Miss Saigon 

2008年08月03日(日) 17時21分
Yesterday I went to see a musical "Miss Saigon" with my friend.

It's first time to see it.
The story is little sad.
I don't like that kind of end...
But I think it's a one of good musical.

After we saw the musical, we visited the backstage.
Because my friend's friend acted one of ensemble.
So we visited to see him.

I had visited this theater many times.
I like this theater.
It's the oldest theater in Japan.
And my favorite musical "Les Miserables" perform on there.

But I had never been to the backstage.
I was so exited!!
Many actors were there!!
And I could see few sets!

That's good experience for me

Road to billionaire 

2008年07月29日(火) 0時05分
This title come from one of the magazine that I read recently.
I don't want to be billionaire.
But I'm interesting in investment.
So I bought that kind of magazine, and read it.
Then I finally bought some mutual funds.

I already started FX. It's so fan for me.
After started FX, I get more curious about society, politics and economic.
My major was global social studies.
I like to study about that from when I was student.
I think society, politics and economic are all related.
Not only these, everything are all related.
And everything has a reason.
I like to find it, think it, do something(especially buy or sell my position or funds).
It's fan!!


2008年07月27日(日) 21時08分
Today I took the Toeic.
I don't know I could take good score or not.
But this time, I just want to know my ability now.

I'll take a English study program soon.
After that, I'll take the Toeic.
Then I compare with this time score and next score.

And I'll take the TOEFL at Oct.
It's first time to take TOEFL.
I think it is so difficult to me.
Because it has a speaking section and a writing section.
It's not choose type question.
I need to speak and write by myself....

But I'll challenge!!
I want to change myself.


2008年07月14日(月) 23時15分
I like musicals.
But it is so expensive in Japan.
In NY, we can get cheap ticket!!
So I watched 4 musicals in NY.

"Jersey boys"
I watched their performance at Tony award on TV.
Then I wanted to see this musical.
It was so excited!! Music and song was good!
But it already not original cast. It's sad.

I wanted to see this musical when I visited NY,
but I always watched other musicals.
However this time, I heard this musical will close in Sep.
So I decided to see it in this time.
I like this musical. The story is sad. But it touched my hart.

"Cry baby"
When I on the line to get rush ticket for "jersey boys",
a girl next to me tells me this musical is so good and will close few days.
So I tried to see this.
I think this musical is musical.
Songs and dance is good. I can't believe it close.

"Legally blonde"
I like the movie Legally blonde.
It make me confident. So I wanted to watch this.
This musical is so cute. Elle is cute!!
But I like the movie more...

I'm home!! 

2008年06月29日(日) 19時13分
I went to NY about a week.
And I'm back to Japan few days ago.

This time was my fourth time to visit.
So I didn't do sightseeing.
I just walked around, and felt NY.

When I walked around Bryant Park.
I found "Boyz ii Men" !!
They sang few songs.
It's so beautiful harmony

Other day, I was walking times square.
I found "bubble battle"!!
It's my favorite artist's public art!

Bubble made everybody smile
And it's so fantasic

I love NY.
I always find like this surprises.
And NY always gives me a power.

Blood type 

2008年06月16日(月) 1時23分
I like to read books and go to book store.
Today I went to a book store near my house.

I find a new book about a blood type.
I wasn't interested about blood type before.
But series of the book was the best sellers.
So I become curios.

My blood type is AB.
It's rare in Japan.
Everybody always said to me "you have double faces."
or "you are cold" or like that thins.

And everybody said "I can't understand you!"
Yeah, me too. I can't understand me.
So I want to have a clue to understand myself.

The book is so fan.
It so help to understand me!
Maybe I knew me, but I didn't know how can I explain.
I feel I find my word.

But I still don't believe it.
I think it's only clue.
Everybody has different character.
So Don't believe everything, just enjoy it.


2008年06月11日(水) 23時01分
After I leave from my English conversation school, I feel so freedom!!!
But I'm puzzled a little.

Now I'm thinking what I want to do.
I know I want to have a chance to communicate in English.
But also I want to do something other of it.
Maybe dance? Art? sport? and so on.

Well, I'll go to NY from mid of next week.
I can only stay there 5 nights.
I'll meet my friend who were co-worker.
And I want to see some musical.

After my travel, I really start to do something.
So now I have a rest.

I decided. 

2008年06月11日(水) 0時41分
I decided to leave my English conversation school.
I finished my course today.

But I'm still scared.
Because I don't have chance to speak in English
without my English conversation school.
I think if I don't have time to speak in English,
I'll forget how to speak in English.

However I also think I need to study by my self.
Especially vocabulary and grammar.
So I try to study it by my self.
After that I want to have a time to speak.

I'm planning to take Toeic on the end of year.
I want to get good score.
It's a kind of my small goal.
I'll do my best.


2008年05月04日(日) 22時20分
I just want to re-start.

I made big mistake, and I learned from it.

I need more study English so seriously.

I re-start right now.


2008年02月11日(月) 2時37分
It's been awhile.
But I start again now.

I went to a museum last month.
I like to visit museums.
But almost my friends don't like that.
So I went to museum by myself.

This time, I went to Edo Tokyo Museum.
Last month, There had special exhibition about "Hokusai".
I like Ukiyoe. So I decided to go.
It's a comparatively new museum.
So I had never been there.

I saw a permanent exhibition and "Hokusai".
I like Edo period. So I enjoyed both.

I was so interested old maps.
Because I work at Nihonbashi.
Nihonbashi was the centre of Edo.
So I find some same store, road and bridge.

And Hokusai's work is great.
I didn't know he likes "kyouka" and "waka".
He drew some picture about "kyouka" and "waka".
That's so interesting.

And I love his printings about waves, rain, wind, and Mt. Fuji.
When I saw it, I can feel movement.
You know, it's flat print.
It's different from oil paint.
but I can feel movement.

And Hokusai drew many strange illustration.
It's a kind of his practice and research.
It's also interesting.
You know, Gogh also drew flowers for practice for colors.
Everybody doing practice.
I can understand their humam touch.
So I like it.
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:U*co
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:12月4日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:AB型
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