will stop for shelling the port outside

November 15 [Fri], 2013, 12:26
Prepared to say that the Russians do quite adequate in Batavia harbor, Russian warships maximum extent possible maintenance and supplies, a large number of supplies was sent to Okinawa, the secret base. And in order to keep the fleet became blind, the Russians still devotes a number of fast boats as camouflage surveillance ship, as much as possible to provide information for the Maca Ivanov. And this effort is not wasted, Maca Ivanov finally received vital intelligence "of the Northern Fleet finally divide our forces," When this message is sent to the hands of Maca Ivanov is great happiness almost to the Navy veterans But then the news down, letting Maca Ivanov know the so-called Northern Fleet divide our forces to the ground is what the original meaning of the Northern Fleet in the "visit" a few ports and found that the efficiency is too low full site I will not speak in a relatively narrow waterway, a large fleet sailed the problem is that bombard the port, you can hardly laid out so many warships ah but also in the sea, there are some gifts that come out of the transport ship risked. So Xu Jiedeng people a negotiation. Fleet decided to split into three parts. Northern Fleet led by Ding Yu as the first detachment of the team whose mission is to attack the harbor. Takeout also followed a group of minelayer and minesweepers, as well as the transport ship was seized. They cleared the existential threat, it will stop for shelling the port outside the port, and will be a hot air balloon rises, used to calibrate the sea shelling and look around. Xu Jie Wei Lang commanded the fleet manager is three armored cruiser fleet is the second detachment, while Lin Yongsheng led three to the far-class is the third detachment. Two fleet off the coast of activity, on the one hand is used to attack a range of rì the transport ship, the other two wings cover Ding Yu from the Northern Fleet of the team, both within 20 nautical miles distance control, ie. If one were attacked, as long as there is a fleet can be carried out within one hour support. And if you directly attack the Northern Fleet of the team, then. You are likely to have been two in 1 hour fleet support. In order to ensure the smooth transmission of information, the Northern Fleet is also equipped with some camouflage surveillance ship. Even the two in Guangdong and Taiwan Navy cruiser sea font Third, relieved some weapons, such a ship made of high-speed communications, the Northern Fleet utilization is very high, and blockade of sea area will be very large. At least more than a bunch of boats in a harbor in squeeze much stronger. Although aware of the real situation of the so-called divide our forces, but Marca Ivanov decided to go try it. In the Northern Fleet to "visit" Nagoya when Maca Ivanov finally hit the Northern Fleet a Squadron "The other possibility is the Northern navy Lin Yongsheng part 3 to the far-class light armored cruiser. They are pursuing a merchant ships, "said a staff put down the telescope. Let the Russians by surprise, when Lin Yongsheng see six Russian warships, the first response is not retreat. But rushed up. "Put that ship rì The ship sunk and let us not go back with." Lin Yongsheng watched the distant Russian fleet, then lazy said. Followed by three to the far-class warships began to accelerate, then the Russians blink of an eye, within 2 minutes, the poor will ship the transport ship sunk rì "Why do not they retreat? Does Lin Yongsheng arrogant enough to think that mere 3 Cruisers can fight us? "Which surprised staff said. "They simply have nothing to fear even if we do not drag behind two boats. Absolutely catch those three to the far-class warships," he told Marca Ivanov two furious. Sure enough, three to the far-class transport ship sunk in the rear, on the sea leisurely drew a circle, and then to 21 high-speed evacuation to the northeast. Now the turn of the Russians worry, you'd catch it or not chase? Chase, certainly catch up, maybe get reinforcements Lin Yongsheng fleet will bite you back, do not chase? Then came the white "Come on, is not suitable stayed here our first withdrawal farther. Estimated Northern Fleet will stay in this sea for some time, we have a chance to" look on foot to the far-class warships, MA Kanuo Fu said helplessly, people speed is faster than you, how can you? Even if the data is more than paper, people still higher than you 2-3. Not to mention the speed and there are two old-fashioned tow a battleship. The next day. Fortunately, the Russians came across another one of the Northern Fleet, and the fleet was led by Xu Jie three large armored cruisers. Watching the approaching Russian fleet, Xu Jie smiled. "Keep away, giving informed ship last messenger, let Dingti He is prepared to collusion my fleet." Xu Jie ordered, followed by a quick briefing ship left the formation and headed to Nagoya, and Xu Jie fleet is maintained with Maca Ivanov Fleet certain distance. Maca Ivanov fleet accelerated to catch up, Xu Jie respect to retreat some distance. The two sides played a circle pocket at sea with two old ships, Maca is really not much of Romanov's fleet maneuvering xìng. Maca Ivanov even want to abandon two slow