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September 22 [Sun], 2013, 15:30
; The Yeming Hao's suggestion, blue, blue Qinghe two snakes Liuhe next morning he left the city. Almost blue, blue Qinghe two snakes away Liuhe city, while they found a Yeming Hao Huang Cun high, the Xia Wentao and black tiger killed more help after jing England handed Yeming Hao's hands, Ye Minghao patted huangcun high shoulders, generous compliment huangcun high a few words. Huangcun high despite of few words, he is definitely a qualified jing police, but also a wonderful person, which is Yeming Hao through these days of observation and get on out of the conclusion. Yellow captain, above the city suddenly occurred Liuhe dozen very unhappy life cases, the command within two weeks we PUC must find the murderer, how do you say we should? Yeming Hao saw a look of grim huangcun high, he smiled and inquired. Certainly, we strictly enforce the above command, as long as Mr IP willing, I can always come up with a satisfactory result given above. Huangcun high stared and stared at Yeming Hao looked a long while, and when he saw the Yeming Hao intentions, he broke replied. High huangcun hear the answer, Yeming Hao face gushed happy smile. There are policies, under the measures, although Xiawu Hui province by the provincial zhengfu his influence to exert pressure Liuhe City Council, but Xiawu Hui apparently looked less bureaucratic wisdom huangcun high in PUC mix so many years, for How to deal with the above policies have already been made countless routine, he will naturally not be afraid above accountability. Rural villagers riot in Yangquan on things above just want a result; in Xia Wentao and black tiger help jing English destroyed things. The above results they not want a? But for fear of the above feel Liuhe City Council is to fool them, Yeming Hao and Huang Cun high they can immediately help jing Ying Xia Wentao and black tiger murder closed, give the above a satisfactory result. To make the face look good points above, Liuhe City Council had sent out globally in the entire city of carpet Liuhe searches and raids Yeming Hao is the opportunity to put forward the slogan of the campaign, put a lot originally belonged Liangguo Yan, Dengxian Kai and Liu Hongxin All areas under the jurisdiction of other people to comb it again. Seized a large number of fine, greatly ease the economic pressure PUC. For those who look for entertainment or restaurant owner Liangguo Yan, Dengxian Kai and Liu Hongxin, who complained of thing is not a concern Yeming Hao. Timberland Men's Shoes Yeming Hao led Council in an effort to trace the murderer, when Xiawu Hui sent gold crocodile members finally arrived Liuhe City. On Xia Wentao the murder investigation. Just blue clear plan will be hassle at all, in addition to prior ambush outside the hotel at the Sovereign Council punishment jing, other people think about afterwards to find any clues. So this gold crocodile organizations killer investigation in Liuhe City nonstop for three days time, but it is nothing to be found, but several times came close to being Liuhe jing City Council's police to perceive his presence, and finally he had to ashes yo back to Yangjiang City, his own findings reported to the Xiawu Hui. Not find any clues? Not find any clue, ha ha ...... no clue is the biggest clue, it seems that this thing really is Yeming Hao to do. I can not think, in addition to the Council's anti-jing police detective ability powerful, able to trace the perpetrators to wipe all except there who can get things done such a seamless realm! Xia Wuhui get the survey results. He started very anger, almost a direct shot collapse of his men, but he frowned for a moment, immediately after laugh. Xiawu Hui's eyes fell on the desk subconsciously a portfolio, the portfolio Xiawu Hui had just read the data. The information portfolio shocking about Huangwen Xu, Naraku, Ed Weng Ling-feng four chapters and individuals, and this information is then faxed from Europe. Yeming Hao led Anyuan City Special jing brigade shattered gold crocodile assassinate members of the organization often seek wealth and a pedestrian yin, the gold crocodile organizations will be on Anyuan City Special jing team carried out a detailed list of surveys and studies, and finally they All eyes focused on the Huangwen Xu led several special forces who, because only these special forces are eligible and strength to kill members of the organization gold crocodile, as Anyuan City Special jing other team members. Despite their strength far more than other provinces special jing team members, but members of the organization in front of golden crocodile is not enough to see. Yeming Hao, I must admit you are very powerful, was able to put my hands gave deceive the past, but, I think if you need a reason to kill it? Xia Wuhui grinning heard, he put in the hands of the findings and portfolio information to all burned, and then pulling out the phone dial a number, his face showing a crazy god se. Xiawu Hui Xia Wentao angrily to help a congregation of black tiger killed jing English to Yeming Hao charges by the body, but in the Office of the Secretary of Yeming Hao Le zai leisurely sipping Longjing tea. Yeming Hao was sitting opposite political director Liu Hongxin. Liu Hongxin did not want to bow with Yeming Hao, but in addition to his bow with Yeming Hao is no other way except, deputy director Deng Xiankai's demotion has initially been zhengfu party meeting to discuss the city. Just waiting for the report