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September 16 [Mon], 2013, 12:44
Happens to China on Korea forecast: to Fu Bo of coach standard, estimated also will sent Dewey and Li Xuepeng double Zhongwei combination, but didn't approach, Fu Bo also impossible see this article post, so to when on only again hard downfield of players participation defensive has; Wang also will occupy attacking midfielder location, even years within will is he, but honest said, I feels Wang regardless of body also is technology actually more should is lumbar of material, by he full series team of attack, some forced. Qu Bo, including Dumbo if you first, then you'll have to prove that, Fu Bo's a pig! Last, I feels China best of players capacity has is equal to or strong Yu day Han, nike free 3.0 v5 mens but this game some unfortunately, many real has capacity of players didn't can WINS, like Park Sung chul, long, Feng xiaoting, yunlong, Jiang Ning, Zhang Yuan, these people are didn't to, I really not knows FA is how selected people of, at least, currently team many location Shang are didn't elected best of players, and also poor a can will tactical habit, and is committed to training young players, for Xia session World Cup do prepared of, good coach.
The 16 minute, Oscar, Loukakou and Ramirez in the middle of continuous short, Loukakou zhichuan, Pepe and Ramos Ramírez singled shoots within the sandwich into a restricted area under 1-1. 18 minute, Ronaldo in the penalty area and hit a driving off. 21 minute, Ramos area suspected of kicking down the Oscars, the referee without penalty. The 22 minute, Khedira won the free kick in front on the right-hand side, Ronaldo heavy artillery blast doors. After 24 minutes, Khedira flip pass to the right within the closed area, Ronaldo small angle volley a volley out. 27 minute, Lampard left heavy artillery outside the restricted area, Casillas catching and move to make this shot Loukakou nike free 4.0 v3 womens failed to finish. 30 minute, midfielder picked out Ramírez left inside the closed area, higher Loukakou volley a volley. On 32 minutes, before the closed area and Ivan played Ronaldo provoking skirmishes, Cristiano Ronaldo free kick directly at the left goal before breaking the closed area network, 2-1. 36 minute, Frank Lampard in midfield scoop modric received a yellow card. 40 minute, Lampard sling shot before the restricted area, Casillas, firmly hold the ball. 43 minute, midfielder aweiluoya kicked and dragged Azar violations, Real Madrid defender received a yellow card. 45 minutes, Loukakou crossing on the left side, Rappard small restricted area was blocking out the first shot, then was pulled down during the shooting and was not liable to a penalty. The semis, Real Madrid 2-1. After the opening of the second half, both sides make frequent adjustments, Chelsea Torres, debulaonei and Moses debut, Real Madrid Carbajal replace Arbeloa. 46 minutes, Adjara longshot bias slightly outside the restricted area. On 49 minutes, debulaonei penalty corner to front, Casillas Ivan head off charges from the jump. After 53 minutes, Ramirez zhichuan, Adjara single outburst to Real Madrid's low shot in the restricted area, Casillas fabulous flutter out of the Savior. On 57 minutes, Benzema diagonal pass, middle left, Isco, and Ronaldo high speed heading into Middle Road was made, 3-1.
Drawback is that, due to severely attack the playing of light, and led to three defenders, especially the Dewey, and sometimes no, not alone to face each other in the attacking group, lost 33 goals a season are inevitable, you know, did the best central defender Dewey was 21. However they attack is Shenhua Group's solid backing, it was with three guards sacrifice, only frontcourt players in front of the opponent and the CSL at that time, is the real universal attack times. We say offense WINS games, Defense WINS Championships. This is true, Dalian Wanda an example of something that is very good, they bring up, to keep it down, while Shenhua were not as steady as they. However, he did show us what you can do is attack. If you can't do everything perfect, then the first thing you can do is, the flourishing of Shenhua in Shenhua in the 2003 attack, has also been successful. Although due to match-fixing factors, Shenhua this Championship was taken back. Put aside the off-site factors, 2003 CSL has brought us the most purely offensive it was a dream to stay down, this was not received back.
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