Levan how to deal with the situation

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 12:00
Traditionally, in friendly matches, Bayern lead 45-30 and 24. Since the last three season, dort, in a 5-2-2 advantage. At home, yellow and black Legion has remained 4 games undefeated, Bayern last won at the Signal Iduna is satisfied that the stadium, going back to September 12, 2009. This would let dot have a certain advantage. Levan concern this summer, joined Bayern Munich striker had left bent on forcibly Lewandowski Mariusz. This game is still effective, was hoping to join Bayern, Levan how to deal with the situation of concern. Because of the muxitayang injuries of nike free 3.0 v5 mens new aid, on the attacking line, highlighted the importance of Levan. Klopp unchanged in disguise to keep trying new array of PEP Guardiola, coach Klopp for years more is in maintaining the stability of the team, remained 4,231 remains high closing down, despite the heats results not as good as Bayern's game, but more stable and mature tactics once the power play, any team can handle. In a warm-up game, Bayern attack impressive, but the defense is vulnerable, if special Champions League final will be shown this game kind of closing down the quality of the first half, Bayern's defence will suffer a severe test, in this case, other than Levan, Royce, Gundogan and Hoffman also will create a lot of trouble up front for Bayern. For a personality full of Klopp, and he would not miss such a fight the opportunity to cool down, Guardiola wants to win their third Championship in a week, you have to go through Klopp closed.
We pulled a little topic, talk about Fabregas, once joined, Kagawa's Secretary is able to coexist with his question. In fact, in this first two Club Games as you can see, both in many cases are heavy indeed. Even more than Wayne Rooney and Kagawa regional overlapping divisions. Moyers called an abacus? He is nike free 4.0 v3 womens looking for a division of Kagawa's Pro? Or do you want to open up another game? I think ' is likely to explore different styles, arrows that Fan Pei Xidan, Kagawa is really behind his Secretary, Kagawa Secretary back to Fabregas, Michael Carrick and another covering block-type lumbar (Manchester United's current staff is kelaiweili, spare wheel was Jones). See now inter, Juventus will always remember days in the black hole, stop-gap measures, desperately trying everything. Not many good doctors, Juventus have suffered years of pain at the moment.
Italy economic environment deteriorated, most teams are starting to tighten their purse-conscious days, even the favorite, Moratti also changed his usual wizardry to burn money, go the youth route. But Juventus is've been sustained investment, particularly investment 1. 200 million euro to build Italy's first private Stadium Club. It is symbolic and strategic importance for a modern Stadium. On September 7 of the season, Juve will be moved to the new stadium of the Tablet, opener against Manchester United. Serie a-plus years of history, there was not a club with its own golf course, the Serie a club in the European business development the main reason behind. Juventus, hit the bottom at the results, but at the Club once again in Italy in front. Little envy Juventus fans here, and look forward to an early completion of Inter Milan's new stadium. For two consecutive years ranked 7th, Juve's management is determined to continue hiring spree, Juve eye on Aguero in the first place, and then second choice striker, currently the most realistic is the idea of Mirko Vucinic, Juve's appeal has become wealthy, but lang intended, concubine, ruthless, the strong the melon that twist is not sweet.
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