boat directly. But it is up to think of nothing, except that two ships, the fleet Nanak Maca Romanov large even in the face three armored cruisers probably are not enough, perhaps, from the data point of view, the Russian warships dominant, but do not forget , the Russian fleet but have not played a real ah As Xu Jie do? Time is on his side, even if the parties so confrontation continues, Xu Jie is holding the Russian fleet, and let the two two fleets slaughter, that Northern is earned, and if the Russians insist on your life, and that they can Ding Yu fleet to move closer. If you dare to throw off the back of Maca Ivanov two warships. Xu Jie, and that the Russians would not mind as long as the injured party marked a dynamic system, then wait until the Northern other warships arrived, powered wounded Russian fleet was completely no way out. In this case, Xu Jie will not take the initiative, and the Russian fleet of six warships shopping. "We go" in the confrontation between the two sides after half an hour, it is indescribable Maca Ivanov own feelings at the moment. Maca Ivanov is now really understand what this dilemma with its rivals 大眼瞪小眼, but also come up from time to time and let go of the Northern Fleet could kill this team. Maca Ivanov real that wait any longer without the slightest significance. "It seems that Maca Ivanov will go very willing to ah." Maka looked Romanov fleet turned to leave, Xu Jie could not help a hint of pride in a letter. Anyway, my task is to sweep dàngrì the coast, you have to dare to come, we play a game chock son, if you swinging on the side, then you swinging UGG HAT AND SCARF SET well, do not interfere with God things become. "Northern Fleet has a clear fast speed advantages, they could choose war or no war seems the only breakthrough is Ding Yu led the team of the Northern Fleet." Continuously depressed twice Maca Ivanov final focus dàng being put on the Northern Fleet Nagoya sweep this team. Although the point of view from the formation, the Northern Fleet in the team among the two fast fleet protection, but two of the team's distance from the fleet has 20 sea miles around, regardless of Ding Yu moved to the side, will widen the fleet with another one his distance, so speaking from space is three fleets processing may xìng not great. Of course, once the Ding Yu confluence with any one fleet, the fleet will account for less than Maca Ivanov advantage. So, Maca Ivanov main objective of the attack on the Ding Yu weak ship fleet. As minesweepers do? This fish will put heart Maca Ivanov how? However, when the distance is being besieged Maca Ivanov Nagoya Northern Fleet and 10 nautical miles distance, the sky a looming balloon let the Russians yù cry no tears from the steam era until a war, consisting of coal-fired warships Large fleet is the most prominent target at sea, standing on the balloon observation post across a distance of about 20KM can certainly discover the whereabouts of the Russian fleet, even further behind schedule, two ships a notification to go out, it is necessary to mention the Russians stood their wings God knows the two northern naval fleet will it kill rapidly over the direction of attack or rear wings of their own may really chances of the "commander of the Lord, how to do? we have in the past you?" Tuoyaliefu asked, in his eyes, which float in the air, it looks like a balloon being ridiculed Zhezhi afar Fleet "The idea is very characteristic. Let's go." Marca Ivanov felt very aware, this time to rush to, even winning the Northern Fleet of the team, nor is two hours can be resolved. After all, the Northern Fleet, the team also has three more than 7000 tons of large warships, while the Russians although ships and armament, but Marca Ivanov opponent sailors can not so much confidence. The rookie did not fought in a sea of ​​blood and dead mountain people who can kill them the same? Maca Ivanov had to admit the opponent squadron was quite jīng Ming Lin Yongsheng Fleet absolute speed advantage to Marca Ivanov did not play Canada Goose Camp Hoody UK possible. Xu Jie fleet forces and speed and try, so there is no point Maca Ivanov desperately yù expectations. The Northern Fleet, led by Ding Yu is placed in the middle of the Ensemble. Maca is too attractive location gives Ivanov dare to act rashly, even the team's fighting the Northern Fleet as Maca Ivanov, the Russian fleet run, but also absolutely. But more than any sane commander would not let his fleet jumped into this trap so obvious result of all of this, and that is the Northern Fleet doing their own thing, but only in the outer circles Russian fleet soy sauce, empty consume valuable fuel and warships, while doing nothing "in a static, we could not find each other's weaknesses, the only way to move only in the Northern Fleet to find flaws, either Lin Yongsheng Xu Jie Fleet Fleet and is not a goal that can be selected The former even closer, you can slip away, the latter tyrannical power, difficult to hit only thing we can choose is Ding Yu's fleet, but we need a bad weather, one can let Canada Goose Baby's Reversible Vest the bad weather approaching opponents. "In rì remember, the Maca Ivanov wrote. Recommend this afternoon. 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