computer is faithful show vitality

October 14 [Mon], 2013, 10:15
Update: 2013-07-27 strong momentum, Ouyang Xing vitality is to 1.2? No, certainly more in the last exam, he is the 1.1 life, after military training and a holiday, his strength will not increase of 0.1. But I have heard, the Ouyang family to train him, the Board agreed to take out 10000000 money as his training expenses. On the recent months, spirit essence prices, which makes Ouyang Xing get more resources. Month of spirit essence prices, how much will come out as early as the master. Prices are not affordable for ordinary people, or the benefit of the rich. Ouyang Xing walked from the doorway, students have spread out, because his momentum is very strong, like ghosts, people stop by a strong pressure in the heart before him, there will be chest tightness shortness of breath feeling. His whole person shoulder is very wide, seems to support the mountains, binocular occasional flashes, emerge with fine awn. Jiang from the cold to watch. Not and in a short while, 47 students in the class together, the president also appeared: the classmates, Canada Goose Men's Lodge Jacket after a holiday of practice, I think you become strong many, but still can not relax, this is the last semester of the sprint, superfluous words needless to say, now the entrance examination, test your vitality. Ouyang Xing, you came here first, make an example for everyone. Ouyang Xing temperament ice, go directly to light the brain before, began to question, ten fingers flying, the entrance exam for a lot less than Canada Goose Women's Livigno the last, only about 1/10 of the way, but the problem is very difficult, this time is purely exercise a person's thinking ability. However, twenty minutes, Ouyang Xing was all done. Then, he entered the punch force test, run test, physical exercise, fast like the wind, ten minutes is completed, and finally into the Wu battle Master system. An hour of testing in the past. Optical computer is faithful show vitality digital. Ouyang Xing, the vitality of 1.3. The president's face appeared not to be confidence look: vitality actually reached 1.3? A short holiday, up two points? Womens North Face Softshell Hybird Sale Fierce. The school is mainly responsible for the teacher praise: look, he was admitted to the University of the sky the success rate is very high. Focus on training, must be a success rate of one hundred percent! 1.3 life, too strong, this isn't a tonic to piled up, also need their own talent, you know that once you reach 1 vitality, it is difficult to raise the limit to. Luo Han and snow spirit saw this result, facial expression is also a variable, Ouyang Xing progress too fast, has been far behind them. Next, each of the students start the test. An hour later, the snow Ling, Luo Han test down, life has reached 1.1. In addition, other original vitality 1 strong, and they are all like, up to 1.1. There are five original vitality 0.9 students, up to 1. Look, this is the month of spirit essence reduction results. However, to reach 1.2, not one. The headmaster looked at data, shook his head: this estimation in reason, month spirit essence in the black market price drop, rich people enjoy, vitality, but did not make a spurt of progress. Yes, the stars.
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