doopity DOOO! 

2006年09月14日(木) 14時50分
exams are over

yeay!!..the only thing we have left is two more minor exams on
monday!..but meh i'll get through that too >.<

its very cute :3
makes me look like a child XD..sooo short heeheehee!!

ciao! `yoLkamomo

it's almost over 

2006年09月13日(水) 16時23分
Today I had 2 exams,but because they were set far apart,I had
to stay back till the end of the day.
So for 2 hours I had to stay at the front of the school just talking
and doing nothing really..

But then Joyco came along with a "Free Hugs" sign..and then Janu
got into the whole thing..making a competition out of it..
So Alison and I spent most of our time following those two around
while they went looking for hugs haha.

Joyco won by 63 hugs =9

Anyway,tomorrow is my last exam day


I havnt studied for maths..and i dont think i'll do well -.-
i dont really want to study for it ngeeh..

I dont think im stressing..but my face seems to be breaking out!!
or maybe i'm just not getting enough sleep...

8 O CLOCK IT IS!!..eeer abit early

Moving on..
I've been listening to alot of game/anime music =D
very inspirational and such =D

Im especially in love with "The Edge of Soul" from Soul Blade!

ciao! `yoLkamomo

windy,rainy,flooding slightly 

2006年09月11日(月) 13時42分
okay,i have to write quickly because i want to get some study
notes down and get back to CGing my new artwork.

Woke up at 6:15,prepared myself and just managed to leave
on time!
It was cold and sprinkling outside so i took my umbrella of
The bus was extremely late,it was 7:30 when it finally arrived!

When we arrived at school,Louie-Anne,Rebecca and I went to
the library,mainly to get out of the cold.
We talked for abit,mainly Rebecca talking about her boyfriend..
Then the bell rang and we headed to the undercroft for roll
call and to get into the hall for the exam.


When it ended I went with Ash,Leonard,Janu and Anthony to
Anthony's place.
But Ash and Leonard decided to go back to school to wait for
David and Mark.
Janu and I stayed at Anthony's place and ate home made burgers
..yummy XD..Anythony's little brother Jay is so adorable!!
Anyhoots we left to go pick up David and Mark too.
In the end we went our seperate ways and Janu,Ash and I
decided to walk home.
We went through the tunnel that goes beneath the road.
Unfortunately because of the rain it was flooding in there but
we ventured on!

More walking and I'm back home.. I have to dry my stockings
and clean my shoes..all muddy now.
I really hate this weather!..grr

Anyway,must be on my way..have to study!


i hate the weather 

2006年09月10日(日) 21時07分
rain,no rain,rain,no rain..GAAAAH

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