Toru Funamura and his memory almost 70 years

May 20 [Fri], 2011, 16:33
I have read an essay at a loca paper, Shimotsuke Shimbun, written by Toru Funamura, wellknown music composer. He wrote his memory kept for almost 70 years since he was a child. He had a trouble on his right leg and couldn't walk well. He stayed at some mineral spring inn at the heart of mountains for his recuperation. he recovered from the leg trouble and could walk without any pain after 3 day stay. To his amasement and surprise, an old man at the inn told him that God in the mountains helped him recover from the leg trouble. He has believed the old man's saying since then. He has never forgotten this memory.

This inn is still serving the same mineral bath now. This rural inn in the heart of Mounttain Takahara at Yaita, Tichigi, known for sickness recuperation by neighbouring local people only. The name is AKtaki ( Red Falls).
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