Li Yong just said one sentence

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 11:50
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 399th chapter put them off ( one more ) Li Yong ,you said these words to me what is the meaning of Zhang Lili to Li Yong ,lowering his voice was not opening .
Hem Li Yong gloomy face left a woman at a glance . Don think everyone is a fool ,you tell us left some plot rewarding thing ,we all know .You think that ,but we don talk about it .
The words of Li Yong thoroughly let Zhang Lili was revulsion .Want to hysterical with unreasonable demands ,but this isn .Zhang Lili will have this fear in their hearts . What are you talking about ,when I had left the plot of reward .
Zhang Lili is a very innocent look .Li Yong talk to her too ,but speed up Huangnan .On leave before Zhang Lili ,Li Yong just said one sentence . Think about who is the original transfer incentive for you ,help you to upgrade power .
Should know how to be grateful ,not devoid of gratitude . Finish this sentence ,Li Yong speed off no longer ignored her .While Zhang Lili was unsettled at Li Yong .Is cheat me, or do they really know the truth ?Should be aware of the plot ,completed after the reward ,only individuals get tips on it, how could they know ?Must be bluffing me Zhang Lili is not willing to believe that Li Yong said this, firmly believed that own the doings are very secretive ,will never be found .
You say to her ? Li Yong caught up, Huangnan asked .Using nodded : I reminded this woman ,told her not to be all of us as a fool . Alas ... Huangnan sighed ,said: you should not break it ,so that our group adverse .
Li Yong is not to regard it as right . You are good ,do not want to be all things to think the worst of .But the girls are not ordinary people ,on the surface that weak ,but her heart .
If I don beat her up ,do the good when we were playing with her dead . Here Li Yong wanted to think ,say to Huangnan : remember the last plot four dead people ? Huangnan is nodded , remember .
They are actually being killed by Zhang Lili design . Huangnan beating eyelids . don ,the LORD God between translation task ,die that is bad luck ,live are themselves desperately .
Use backward glance is accelerating to chase Zhang Lili .Accelerate the speed of Huangnan : I overheard her and the couple saw the conversation ,she threatened the four newcomers don seduce you ,because the four newcomers are girls ,she worried about her .
.. ... Li Yong said here will no longer say ,but the meaning is very clear .Originally in this small group of Zhang Lili attention ,because she is a woman .A woman in the LORD God the task to want to live ,is really not easy .
If there is no Huangnan and Li Yong have ,as one can imagine .In particular she had just come to the LORD God of space, is a drag .But she some of their own advantage ,and achieved two people trust .
But as she forces increase, the original nature is also a little exposed .Huangnan and Li Yong are one one of the look in the eyes ,they just don tell . I know . Huangnan was quick to back a word to Li Yong ,was silent .
When Zhang Lili started up the table ,face look uncertain watching two people . Two dead hanging wire I in real world, that also used to see your face .In school North Face Denali Sale, the boys were hated not drink water to wash my feet ,but you two guys have a little love heart .
Even if I get a bargain again how ,also cannot little you a hair . Zhang Lili heart extremely is not balanced, she even now also do not consider themselves to conceal the plot reward what is wrong .
I say you two a little slower OK ,I am a woman ah . Zhang Lili pressed her idea ,face the painful look like shout voice . There is no man and woman ,only mutual support to back alive.
.Not in the law of the jungle embodiment of the most incisive world, and I speak what men want women .I remember you are not often say that the equality of men and women to come ? Huangnan did not take notice of Zhang Lili words ,but Li Yong jokingly responded to her sentence .
Uh Li Yong words choke is not light, Zhang Lili smile moment ,turned slowly becomes livid .Li Yong rolled his eyes ,he turned to . Li Yong, I won die, it is no way out. Zhang Lili clenching ,heart in dark and hate .
The Huangnan are very strong ,as long as the death of Li Yong .So he became his indispensable man ,and newcomers to join in, he is old timers . Zhang Lili quickly turn .Huangnan and Li Yong now still do not know this woman ,Zhang Lili has started to move to kill .
