mplementation of enterprise annuity

December 09 [Mon], 2013, 9:54
Recently finance, human society, tax and other six departments jointly issued a notice, the implementation of enterprise annuity deferred tax system, occupational pension, that pension contributions and pension fund investment links link notnike free run 2 mens levy personal income tax, the deferred tax liability to the individual The actual pensioners link (after retirement), from January 1, 2014 implementation. (December 7, according to the Central Broadcasting Network, December 6th International Online)Deal of the six departments are eligible for the annuity, the annuity-public enterprises and professional staff, of course, is good news. For the vast majority of enterprise employees nationwide, there was no "benefit" to speak of, only increase the sense of injustice and a sad feeling.They introduced this requirement, there is authority for the - "To promote the development of multi-level old-age insurance system," which is eighteen Third Plenary Session "decision" in Section 45 of the word. This is one of the core or said program and was the first commander of the spiritual meaning of the sentence: "to establish a more equitable and sustainable social security system." Although there is "accelerating the development of enterprise annuity, occupational pension," the statement, but how to "accelerate the development of "it is twelve bother bother, even difficult to advance. If you can not open, and only a handful of workers in practice, while the vast majority of

workers are excluded, then the "establishment of a more equitable and sustainable social security system," contrary to it. The reality of the situation is far from ideal for the development of enterprise annuity system. Our labor law is clear:nike free 3.0 v5 running shoes enterprises to establish basic pension insurance, supplementary pension insurance and personal pension savings of combining multi-level old-age insurance system. 20 years, the coverage of basic pension insurance companies gradually expanded, reaching full coverage in many places, "and supplementary pension insurance and personal pension savings of relatively slow development" (International Online reported that language). Personal savings pension insurance, purely personal wishes and ignored regardless. According to the information, the number of enterprise employees to participate in the country to participate in supplementary pension insurance is less than 10%. This happens, both natural and inevitable, and will never pick up unless national unity to pay for.This "three-level" corporate pension insurance system was originally designed to be good. However, a bit too idealistic. Here, it is necessary to make some specific explanation. The basic pension insurance companies, and its function is to maintain a basic standard of living of workers after

retirement, it was all over called "life insurance." It is to enforce the law, regardless of the nature of domestic enterprises and their employees are required to attend the law, and the timely and full payment."Annuity" is a supplementary insurance companies "alias." State advocate or just say suggested that companies voluntarily participate, funded by the companies, not individual workers pay. For what people buy, not for what people buy, how much to buy, buy more time, all independent decisions by the nike free 3.0 v4 womenscompanies. Thus, employees are willing to buy the annuity, the only part of the public enterprises, public money is spent, do not feel bad. Because of independent, some companies only give leadership and so-called "backbone" buy "enterprise annuity", "circle" outside workers can only look on in despair. I was in a place presided over this business for many years, several public enterprises are not so organized. As there is no one to employees of private buy private supplemental insurance. Whole country is concerned, I am afraid there will not be a few employees to do supplementary insurance. They do so, it is understandable, but also normal. All assets are owners of private enterprises, "spending money like flesh", to the staff is forced to buy the basic pension insurance
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