2008年01月03日(木) 14時02分
This Christmas vacation my darling and I stay in Michigan, where my darling's home town is. We are just relaxed and watch TV...
His sister brought a DVD that was "Ratatouille"
The Japanese name is レミーのおいしいレストラン♪
Have you seen this movie?
It's super cool!!
I love this movie
We watched the scene where Remy is cooking soup on Linguini's behalf many times over.
So cute

And we cooked Remy's Ratatouille for dinner.
It did not look like Remy's but it was pretty good.
We watched the movie again while we were eating Ratatouille.

We watched this movie more than 10 times in this vacation.
I recomend it to you, you should watch it

Christmas vacation 

2008年01月05日(土) 13時33分
I just got back home in Chicago.
This Christmas vacation was really relaxed and enjoying with Anthony's family.The first time I went to church for Christmas ceremony, It was fantastic!!
I was amazed! It was like music concert or play.
I don't have any religion acutually I didn't interest in them before beacause I might believe me or people who is beside me.
But any religion don't say bad things...I think...so I could be flexible if I can enjoy those ceremony.

I'm sorry if you are not confortable because of my opinion...
But I'm just talking to myself.
Don't take it seriously.

I'm supposed to prepere to go back to Japan, I don't want to....

Chuc mung nam moi!? 

2008年01月11日(金) 14時56分
Sap tet VN nhe
Em rat la nho VN nen thang nay chuan bi di VN....nhung ma moi co viec o Tokyo nen khong di duoc VN nua.
Tiec qua!
Em co dc viec roi thi vui ma....
Khi nao di duoc Vn khong biet nua

Neu may man thi mua he nay se di duoc...hy vong nhe

Chuc cac ban nam moi vui ve nhe


2008年01月16日(水) 15時03分
Khong muon ve ...帰りたくないよ
My darling will visit to Japan immediately so...I can be patient


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