to the Municipal Standing Committee for approval. Liangguo Yan busy these days do not know what the Council actually leave things went directly Yangjiang City, and Yeming Hao was in trouble, just let the Criminal Investigation Brigade in the city's anti-vice, Liu Hongxin originally covered almost wherever he goes to those sweep a times, which makes Liu Hongxin shops and entertainment all day by those nagging boss to make Liu Hongxin has kind of feeling of collapse. See Liangguo Yan Deng Xiankai not save, but as the Deng Xiankai aside as waste matter, for these days things happened in Liuhe city is indifferent, Liu Hongxin naturally sit still, he knows that it Liuhe Municipal Public Security Bureau definitely going to change, if they do not promptly surrender, then maybe we should end up with Deng Xiankai an end. Liu Hongxin find Yeming Hao, the Yeming Hao is squint, seriously wondered if on the Municipal Public Security Bureau personnel issues associated straighten. Although this has been a big shake Party City zhengfu support, but he knows that if the real implementation of that day, the resistance encountered never small. At least, he may have to face a lot of substandard expelled or dismissed member of the opposition protest jing. When Yeming Hao Liu Hongxin found to his office to find himself when he first felt a bit surprised. Then they feel each other's arrival also makes sense. Deputy Director Deng Xiankai the demotion had initially been zhengfu party meeting to discuss the city. Just waiting for the report to the Municipal Standing Committee for approval. Command Center Liushi Gui outset backward his side, beside the only remaining political commissar Liangguo Yan confidant, and only the political chamber Liu Hongxin only. Yeming Hao want to Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a large-scale reorganization of personnel, which is no secret that the global down. In this climate, Liu Hongxin ass sit on the bench can be considered a normal reaction! Secretary, I would like to report to you at work! Political director Liu Hongxin respectfully said. His side head down, looking at the young side steal Secretary look. Faint smile touched each other's eyes, can not help my heart burst of nervous. If illegal channels refused to let yourself how to do Stephen IP? In that case, it not only a dead one yourself? Heard Liu Hongxin come with their reporting, and Yeming Hao heart not sneer, this time, there has been very many people to Office of the Secretary to report to work with Yeming Hao, Ye Minghao first thought that these people are really reporting , but react slowly Yeming Hao thing, reporting in the bureaucratic culture has been gradually out of its own meaning, in turn derived from the subordinate to the leadership showed loyalty, meaning yu take refuge in a hint. Yeming Hao did not immediately speak, but with eagle's eyes looked more curved lumbar middle-aged man, he was considered beneficial in the end is to leave each other, or the other person Zhuzou worry. Liu Hongxin heart more and more to nervous nervous, he almost can clearly hear his heart beating faster and faster. This silence is no doubt gave him enormous pressure, and as time goes on, he felt more and more chance to become slim up. Director Liu, you as political director how long? Liu Hongxin hearts already in despair, Yeming Hao sounds like a soothing general ringing in his ears, let him jing God lifted. Report Secretary, I have spent six years in the political room time. Liu Hongxin unable to figure out the intention of the Secretary for adults and asked what these things, but still honestly replied. So, should the Bureau Director Liu cadre and personnel and organizations in the preparation of very familiar with it? Yeming Hao asked with a smile. Familiar. With some of its luster in the eyes of Liu Hongxin, vague, and that he felt something seems there is a trace of life, then immediately replied: Secretary, we PUC total of one center, two rooms, seven directly under the brigade and twenty-seven police stations. Bureau staff prepared a special number three hundred and thirteen, of which number four ZhengKeJi job, job number sixty-three Keji, deputy shares ranks number one hundred twenty-four. And this deputy shares of one hundred fifty-two level, it is not including rural jing Affairs Timberland 14 Inch Sale Office deputy shares. Listen Liu Hongxin say without hesitation series jing correct number, Yeming Hao secretly nod, to say the least, from this point you can only prove that Liu Hongxin is not useless. If I want to deal with being dismissed and expelled jing appease members by Deputy Director Liu is responsible. I do not know, there is no confidence in Director Liu finish it? Yeming Hao smiled, reached out and knocked on the desk, the body suddenly no psychological preparation before the tendency of Liu Hongxin asked. Liu Hongxin startled for a moment, then in the eyes showing a touch of ecstasy, the Secretary, you rest assured, I will do my best for you to share those concerns. This, he gave me a good old Liu. Liu Hongxin aware that Womens North Face Softshell Hybird Sale although treatment was dismissed and expelled members appease jing work is very troublesome, but as long as this matter is handled well, and that they keep their position under the buttocks, but also to succeed in the eyes of the new Secretary to leave a good impression, as the new Secretary accepted, so Liu Hongxin naturally not shirk the job. . )
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