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> - Cents Road this rì seek ushered ninth chief - "Speechless" chief, said a grand welcome the silent brother of joining, without a word today rì fight plus more - Once upon a time the fifth chapter 13 Chapter gasification three clear this is full of laughter and Wine Cultivation life does not last too long. www! qUANbeN! the COM just a few years, several monks worked for a variety of reasons, leaving Hao Yang Asgard, go to Faerie domain traveled throughout the practice. Only Zhao, the old Mei Qin heart fairy, still often hovering into this Square City. A rì, three people came to the Hao Yang Sin Temple possession of the sword in the Valley ",Jordan Son Of Mars Outlet. This possession of the sword Valley very wide range of long and narrow shape of this valley is also separated the Hao Yang Asgard two Wonderland of logo xìng lot. Valley south in the possession of the sword, that is crossing the robbery of the monks practice, large tracts of immortals, and again jiange to City Square, here. Possession of the sword to the north of the valley, crossing the robbery of the monks, is off-limits, where immortals practice, rumors in the possession of the sword Valley northward 100,000, the presence of an invisible prohibition, it is terrible for gaining unauthorized entry into of crossing the robbery of the monks will be prohibited kill the invisible. "Of five sè cents jade produced in this valley it?" Zhao floating in mid-air, looked around, looked at this piece of possession of the sword, the vast valley. Aileen said: "Yes, is not only five sè cents jade refining sword minerals produced in this valley, a few only after years of Exploration and Mining, has been depleted. Hao Yang Sin Temple custody usually would not let me wait to enter, every ten years, it was only a month's time, opening up, let me in here treasure hunt. "Mei old man Interface:" So I three to seize the time to take in Valley search for something, if you can find a of five sè cents jade or other treasures of the transaction value, we can the Zhao Daoyou refining edged Tien Five sword. repair fencing to of Zhao Daoyou now, with mysterious day five elements sword in hand, must I wait for monks crossing the robbery of a master! "would also like to thank two of his fellow Xiangpei to two of his fellow sacrificing practice time together over the next treasure hunt here, the next is some fear. "Zhao said gratefully. "Hey, January, I'll wait for monks, but fingertips the moment of effort, what did it matter!" Mei old man shook his head again and again, forthright tone. Qin heart fairy smiled and said: "Yes ah, this possession of the sword valley, several exceptionally beautiful landscape, I ultimately failed to find what treasures, as the three go hand in hand surf not Yoshiya! "Qin heart fairy still wearing a veil, along these years, Zhao has never seen its true face. The three journeyman to the valley, carefully, inch by inch search off. Mei said the old man, the past, each time you open, there will be many monks here treasure hunt, hit hit luck, but in recent years, the probability to find the treasure getting lower and lower, almost close to zero, so slowly, it few people come here. The three luck seems to have not so good, in the search for two weeks, found in several minerals, but are generally the value that of five sè cents jade, no clue, it touches on a variety of beautiful and beauty, so that The trio enjoying a lot. Subsequently, the old plum proposed three separate careful search, the probability of such increase. But Qin heart fairy is a God sè yù words and ended,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, but nodded in agreement. Zhao curious to know piano heart fairy must have their minds, so they asked insinuations. The the piano heart fairy Speaking the this person crazy Sword. "Original piano heart fairy worried about is that madman, which coincidence!" Mei old man said, shaking his head, a look of disapproval. "Sword crazy?", Zhao Qi, "Why the next never heard of?" Mei old man said: "This is a raw verify the rumors said that years ago, there was a fairy Hao Yang Sin Temple in practice fencing, obsessions, crazy madness and kill several crossing the robbery of the monks possession of the sword in this valley. "However, the decrepit making inquiries, to crazy Legend of reality has never been seen; secondly rumors crossing the robbery of the monks kill, there is no specific identity, name and other details outflow; three to Haoyang Asgard had investigated the matter, and ultimately no clue to let the matter rest, so to say, this is simply a non- rumors fly, lack of fear. Besides, the matter has been passed for hundreds of years, then there has been no further progress, even if there really crazy Sword, mostly Zhao fallen exactly encountered crazy here Sword may be completely ignored count! "" So. "Zhao heard the hearts of a loose, this idle reports, Once upon a time, I do not know how many of the fundamental number to count, if even are on tenterhooks that monks can never leave own immortals step. Qin heart fairy as if to convince Mei old man, smiled and said: "Well, maybe piano heart too much concern." Trio then separate, searched