shows that economic reform and expand

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 13:03
The last year has reached 51%, the progress is very fast, this also
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shows that economic reform and expand the economic freedom to expand liquidity, expand the space of ordinary members of society do reflect the activities of economic

opportunities. However, on the other hand, from a global point of view, is still very backward level, 51% of which is the world average, compared with the developed

countries, we are 50%, 51% of this urbanization rate, which is probably the last century the levels of the 1920s, Japan probably is at this level in 1955. Originally

thought that the top 80% of everyone urbanization, it now appears not necessarily. From the trend of the world, because of the traffic, because the world is changing,

there may be more than people think, there may be a higher level of urbanization. So go down from 50% point of view, this space are no great differences. To look at

the next decade, two decades, in this direction, there will be a greater chance. We are a latecomer, you can take a look at the pace of walking by the front country,

but latecomers also error-prone, easily mistaken focus, easy to watch from the physical outside of urbanization, not easy from the definition of the rights of the

social dimension of the coordination of the rights to see the city technology. So in urban construction which may arise deviation, signs of this, Mr Wu about. In fact,

in our daily life, which in recent years of economic development, the signs of this has come out, so we Looking to the next decade when the node should be reminded of

this problem, on the one hand a great opportunity On the one hand contains the deviation.

Why look at the lessons of industrialization? Industrialization is the slogan of our once led economic construction, agricultural country transformed into industrial cheap nike air max tn shoes for sale

countries, agricultural income is relatively low, and engage in the manufacturing sector, to engage in industrial economy up, this is no problem. However, the industry

is very easy to pay attention to its physical appearance, such as among all industrial, steel is the most important, we have a period of time on the supremacy of steel

production. Chairman Mao once sentence, as long as the Communists, they should want steelmaking, developed a thing which a great leap forward with the power of the

ruling party, developed unrealistically high goals, reach how to do? Mass movement began to engage in various localities tall buildings demolished around doors and

windows, frame of mind, my age, elementary school participated. The intent is not wrong, backward countries not to engage in the iron and steel, and how this country

together? Equipped how it? This is no problem, but if you only pay attention to the physical appearance, pay attention to economic relations change, the demand for

steel and other needs between a coordinating relations between a coordination relationship, steelmaking, with various elements of the supply in, you just point ,

strength to push the final result is counterproductive. So, the Great Leap Forward in 1958 failed, how many billions labor efforts day and night, that pay no return,

the financial subsidies last invoice sub resolved, caused the plan era implicit inflation was a source of. Stage of industrialization, because our country is a

latecomer to see more clearly, the government can play a greater role in the general talk is no problem.

However, the role of government in the end on where from? The developed industrialized, compulsory mobilization, past experience has shown that is not very good. Given

our past ministries how many points? The industrialization of our country, you can not say no achievements, basically established a complete industrial system, engage
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the two bombs and one satellite, defense up, which is the sum of the achievements.
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