put this is he a good friend

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 12:22
A rhinoceros; herd, it is a good opportunity to kill accumulation! The beasts in the mountains, there are a lot of cluster development star beast, often is a gregarious and a large number of similar, this is all the beasts mountain warrior most like to hunt, because North Face Hybird the harvest of the rich. Zhao Xuan in the first two days will also kill a buzzard beast. All star beast hunting in fit into the class warriors, cluster star beast is the most famous of the buzzard and ants beast two, both living in a low altitude, a life in the underground. But this is only the two most famous in the arms for hunting cluster star among animals, although not quite rhinoceros beast both so famous, but is also very good, only problem is quite rhinoceros beast hunt even more difficult than the former two. Because of perfect basic just four star beast beast, honey Buzzard just five star beast, but quite rhinoceros is six star beast beast!! A rhinoceros monster is a tall, thick skinned force, has the extremely se defense and force a terrestrial six star beast, its force of course than the king Jixing beast, thick skinned certainly is not, but the problem is a social star Canada Goose Baby's Snow Bunting beast. There is only ten, twenty only. A large thick force big six star beast, is indeed more than hundreds or thousands of ants bee hawk beast more terrible. But the fearful, also high profit represents, even if is only ten six initial brute rhinoceros beast, but also one thousand cumulative exists, if there are a few late star beast, that will only Canada Goose Men's Calgary Parka more. This accumulation, on the hunt before the peak may also not particularly eye-catching, can be put in now, is indeed very attractive, Bi Jing Yao day yesterday, the Lu is strength is receiving more than 100 accumulation...... This is also the reason why Zhao Xuan closer to Lu Zheng feeling, such a good thing, even if a person to start their own strength alone did not kill, but before he said have arranged several into, after an appointment to continue to find him, going to try again, eventually bring the news to him, put this is he a good friend, this is really good. Zhao Xuan smiled to Lu is thank her, but Lu Zheng suddenly patted Zhao Xuan shoulder, but suddenly in the mouth wry smile, you guys, don't really think I so miss you, is not your master's words, my heart is not practical. Although I have a few, but few of us power, I can't guarantee. Huh? What kind of a rhinoceros? Zhao Xuan this just one leng. I estimate, should be in fifty to sixty between, is super pretty rhinoceros populations, such a huge brute rhinoceros group, perhaps may exist quite rhinoceros king, you say I do not call you, heart steadfast. As Lou is a wry smile to say a word, Zhao Xuan suddenly a surprised, so huge brute rhinoceros group? All six star beast? Fifty to sixty? This, this scale, it is super pretty rhinoceros group. Bi Jing this is the six star beast o o! Ordinary pretty rhinoceros group but only ten or twenty together, have been very difficult, even if is Lu Zheng such master also looking into working together can hope to hunt. Bi Jing this is a habit of cluster, cluster cooperation almost started from birth, six star beast difficulty than alone kill ten or twenty different types of mostly, the so big brute rhinoceros group, it is likely to have a king there. The lion...... Yan?
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