How video game addiction can ruin relationships

June 26 [Tue], 2012, 15:13

Video games can be fun, entertaining, addicting and can even be used as a way to temporarily eape the stresses of real life. Some see video games as a sign of immaturity, a danger to children or simply an interest or hobby.dre beats There is another group of people, generally women, who view video games as competition. Not all women have a problem with their man's game playing, but those unfortunate women that do are referred to by some as gaming widows. But are they really all that unfortunate Of course, if your boyfriend locks himself in the basement and plays World of Warcraft for a week straight, you've got a problem.

But, at least in relationships, this type of addiction is not very common. What is much more common is a boyfriend who likes to play Call of Duty online with his friends a few nights a week and a girl who feels insecure about by dr dre Perhaps the reason that video game addiction ruins relationships is because women and men have completely opposite ideas of what it actually means to be addicted.There are obviously exceptions, but it is easier to paint with broad strokes when dealing with common relationship issues. Women, in general, need more attention than their male counterparts. Men usually seem more emotionally detached and (sorry guys) clueless about what their mate wants.

Using these admittedly stereotypical but nevertheless historically truthful characteristics, it is easy to see why video game addiction, perceived or actual, has the prsity to ruin relationships.If a woman comes home from work to find her boyfriend in his underpants reaming through a headset about enemy positions,monster beats she may be a bit disgusted, and she will probably make it known. When her boyfriend has finished his match, he'll try to give her a kiss and ask how her day was and be shocked when her reaction is less than affectionate. The reason for this, and the reason for many relationship problems, is that men and women just don't understand each other very well. She wants to be the most important thing in his life and if he doesn't greet her right away, she feels like the video game is more important to him than she is. His logic is markedly different.