2008.09.04 [Thu] 19:57

I'm waiting mail&letter from Natasha!My letter had not arrived yet?I wrote my e-mail address in it.Natasha!!!plz send to me if you read my letter.

SEX and the CITY
2008.09.04 [Thu] 19:12

商品がありません。Today I recommend this CD "SEX and the CITY's sound track".I watched this movie.It taught me women are fabulous!!!There is Fergie's song in this CD.I like this song:)

a cinderella story
2008.09.02 [Tue] 17:45

商品がありません。Hi! How's it going? Today,I would recommend a DVD that name is "a cinderella girl".This story's main is Hilary(Sam).She is soooo CUTE! And prince Chad(Austin) is very COOL 2.I luv him :) LOL I was stired by this story. I cried many times;(

I like it.