What is 

2006年10月06日(金) 19時28分
important is will.


2006年10月03日(火) 1時11分

Today was the first day of the a/w semester. The fact that today is the first day means this is the most important day of the whole term. So I got up early and went to school earlier than unsual.

I bought some text books. They were so expensive.

I was somewhat sbsent-minded all day. I think this is because I had kept irregular hours. So I must go to bed right away. Bye :)


2006年10月01日(日) 23時24分
The school is starting tomorrow. The Autumn Vacation was so short. I wanted to travel around at first, but soon I found myself dreadfully sohrt of money. I think next semester wil be an important one. I have to keep on studying everyday, hopefully every time, everywhere (well, of course, this is just an exaggeration). Civil Law is such a big one that I cannot finish it if I don't study it everyday.

By the way today was not a good day. Yester day was't a good day, either. I hate myself because I can't descipline myself. The ability to control oneself is critical and necessary to succeed, I think. I must keep myself under control and make myself study hard, from NOW on!

American jokes Vol.1 

2006年09月30日(土) 4時59分


One Sunday morning, George burst into the living room and said, "Dad! Mom! I have some great news for you! I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in town. She lives a block away and her name is Susan,"

After dinner, George's dad took him aside. "Son, I have to talk with you. Look at your mother, Goerge. She and I have been married 30 years. She's a wonderful wife and mother, but, she has never offered much exctiement in the bedroom, so I used to fool around with women alot. Susan is actually your half sister, and I'm afraid you can't marry her."

George was brokenhearted.

After eight months he eventually started dating girls again. A year later he came home and very proudly announced, "Diane said yes! We're getting married in June!"

Again his father insisted on another private conversation and broke the sad news. "Diane is your half sister too, George. I'm awfully sorry about this."

George was livid. He finally decided to go to his mother with the news his father had shared. "Dad has done so much harm. I guess I'm never going to get married," he complained. "Every time I fall in love, Dad tells me the girl is my half sister."

"Hee hee," his mother chuckled, shaking her head, "don't pay any attention to what he says. He's not really your father."


Today's Diary 

2006年09月29日(金) 20時57分

Thanks to this diary, I'm gradually getting used to writing what is in my heart in English, and the speed at which I can type English sentences has increased dramatically.

Now, in the following paragraphs, I will write what happened today.

Today I went to Shimokita-Zawa, where there are many many used clothing shops. I decided to make the day off, because these 3 or 4 days I have studied very hard and it has come to the point where I feel I'm worn out. And I thougt that I should take advantage of this opportunity and have my hair cut. So I went to yumi's and ordered her to cut my hair neat and tidy (but not too much). Thanks to that, I became somewhat neat, I think. But still it is mideum long. At first I felt like dying my black hair blond, but thinking of my empty purse, I decided to stop it.

After that, I walked about in Shimokita-Zawa, and saw many used clothing shops. In one of them, I found a really really cool boots! It was a kind of engeneer's boots, but its color was high- quality off-white, and it was made of a good leather. The price tag said it would cost 20000 yen. This was in fact very reasonable in the light of it's quality, but i decided not to buy it. I don't have so much money now. If it has not been sold until I visit the shop next time and I have a job and enough money, then I think I will buy it.

After that, i took the Inokashira Line for the first time in the last 3 months, and headed toward Shibuya. In Shibuya, too, there are many used clothing shops, such as the Vacancy Club, birthdeath, Crisp, EZ etc. These shops has its own character and taste, and so they are attractive. Today owing to the empty purse, I didn't buy anything there. I was just waching around. Then I walked to Harajuku.On the way, I dropped in at some used clothing shops, and one of them, though I had never walked in that shop yet, turned out to be very nice one. The shop had many sneekers, and these sneekers fascinated me a lot!! Really cool ones! I think I like this shop very much. :)

That's all for today. I'll have a rest for a while, and after that I think I will study the Corporation Law.

Thakns for your reading.


2006年09月29日(金) 4時08分

Well, I'm undecided what seminar to take in next semester.Each one is attractive. I've been reading the guide for seminars for about an hour, wondering which one will be the best for me. For instance, seminars in the Corporation Law seem very interesting and appealing for me because I have dreams of becoming a business lawer, and these seminars are likely to be helpful to me from that point of view.

