only hope there is time Huijia look now we grow up

December 04 [Wed], 2013, 18:18
Lifetime of a heart lifetime of a heart Inscription: journey home, the scenes familiar scene, one friendly face, a sentence words of concern, regardless of the outside world, then the United States, the family will always be our spiritual home! childhood, a pure heart; freedom to fly like a bird, carefree; always care of their parents and relatives, cling teenager, a knowledge of the heart; work hard, just for good school exam always finish the job, answer endless papers time, parents live frugally for ralph lauren men children eat, dress, learn time, have many friends to play with, and that smile is so sincere and pure youth, a study of the heart; learn skills, have a place always have a lot of free time on the grounds of our own domination time, parents are still selfless dedication, is that we have a bright future time, the feelings between friends also add color middle age, an exertion of the heart; as is their children have a happy life old age,children, parents, children and grandchildren just to health, peace, happiness; not plan any of our return,

only hope there is time Huijia look now we grow up; have their own business and began earning a living; moment, is to have their own fate that moment, it was able to live a better life Whether we work or do not work hard are forever; happy or unhappy is also a lifetime why add to their troubles and sorrow so many is my not take away, not mine spoil what is the point now we grow up; have their own business and began earning a living; we have thought about their parents getting older now, if we can do something for them As time goes on, we are able to inherit their selfless love, to return to them, has been extended life is too short to always maintain a grateful heart; Bearing in mind ralph lauren shoes how many martyrs who gave us with the sweat and blood of the world call Mindful parents do not expect anything in return, selfless love, we brought up the Mindful friends brought us emotions all in all, we should take up their responsibility to us, good fuel it life is too short, in fact, have a lifetime maximum of only 30 years or so in the struggle; life is too short, life is like a circle, we have been walking the same road in the loop; The only change is that our thinking is constantly updated;
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