make a Republic of China first issued

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 10:33
The original extra, extra! The victory! The expedition Renee's victory, killed 170000 german! Early in the morning the streets of Nanjing rings loud and clear sound from Europe selling newspapers, news will crowd attracted & 1& original starting after years of development, the city has had some capital weather, even the local people speak have changed a lot, talk about national issues the tone and like Imperial root at as like as two peas. The suddenly heard the cries of the city and find a talking point, so even than usual double price, newsboys were still surrounded by. What what? 170000? My darling, really? False? Can not read! See no, French president personally issued report! The French president, there are fake? Fierce what chapter four three five to arms? What mean? How old do not read? The children are at school. So, don't argue. Yes, that's where '? Pipe where it is, 17 Wande guobing, ha ha say or do we Yang commander hand mound eight Canada Goose Women's Victoria Parka Ye. I am strange strange, I pass by the camp a few days ago, also did not see how much ah? What is happy, when people 〖 RI 〗 this soldier breath win million Mao Jun. Million! The hair that is also called the soldiers? Germany played out of the country! So much for my mound eight ye, was defeated, explain what? He little 〖 RI 〗 this only to give my wife feet. Give your wife my feet? That is bad, hear little 〖 RI 〗 this and Gusao bed thing, you are not afraid of with a green hat? Ha-ha. There were many discussions. The streets of Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuchang, Beijing, Fengtian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha City were the Czech Cho hot rolled in. The reporters to gather enough momentum, the newspaper is relationship please eat have military confirmed the news, printing plant printed with Kanda have North Face Backpacks Sale done in one vigorous effort to make a Republic of China first issued amount. Ordinary people are involved in this chapter four three five North Face Gore Tex Outlet to arms? Daqing happy, don't is in passionate students age. The school library for the first time been Jibao, teachers also smile and hang don't know where to find the map of France, hand-held ferula tell Renee's position in which. This is not a geography lesson so simple. That is, in the "National Army yangmingliwan place, is a backward country beat rise first army in the world! Such an important place, how can we not firmly engraved in mind. Even a school girl waved ribbon, they celebrated than boys heating. Direct at near the barracks, embrace those who sacrifice for the country, with fresh Hu and ribbons with vigor and beauty. If not the information developed era, but in the state propaganda machine before American called the dragon roaring battle victory indeed let countless people interested in the other side of the world. According to the "Hu agreement" Mei succession from Europe to teacher and teacher instantly surrounded by students, signed up for the language, science and engineering, chemical and mechanical students is dozens of times, the army is also much more, even the study abroad office almost jibao. It is hard to imagine. When one is considered to be a semi colonial country army, suddenly beat world number.
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