Shan Tian Xu sun please climb although

March 16 [Sat], 2013, 17:43
According to the Tian Shujiang report, River City Public Security Bureau before taking this action.Did not inform the Municipal Public Security Bureau, it shows that leaked news, in addition to command the people, only a few investigators.If the river crackdown failed.Is composed of several scout leaks out.The Naboo Sanz group of people do not receive advance news, hurry to the convergence of money.When not in Public Security Bureau just starting from the river, so timely escape.The problem appears to still go out in the Public Security Bureau, those few leaders command the action.Have to do the old member Shan Tian Xu sun please climb although Mu Guoxing had a rough judgment.However, in the absence of evidence, it is a judgement.He also can't according to their own judgment to handle a cadre.He needs to do is waiting for now.One is the city discipline inspection of the Tian Shujiang secret investigation, another is waiting for Bu Shanzhi and the gang again jump out from cast nets.These two aspects of the results appear or that one.Will reveal the truth.In this case, Mu Guoxing adjusted the Public Security Bureau leadership is logical.Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and the Municipal Department inspector.Never like now so busy.The city's municipal authorities according to law administrative inspection has entered the acceptance stage, the cadres at all levels began.The administrative inspection.Through extensive publicity in the media.It can be said that in the river city people is make known to every family.Cadre masses clap hands for joy!With the in-depth examination, the organs directly under the style of work has been greatly improved.Some of the original mutual push Tan passing football phenomenon is obviously reduced, the efficiency has been greatly improved.Everything is one divides into two., in the check and acceptance stage, there are other directly under the units remained unmoved.Even against the wind and.Which reflect the most prominent is the.The public security system of charges of the phenomenon is still not effectively.The fundamental reason is that the City Public Security Bureau, the penalty revenue in order to do a money-making tool.Every year to subordinate detachment issued revenue index.Each branch to recognize in order to complete the task, the penalty index and decomposition of the individual.Expressly.The target,Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses, the excess part can get thirty percent reward.Since such.No one did.The fine is becoming an important task of the public security police.No matter what, is a word: penalty!Even more ridiculous is that, there are some obvious belongs to criminal cases.They have been fined.In addition to the local people.There are a number of foreign tourists.And to an Jiang businessmen doing business.Also have to reflect the situation of municipal Party committee.This shows that the security situation in An Giang city.Is already very bad.Another thing also attracted the attention of Mu Guoxing.In recent years due to the increase in capital construction project of river city infrastructure construction, the main material of river sand became hot demand.Therefore.Whether collective or individual or, have a rush on.In Anjiangli crazy digging.City Hall also does not have a clearly defined.Who is responsible for the management of it.So they formed who went to the tube, everyone regardless of the situation.Some organs directly under the mad just money, after harvesting, endanger the security problem has to pay no heed.If the heavy flood disaster happening again.Wear an Jiang City and An Jiang, will likely collapse of embankment.The consequences will be very serious.The millions of people's life and property safety can not be guaranteed, more than 20 years of reform and opening achievements may also be destroyed on one day,air jordan outlet.See the report the supervision room, Mu Guoxing walked more and more scared.Also do not sit again,oakley eyeglasses.Also don't know He Yonglai these years did what, such a big hidden danger has not attracted his attention!If the dam-break event, this responsibility and who can not afford.
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