three men have some wonder why this person type objects will find three of them to start with, this is obviously irrational, but soon, they think of a possible, maybe this person is the object type requires huge energy, and three of them fits, so they did not become targets. But, this trio will know what, at the moment this person type object, it is gathered that black and red ice inflammation s-substance formed after new body, she really can these black and red s-surface material to blend into a new body , and this gives Long Xingyu feel very happy. After chasing the ice Yan ran three experts also because Long Xingyu develop tactics, Long Yan Xingyu need ice as much as possible to attract the attention of the other person to go, so he ought to go on a matrix layout. However, this process, the most important is those masters, and if there are any obstacles, Long Xingyu here in trouble. So, he requested one up on Bing Yan to attack the three leading figures, and then in the process of chasing down those weaker occasionally attack people, so that you can play each other a surprise to see three leading figures have been chased and then, the object of this man-who will attack from the past, which led to a result, the other side of the defensive formation because of inflammation of the chase and crash ice, three master constantly running, the following are also those who feel insecure , lightly, almost everyone will finally focus to the ice inflammation of the body, thereby overlooked Long Xingyu action. Perhaps the thought of what the three leading figures Paozhaopaozhe suddenly dispersed the open, three people were moving in three directions escaped. But, they are the separate matter, the pursuit of the ice behind the inflammation is not the slightest hesitation, she went directly towards a person chase, but she suddenly separation of the two new individuals, these two new human type object directly are moving in the direction of the other two people to chase. Prior, who did not think Bing Yan type object into this person had been able to come up with commitments, which erupted, including Long Xingyu trio including everyone Leng Liaoleng, but could react, the two parties is the emergence of different reaction. Long Xingyu trio is naturally very excited, Bing Yan actually also have this ability, it is too strong, and this is now the case for them, naturally a great help. However, Mohun organization party personnel, but because of the ice out of the inflammatory n-ng avatar appears, increasingly become h-nlu-n up, just had an ice inflammation jī upsets them to fly the dog jump, which erupted there are three, and suddenly the whole defense expert team on the ice, regardless of inflammation to the mix of East West's everywhere escape it. It's not that these people strength failing, nor is cowardly these people, it is the face of such a monster either x-ng, they do not know how to do, close, it is certainly not for the objects that make up this man- substances do, but they understand very clearly that these days they're not uncommon to this substance will devour the living scenes, this is definitely called a terrorist, seeing those people died, even if they are feeling chilly neck, and now This material change ch-ng humanoid began to unfold their pursuit, which also hit up what idiot would do. That is why so many experts are stunned Bing Yan a person to break up. Seem to feel the effect of intimidating enough, Bing Yan suddenly and separation of the five cloned, immediately, the five cloned four different directions, respectively, toward the last lap, which erupted throughout the fleeing troops became more h-nlu -n it. Which is precisely now, almost everyone's attention has been cloned ice inflammation and attracted to her, there is no one to go pay attention to the location of the seal. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Long Xingyu immediately took Fanxi Liang and parties of the day ran to the seal position, so that they do to their own law enforcement, then, Long Xingyu began his task - arranged matrix.
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