A Four-Leaf Clover 

May 09 [Wed], 2007, 17:55
One leaf for fame,
And one for wealth,
One for a faithful lover,
And one to bring you glorious health
Are in a four-leaf clover.

Clap Your Hands 

April 17 [Tue], 2007, 8:08
Clap your hands now, clap, clap, clap
Turn yourself around
Put your hands up in the air
Bend down to the ground
Touch your head and touch your toes
Stand up straight and touch your nose
Clap your hands now, clap, clap, clap
Now jump up and down
And turn yourself around
Turn yourself around


April 16 [Mon], 2007, 8:03
Visting an onsen, or a hot spring, is often relaxing. There are two reasons why onsens are popular among people of all generations. First, onsen areas are nice and comfortable, with beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and forests. Second, onsens contain rich natural minerals useful for curing our pains. So, visiting an onsen has two good effects. One is on our mind, and the other on (   ).

@ways of life
Aour bodies
Bour holidays

My opinion about Diets. 

April 09 [Mon], 2007, 9:16
The Relationship among Meals, Health, and Diets.
 Many people dine without intention and they spend their everyday life, but the meals for young women is often an important element to keep their figure. I find there are a lot of young people with a interest in diets after my looking around. One of them is dieting...

 Then, I propose that the people improve their life-style before starting dieting. The substance is revealed on the following list.
 Here, I state breakfast which occupy an important position of the three meals. There are many people who say it is an issue that young people who don't have their breakfast has been increasing gradually in recent years. The source of our energy is composed of carbonhydrate they ingest with their mouth, however, it resolves into sugar content first, and then it is used as their energy. But the rest of the sugar content is changed into fat and it is stockpiled as fat on their body or viscera. Now, when we have our breakfast, why should we ingest sugar content?

 The truth is that our brain wants sugar content when we wake up every morning. If it isn't given sugar content, we will be a bundle of nerves and we won't be able to understand our surroundings easily. This long-time state we will have continued will give us stresses and sometimes we will become a constitution easy of getting fat.

 Needless to say, there are many cases where a heap of these trivial things cause serious dangers. Consequently meals and health go hand in hand with diets. We shouldn't undervalue this opinion and we should spend our everyday life, I think.
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