But not only that. Other seminars also seem interesting, such as the seminar in the World Trade System -- In The Light Of law vs Economics, and Professor Yamamoto's Seminar in the Administrative Law. The former one consists of about 40-50 members, and this will be a great help for me to make friends with many guys and girls. But after I read the book which the professor of this seminar wrote, I came to a conclusion that this seminar is likely to be somewhat boring one...On the other hand, the latter one is likely to be very interesting, because Professor Yamamoto's way of teaching is so smart and the Administrative Law itself is quite interesting. Oh I cannot decide which one to take. :(

Too difficult 

2006年09月29日(金) 0時52分

My study of Civic Proceedings Act has come near to completion, but as I proceed, things becomes more and more complex and difficult. Above all, the final decision effects got me in a labyrinth of agony...And participation of more than one person is far and far beyond my understandings...It's simply too complex!!

Well, any way, I've finished the Introduction Part of the Providence Texts in Civic Proceedings Act. Now then I have to go on to the Thesis Writing Training Part.

Perhaps it would be better for me to study that advanced part at the same pace as the class (in the university). But in that case, I may well not be in time for the bar examination (old version).

sigh,,,,,but I have to study and study and study!

Listening training of English is also hard. But in order that I will be in time for the TOEFL test in January or Feburary (or perhaps March? no, that's too risky! ), I have to keep this study programme and brush up my skills in every part.

Today's diary 

2006年09月28日(木) 19時32分
Today I woke up at 10:30 in the morning. This isn't an early hour, of course, but for me this can be called 'well done.' I was dozing in the bed when the doorbell rang. It was a mail man that woke me up by ringing the door. He delivered me a great gift. I must be thankful for him and the man who send it to me.

After a few minutes, I went out for a walk, no, well, rather I should call it 'for a cycle', perhaps, but anyway, I went out. The weather was marvelous today and I felt like spending some time out of the house. As I had expected, it wes pleasantly cool outside and sometimes refreshing breezes sprung up. I felt really comfortable and got a lot of drive to study.

First, I studied Corporation Law. This subject is very interesting but at once awfully complex and difficult. The better I understand it, the more seriously I realize that I have to study it more. The same thing can be said in the case of Civil Law, Criminal Law, and the two Proceedings Acts.

In the afternoon, I went to I-DaBashi to receive the Providence Texts at LEC. Regrettably, LEC I-DaBashi doesn't have a pretty office female worker. So I do not feel like going to LEC. No, that's just a joke, of course. I don't have to go all the way to LEC because I can hear the lesson on the tape recoding system, thanks to the Follow-Up System.

After I came back home, I studied Civic Proceedings Act. This is very hard task.

And then for an hour or two, I listened to the CD of English news in order to train my ears for English listening in TOEFL.

I will study Civic Law from now on. this task is so hard, too...

A lot to study! Encourage yourself!

today's diary 

2006年09月28日(木) 0時30分
In order to get used to writing in English and brush up my English skills, I made up my mind to keep this diary in English.

Today I spent a rather odd day. First, I didn't have a night's sleep. In other words, I stayed up all night. I didn't feel sleepy last night because I had a good sleep during the day yesterday. This is quite a bad lifestyle, of course. But these days I am so accustomed to such irregular hours that I cannot mend my way of life...

Next, in the afternoon I took a nup for about 3 hours.

Then I had a supper with my friend in Ikebukuro. We met for the first time in the last 1 month. So long! We talked a little and said good-bye after 2hour-meeting.

After that I went to Junkudo, the largest book store in Ikebukuro, to see what Macroeconomics is like. I read some books, from Stiglitz to Ito Motoshige, and decided not to buy a book today because the texts were too expensive for me.

And I came back home, studied a little the Civic Proceedings Act, and then sat in front of the computer and now I am writing this essay.

Today's Conclusion is: writing in a foreign language is so hard!!

For example 

2006年09月27日(水) 18時00分
Why I can enjoy playing the guitar from the bottom of my heart

is that I am living a full life and having a sense of fulfillment

by spending my time on studying and reading.
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