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NO.1 You are proposing an HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Development Platform-based
solution to a customer. The company needs support for 100 servers running 1000 VMs. It needs to be
able to scale to 200 servers running 2000 VMs in the future.
Which value of these HP solutions should you emphasize?
A. These HP solutions are highly scalable and have been tested to exceed this customer's
B. HP Helion Development Platform has built-in capabilities for scaling capacity to a public cloud.
C. These HP solutions are optimized to meet the data storage needs of 1000s of VMs.
D. HP Helion OpenStack is open source-based, so the company can draw on the support of the
community when it needs to expand.
Answer: B

HP変更   HP2-E63正確率   HP2-E63模擬モード
HP Helion Development Platform is an application platform (or Platform as a Service) that enables
developers to rapidly develop, deploy and scale cloud applications across a mix of public and private

NO.2 Which statement describes services provided with an HP Helion Content Depot solution?
A. The solution is always sold with management services.
B. The solution includes installation and support services.
C. The solution does not come with any services, but you can add support services.
D. The solution does not come with any services, but you can add educational services.
Answer: B

HP勉強方法   HP2-E63割引コード   HP2-E63模擬試験   HP2-E63
The HP Helion Content Depot Reference Architecture provides highly-available, long-term scale-out
object storage using HP ProLiant servers and HP Networking to deliver lower Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO) and higher Return on Investment (ROI). HP Helion Content Depot also includes installation and
support services so you can rest easy that your object storage system will reliably meet your needs.

NO.3 Which characteristic qualifies a customer for HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Development
Platform solution, as opposed to an HP Helion CloudSystem solution?
A. The customer has a virtualized data center with traditional apps and needs to automate this data
B. The customer is skeptical of open source solutions and prefers vendor-developed ones.
C. The customer's primary goal is to find a platform to develop cloud-native applications.
D. The customer wants to speed the deployment of traditional applications for business groups.
Answer: D

HP初心者   HP2-E63合格率   HP2-E63価値

NO.4 Which solution includes HP CloudSystem software, as well as the customer's choice of hardware
and hypervisorfrom a variety of options?
A. HP Helion Rack
B. HP Helion CloudSystem on ConvergedSystem 700x
C. HP Helion CloudSystem on ConvergedSystem 200 HC-Store Virtua
D. HP Helion Content Depot
Answer: B

HP   HP2-E63認証試験   HP2-E63模試エンジン   HP2-E63認証試験   HP2-E63復習問題集

NO.5 What is an additional value of HP Helion Rack beyond the values of HP Helion Openstack and
Development Platform?
A. HP Helion Rack is a complete optimized solution that provides more rapid enablement of business
B. HP Helion Rack provides better availability because it is based on CloudSystemclustering rather
than HP Helion OpenStack
C. HP Helion Rack integrates HP Helion OpenStack and Development Platform with HP CloudSystem
D. HP Helion Rack provides more developer tools because it has newer software than the basic HP
Helion Development Platform.
Answer: A

HP組織   HP2-E63試合   HP2-E63   HP2-E63   HP2-E63価値
HP Helion Rack is a complete private cloud solution with the flexibility and performance of our
industry-leading HP ProLiant servers. And it's optimized for HP Helion OpenStack, so you get
enterprise-grade security, manageability, and reliability, as well as full integration with HP Helion
Development Platform. As an open solution built on commercial-grade HP Helion OpenStack, HP
Helion Rack reduces the risks associated with vendor lock-in and the high cost of deploying a
proprietary cloud solution. And its built-in scalability allows you
to grow rapidly as workload diversity and demand increases.

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