the East Gate in resound

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 16:38
Zhao Si; accept the surrender. The door still smiling, and then to Murong smiling at me, and said in a low voice: but be careful, careful Zhao Sihui cheats. Thank you. Don't worry. Murong smiling at me to open the door to cast a reassuring look, and then slowly walked toward the zhao. Today's Murong smiling at me, was no longer Murong smiling at Women's North Face Gore Tex me, she will certainly suspect Zhao Si may cheat, but the door since remind, but also out of concern for her, she should say thank you. Zhao captain, please. Murong sweet smile, stretch hand to help Zhao Si. Which know at this time, only heard a while to break an empty voice, a golden sword from top to bottom, cut to Murong sweet and Zhao Si. Murong smile back in Womens North Face Softshell Hybird to Zhao Si had made a defensive, smell to break an empty voice, even when is backward, from the golden knife edge. But Zhao Si was not so lucky, have not had time to react, is the golden sword cut into two sections, turn in one's grave! They quickly toward the center, I saw a man looks ferocious, clutching the hands of the golden sword, look around people etc.. Soon after, many dressed in uniform of the guards, crowding crowds poured in, all of them look serious, Murong smile and the door, and behind them a bandit. Camp guard captain Zhao Siyu dark rebels, now be executed. Camp guard the brethren, with me against the rebels, if marked, kill with lawful authority! Men's hoarse voice echoed in the east gate, although sound small, but not hide the majesty. And he brought a guard, really down ling! Smell speech, guarding the camp guards are beginning to shake. A second Zhao Si, what strength? Although while Zhaosi unprepared, but enough to make his strength level. Let me meet you! Are guarding the camp guards and shake the occasion, a deep voice came from the mountain thief formation, then saw Mo Lengfeng grabbed the sword out, straight into a golden sword man. Hum! Gold knife man is cold to hum a, like a great disdain, gold knife horizontal lift, against Mo cold front split of the sword. Thunder rumbles, to the East Gate in resound, earthquake and micro micro ear pain. Echo away, all in two, the gold knife see male feet in a few inches, but still single arm holding a golden sword, like no hurt. But Mo cold front is the rebound force back, then fell on the ground, and back a few steps, this just remove the strength. Two people are known to force, a strength of the high and low contrast, c.. But people should be able to draw, Mo cold front is to grab a knife, from top to bottom to attack, and Jin Daonan is the one arm stretch, bottom-up meet. This trick, in fact made against. All crazy slightly shocked, Mo cold front strength is good, at least in the Qinglong Town, is an adversary. But in the face of golden knife male, but fell leeward. I'm afraid is at hand, Murong, also may not is gold knife man opponent. The mind and the crazy, all day to send letters to Timberland Euro Sprint Sale the door, let its hurriedly follow Murong sweet pull, avoid any dangerous Murong smile. But at the same time, Mo cold front is suddenly laughed: don't pretend, surrender, or death! Ha-ha. Gold knife men disdain, burst into peals of laughter. Apparently he prevailed, Mo cold front what face!
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