Talking is the Bodhi old

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 15:40
Cupola house;, a white light sky. The outside air is shaking, like a mighty force to deter square all general. In the distance, the two hole battlefield Ji strong, fighting the same check. Black dong fill up fast, stable space gradually, slowly bursts Lu out of two people in the battlefield. Peacock Road, bore mouth overflow a blood Se, face pale, but fierce face has not changed, even if the body has been hit hard, still keeping a close eye to Confucius, and then slowly look over the towering temple. Hongru Road, Confucius clothes again some local damage, but still he seems to Confucius, the harm is very xio. Saint, Saint Zu fairy, still be better, even if Kong Xuan has been to so, still not enemy saint. Confucius looked out at the platinum Avenue, with clenched fists. The Maha Cundi rebirth? Hole car did not think of how, let our turn? You know, in my estimation, the eighteen arm has three eyes cast method, have been completely ruined! You how to turn bad? Also because of this, Confucius just let the Bodhi old Zu and cast method is fit, who also can not fill the gap, is the sage is not possible. At present? Confucius slightly computative, immediately know what happened! Is that people in Zijin Mountain? Confucius heart with anger, to Zijin Mountain to look. Hum! One cold hum. A huge breath straight Bi Zijin Mountain. Stop! Hao beauty suddenly exclaimed. An empty hand XIO, appears in the pages of the book paper, the page book paper suddenly stop in front of the Zijin Mountain, it is the life book paper. Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! An air blowing from both sides of Zijin Mountain, the beautiful body back ten steps also Canada Goose Trillium Sale Hao, was eventually Canada Goose Freestyle Zijin Mountain block in the arms. A quarrel spill blood, eyes were suffused with hatred of Confucius to the distance. Confucius on a XIO generation under the curse, your face really pull to! The void suddenly came a loud voice is soft voice is not high, but strange spread throughout the world square all ears. Talking is the Bodhi old Zu, no, now is not the Bodhi old Zu. Platinum Avenue, face still is the Bodhi old Zu, but the clothes made of white se became a platinum se, suffused with a faint metallic luster, eyes also become aggressive, staring at the distant Confucius, step out in front, a cupola. Our old man, you really live! Kong Xuan's face suddenly Lu a joy. Wallpaper! Confucius sink a track. Platinum Avenue, has been reborn must then to Kong Xuan nodded again to see confucius. Cupola house cut Shen face slightly ji. Father, his father into before the saints? Has a saint? While the saint who no longer, but the former sage what its formidable, Sun Shen is know. Zijin Mountain just to see clearly, wallpaper, face still see clearly, and therefore, there is a clear face. Only the rebirth of 30 except. North Face Denali Hoodie Clearance Sale Confucius has watched while finger fretting. After calculation, has slightly exhaled. Changes in the world is really big ah! Has slightly sighed. Wallpaper, you want to stop me? Confucius sink a track. Now receded, when can I didn't see anything! Using light way. Confucius was a tangled, this should be myself!
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