It is not let Huangnan die ,it will later newcomer when pigs northface jackets,do not think that I was an idiot ,I also read some novels . Zhang Lili had just entered the main god of space, in Huangnan and Li Yongwen to her identity .
Zhang Lili claims to be a country to university students ,plus her more talented performing skills ,be cheated two people believe their own .While Huangnan and Li Yong where Zhang Lili wanted ,isn she said that people .
She is just an ordinary girl ,is nothing more than pretty .At the same time, Xie Huan in the school flirt ,to see the boys for their jealousy to fight, or a man with calculation .So the protection of the two party in two story .
But as the time increases, her faults gradually exposed .This lets two people slowly to see the essence of her .Therefore also slowly alienated her ,if not look at everyone to support each other ,like Zhang Lili day is not so good .
Originally in the real world ,Huangnan and Li Yong is Lily Zhang mouth hanging wire .But since it came to the LORD God world ,don want them to go to the Zhang Lili girl licking feet ?It is and not the real thing .
In order to survive hard to say ,who also thought to ignore those things .Of course ,this is also Zhang Lili the heart most lopsided place .Angel house constructed in the mountain top, the hillside all day around the clouds of white mist ,which makes the whole heaven palace seems somewhat less mystery .
Unfortunately this is not immortal chivalrous swordsman world ,no birds and animals spirits .Monica scored the first gods in utero ,one on the way God wanted no one makes her stop .In order to stop Monica ,the king of gods will have four and the house of Lord are sent out ,but did not stop Monica .
At this moment air max 90 shoes,must be shot before the king himself . Surrender Wu Dianzhu not kill you ,will only let you take out against . Monica stood in the main hall of the temple deity palace ,crisp sound .
Be God ,those relations palace ,both lakes giants sent at this time are no longer silent .Angel house big ten 8 big King Kong ,the four protectors ,three main rivals are not people ,his head is not the death ?God Wang is a man over the age of seventy Michael Kors Skorpios,he now face livid ,cruel-eyed at Monica .
Our god palace town palace treasure ,how can free to outsiders . A talking, Deva King side stood up ,slowly walked out of the hall . The drop dead . Monica Ben is not a her man ,she is very don waste slobber .
Since God the king did not want to release the heart of the world ,then kill him just fine .Monica was a left in situ ,a ghost ,he threw it to the king .Angel Wang Kuanda :calm automatic fierce swell ,blowing a gust of strong wind .
He raised his skinny dual palm camp .Monica did not learn any martial arts, but encounter fight is by virtue of its own strength to solve the tough opponent .Back and forth is so few strokes ,hit the fan to play don just a few strokes ,but at Monica tough physical force support, its power is not a small glimpse .
The so-called best to drop ten ,aesthetic standards and so it is .Not to mention Monica shot speed is very fast ,can make up for her not learned martial arts regret .Pon Monica and the king of the gods had no fancy Yinghan a ,at the foot of Monica stone fragmentation ,and Deva king is an old inverted out blood squirting .
The presence of people are in an uproar uproar .Monica walk overtook the God King was sent flying body ,a punch after punch thunder in his body .Ponponpon every fist potential sinks vigorously ,the smiting physically sound ,listen to people have a heart pounding .
Ziwei Doo emperor palace ,really have a well-deserved reputation .If not personally seen ,who would have thought to stand for thousand years but god palace the Lord ,even people who are not catching the girl .
Just one Northface Boots,but this time Lei Yaotian et al have been riding into the heaven palace front gate ,prancing horse in the front square . You you to the heart of the world ,Audrey sent off the three God choose .
Near the palace hall after the thunder god ,Yaotian will see a floating in the house of blood red beads .Then issued his commands .The LORD God warrior, Huangnan ,Li Yong ,and Zhang Lili, this time also ran into angel palace .
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