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September 02 [Mon], 2013, 10:26
A flying squirrel (;) said coldly: you're not ammunition Arsenal, you don't know Yela silent terrible, terrible, what is terrible, Shadowbane may not take it seriously, points to himself, and pointed to other people, said with a smile: I Shadowbane, light armor warrior sixteen strong, although A Frans is not in the top sixteen, but strength and I almost, but opponents brilliant, flying squirrel, you also have the ammunition shooter sixteen strong strength, Venus, elements of CO control division sixteen, Xinghe Zeus, than Venus is weaker, evil meteorite, the four major ammunition, and adjuvant therapy for white, we have what is weak, why fear a Yela silent, blade clutched swords, sneer at a way: I must have a look this Yela silent exactly have much strong, stop, evil meteorite scold sound, Shadowbane shook his head completely ignore the evil month by words, a layer of ultraviolet se light up a sword, purple se super long sword toward the leaves fall off the past, damn it, hate evil meteorite may not be directly cut shot Shadowbane, although they are the Galactic Federation, leaves the sky is federal, but are essentially the game player, and that's the union. , prior to their interests in the sky involved, federal and game player the Federation did not become friends, evil meteorite and flying squirrels don't want and ammunition in the hands when the gunman, wants and leaves representations, the move directly to the boat lift gun she hammer, a bullet crushed violet se sword, and a bullet to the she, it has been done, you do not want to fight you, hate not flying directly to shoot one finished, all clearance north face is finished. The leaves fall, now also can helplessly the sniper rifle, the brain back to full occupation challenge when leaves fall each combat video, the squirrel is a level 49 ammunition gunmen, only to on the senior level 1 can be, and now he also confessed to win full occupation challenge when the leaves are very difficult, when the leaves only 30, leaves from level 30 to level 42, equipment is better, the skill level is also higher than at the time, the squirrel will crosshair alignment the boat's head, if can of words, he wants and Canada Goose Snow Bunting Baby leaves it once, Yela, a sniper is aiming at you, he aimed at you, little noisy shouting, two pistols were small noise into a bigger hand The gun muzzle, began gathering energy, a hair fine beam she to directly through a flying squirrel, squirrel shoulder, can break for small noise is a great progress of the she process, this gun is far super ordinary energy gunners, seems to be the special skills of small noisy, hurt for she, this one gun to the flying squirrel damage can be ignored, but the impact of laser for flying squirrel hand flick, she bullet natural affected, too many Canada Goose Constable Parka Women angle, she in the leaves on the wall behind, yeah, Yela, see not, I disturb him, you must thank me, you must thank me, if you shut up, I will thank you, love to speak is small noisy days of Xing, when a person can own and for a long time, now have leaves the communication object or listen to the object, small noise more happy, no matter what time can give the leaves off a lot of things, even if they cover their ears,
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