July 11 [Fri], 2008, 17:33

Love them x33

[There are... 30 others, too, but I don't want to upload all of them xDDD]

mwah x3 

July 11 [Fri], 2008, 4:18
Does anyone know Amy Mcdonald?
She's great

I was in Duesseldorf again today xD
The third time this week Oo"
[Remember: Today is just the 4th day of the week! XD]
Rin and I took Puris <3
I'll upload them here, but I have to wait till Rin had scanned them <3
It was great today {ラブラブ}

☆ <3 

July 09 [Wed], 2008, 5:01

That was written under some pictures in the new puri machine [machine? ._. Well, who cares xD] It's so cute xD

But the best 'graffiti' [No, it's not a graffiti, but I don't know the English word for "Schmiererei" O_o ] ever is on a house near Takagi

Jessy and I are... amazed *_* XD

My 'wedding ring' *____*~~~ xD

☆ 2nd great day x3 

July 09 [Wed], 2008, 3:19
I was in Duesseldorf again xD
But today with Saki and Shou und Nina <3
We made Puris in the new... machine? XDD
My English is as worse as never before today xD
I'm sorry xD


They're cute, aren't they? <3
It was a nice day!

★Great day <3 

July 08 [Tue], 2008, 4:27
Rin and I had met in Duesseldorf today
It was so much fun <3
I miss her a lot this time ._____.~
Hope Markus can repear [ .. no, that's wrong, isn't it? .__. I don't know how to write it right this time xD] her computer soon >__< Rin said, he'll finish it this week~ {ラブラブ}


Darling? I love you <3


July 04 [Fri], 2008, 19:01
Yesterday we drove to... well, I forgot the name of the vilage xD ... but anyway: we get our dog
She's called Ronja,
was born on 6th of May 2008
and she's fuckin' cute

I look forward to seeing Saki, Nao and Elena this holidays.. and Aki, Tora and Pon ... and others xDD <3


July 01 [Tue], 2008, 5:31
Should not read it. Sorry.


The weekend with Rin was great <3
We had a lot of fun together, even if the Friedensfest wasn't very... interesting o-o"
Most of the time we spend there it was boring. xD
Yesterday when heaven became darker and darker we took a candle and some pillows to Rin's garden and laid down in the grass, watching stars and.. Gluehwuermchen xD
[don't know the english word, so I write the german one xD]
It was such a nice evening, we should do it again...
I think about going into my garden now and do it alone .____.~ But there aren't stars this evening..
AND I'd seen a Shooting Star... Wished something but ssht! I'm not allowed to tell it <3

Today Rin came with me back to Dortmund.
We went to Dornseifer and I got my third... Ohrloecher o-o"
[There isn't an English word for it in my dictionary xD]
I love it <3

I'll go to bed now, I think..
Good night everyone {ハート}


June 28 [Sat], 2008, 18:16
Wuuuh <3
I feel so fuckin' great this time~~~
And I don't know why xDD
Could hug the whole world xD <3

I got a letter from Elena today
She's so fuckin' cute <3
In the letter there were 151 paperhearts

One seventeen of them were quotes like
"You are my sunshine"
"Love love love love love~"
"I love you"
"I want you by my side. now & forever!"

Two hours left

☆★☆ xxx 

June 27 [Fri], 2008, 4:57
I drove to the city this afternoon... with Daniel and Alina
First we bought some new Boxershorts and a book, than went to Saturn and bought a new keyboard for our computers
Oh I have to get used to this shit first xDDD
It's different to my older one o------o"
Well, who cares? xD

2 days left X3


June 26 [Thu], 2008, 3:17
Steven asked me to meet him tomorrow, I agreed
Maybe Ieman will come with me to him and we'll watch a DVD and chill a bit
[Well, actually we want to celebrate that Marie is going to fly to Spain on Saturday xD Marie we love you xD]

My mother bought it without any questions O_o
I always thought she'd think that I hadn't drunk anything till today xD
Well, who cares, I think it's great

I wrote THREE ! letters today
My hand hurts now -.- xD

Tomorrow I'll drive to Steven;
Saturday till Monday to Rin...
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