everywhere in the possession of the sword valley. Zhao Search more than half rì, nothing. He can not help but miss the little brave spirit world, if this animal aid, might really be able to find a of five sè cents jade. Today, he can only rely on their own God concept, in-depth pieces of rocks into the cave, check it out carefully. Zhao possession of the sword valley to slowly search, suddenly, a cold voice incoming own ears. You doing here, great courage, do not know here is forbidden, not allowed to enter it crossing the robbery monks! "Zhao suddenly shocked, and looked down the sound, I do not know when he's in front of hundreds of miles away , there has been an unkempt middle-aged man, the body of a white robe on stains little bit, there are many shocking trail of blood. And the distributed Xianjia breath, extremely rich, and the integration of the heavens and the earth around the Faerie gas, has apparently immortal repair! In addition, God sè also quite strange, his face suddenly hi suddenly angry, yīn uncertain. "Mad Sword!" Zhao immediately involuntary thought of this rumor, suddenly emerge on the back layer of cold sweat. "A bit too luck!" Zhao underground passage in mind, faint, he felt that all this is not just a coincidence that simple. "This is the opening rì possession of the sword Valley, not off-limits, the younger generation not trespass, Meditate predecessors." Zhao hurried respectfully argue. "Well, the fairy is forbidden is forbidden, do the fairy said also wrong not!" Middle-aged Lenghe cry, the prospect emerged out of a layer of anger sè. The younger generation the knowledge of sin, which he departed, Please appease predecessors. "Zhao dare argue, respectful after a ceremony yù retire. "Well, want to come and want to stay away possession of the sword you when cents Valley, is for you to watch the landscape of it!" Middle-aged and a cry of rage against Zhao heard, suddenly froze in place, dare not tamper with it. "How predecessors before they agree to let the younger generation, to the repair of their predecessors identity, a mere one crossing the robbery monks make things difficult for the younger generation does not seem worth it." Zhao side perfunctory secretly quietly linked with a few pieces in the storage ring treasures. "Well, the fairy is not difficult for you younger!" Middle-aged the surface sè a slow, smiled and said: "three places at once, as long as you beat the cents cents to spare your life!" Avatar? Zhao slightly surprised a moment, curiosity, and the mouth went on to say: "The older generation is immortal, even the avatar, the younger generation is not the opponent, do not bully!"'re right, the immortal like to do most things is bullying! "middle-aged man is not only not angry or embarrassed, but happy laugh. Zhao hearts cry again and again, who really some insane, incomprehensible happens strength repair horrific, I really do not know how to deal with. Must first promise down, and then wait for an opportunity to escape Hermit clothes! "Zhao underground passage in mind, so they promised each other respectfully. "Well, the cents dispatched two places at once!" Middle-aged man nodded and smiled, flash stature to actually quickly spin up in the air. Suddenly a strong wind conditions around the middle-aged, form a powerful hurricane winds amazing,Air Jordan 4. Zhao did not dare to escape to this winds of view, the other was a the jīng ventilation is the xìng exercises fairy escape speed must be far more than their own. A minute later, the winds slow, and gradually quiet, the original at the air, floating three identical middle-aged man, the God sè, appearance, dress, without distinction of any kind, but the atmosphere of the three slightly different . "Gasification three clear!" Zhao was shocked, "turned out to be the door avatar Arcane - a gasification three clear!" "I tell you a little perspective, actually recognize the fairy avatar of the surgery!" One of years people spoke and said, emerging out of a proud smile. A gasification three clear, Yuqing, supernatant was too pure! Cents but Yuqing, is the flesh of the body. "Middle-aged man introduced himself. "Cents but the supernatant, the body of real dollars!" Another middle-aged man then said. "Sin is too pure, is the idea of ​​God's body!" Last a middle-aged man said the case. A gasification three clear, Xianjia flesh, Mana real dollars, the soul soul read separated to form three places at once, can be combined, can practice at the same time, this is the first cloned occult door well-known. This gasification three clear occult, Zhao already heard, but has not really pass, and this secret operation, at least have immortal repair, to be able to practice more to prove, in front of the people, is indeed the one immortal. "Yuqing, you went to try the strength of this sub-flesh!" That were "too pure" said the middle-aged. "Good!" Yuqing "cloned really flash stature as a breeze came to the front of Zhao, hundreds of miles of distance, as if they do not exist. Wind and escape, is indeed immortal, every move between the fusion the jīng pure the wind is xìng the power of law! "Zhao, a cold heart, secretly pondered how to respond. <
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