2007年08月13日(月) 19時15分
Bon dance festival is going to be held at a park just in front of our house for these three days. Here are Natsumi and Mantaro in their costumes for Bon dance.


2007年08月12日(日) 19時42分
We enjoyed fireworks at the park in front of our house

It was a bit windy, so it was hard to enjoy them fully--too bad.


2007年08月12日(日) 14時35分
It's been very hot these days, so we decided to shampoo Beru at Grandpa's house.

It seems that she didn't hate it much, and she looks much cleaner now

too hot 

2007年08月10日(金) 7時48分
It's too hot and humid It is already 30 degrees centigrade now in the morning


2007年08月06日(月) 19時46分
Natsumi made a bookcover. This is the first time for her to use a sewing machine--it was quite difficult to sew straight, but she did a good job


2007年08月05日(日) 14時09分
We visited my parens' house with my brother's family. My brother has three children--10-year-old boy and two girls who are 8 and 6 years old. They enjoyed playing togher

(Yamato, Asuka, Akane, Mantaro and Natsumi)

on a ship 

2007年07月29日(日) 13時30分
To celebrate Natsumi's birthday, which was July 24, we got on a ship named Concert from Kobe and had dinner there. The weather was fine, and we got a good view of Akashi-O-hashi, which is the longest cable-suspended bridge in the world. Here are two pictures I took on the ship

typhoon is coming! 

2007年07月14日(土) 19時44分
As a typhoon is coming, Beru's house is all wet So, we let her be in our garage.

I wonder if she can stay here tonight--hope she won't destroy things here


2007年07月14日(土) 18時15分
Natsumi with help of Mantaro prepared for supper today

Oh yes, it tasted very good!

walking aroud 

2007年07月12日(木) 16時59分
Reiko is taking Beru for a walk. As we are in the rainy season, it is hard to take Beru for a walk
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Being a mother of two girls, 14 years old and 10 years old, and one three-year-old boy, I'm enjoying my life fully with my very busy husband. We welcomed a Bernese Mountain Dog last year and named her Beru. Here are some pictures I took in my daily life.
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