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; Not only that, he probably died in vain victims here . Wan Yan li withdrawal cursed loudly ' mud horse ', the heart will be vacated and up raging anger suppressed immediately as Stephen Chow face conjure up a general smiling face se said: Ha ha ha ! Very distinguished fairy king, you hear me out . You do not listen to me finish it ? This is not what we did not bring silver now ? Our large Jindi Guo missing farthings ? Of course not missing ! My family all EC wanted to give you money , but he has always admired your heavenly renjin so infrequently figure. My family all EC heard what your flower- grass open , people see ? ? ? ? ? ? Vomit vomit ? ? ? ? ? ? 's What people love what suave immortal. I say unto you though looks ah ? ? ? ? ? ? Like previous Meng Fei Three Kingdoms period in general, is a hero boy, a masterpiece Reggie . Is looking forward to your trust in me to go down big Jindi Guo , future executives can do horse riding , when ten thousand Hou given a cinch . Million Hou ? Ten thousand accounts monkey ? Improper improperly, it is not what Bima Wen it ? Zhao Zhen table nonchalantly said. The poor do not know what withdrawal WANYAN in Bima Wen , Journey to the West have not yet come out too ! He knew where to go . Then Zhao knife and said: What horse monkey Yeah Yeah, we incorrectly, we are real human beings, definitely not what the mountain monkey or horse or something. Some people have dignity Men , Men improper monkey ! Zhao Zhen Zhao pointed knife , smiled WANYAN in withdrawal , said: This is our two king , knife invincible, a sword that is playing badly, martial artists . Rivers and lakes known as Shendao heroes . Our two king said makes sense , you all collectively kindness , the king no thanks . What monkey ah ah horse 's office, when I was not , and we are human beings do, and what you monkeys and what is not a horse . So the matter, tomorrow you come with one hundred and two thousand silver , oh g ! The king took the mountains forage and livestock sell you , you see how ? Ah from the scratch ? Zhao Zhen , then ten had eight importune , another two , with the withdrawal of huge WANYAN inside knowledge of Chinese , listening to his empress few to understand ah ! Listening to his withdrawal WANYAN in a one of the king, all systems of your home or something. Let WANYAN where withdrawal is really very, very depressed , all the talk seems to have its own system with inferior general. The other is the king , they are all systems , it seems like a worse one . For each mouthful beside the point , do not know where to come out of the ground did not understand dialect , it can and can not say. WANYAN had to withdraw in the heart, cursing the eighth generation of ancestors Rattus broken brigands . Peizhuoxiaolian , Wan Yan brothel where Mom and persuade withdrawal as decent women to receive guests in general, in order to achieve the purpose of resistance to the mind , it is to his eyes from a decent women to sell their bodies to Zhao Zhen , explains: human love , flower see the flower fairy Rattus vent super invincible king , you listen to me . As long as you follow me down the mountain, my family all EC adults give you much money is not a problem. But it will also give you a lot of beauty, money is to have as many ! Hearing this, Zhao Zhen some doubts: to hear you say , how the king felt like you say to an official master like ? Faction in almost spurting WANYAN withdrawal , he said: bureaucrats ? Of course, is an officer , and just do not have and could seal the ten thousand Hou You say yet ? That was great big official ah ! Zhao Zhen serious face and said: Really ? Much official , ah, there is a large county magistrate 's official do ? Zhao Zhen said, showing a look of excitement . Several other people are going crazy staring eyes staring WANYAN in withdrawal and hold him as if seen from a naked beauty must se to general. WANYAN see a few people in withdrawal finally to the interest, of course, will not miss this opportunity. He put down your own heart , pretending indifference , said: Of course, my family reunification but I have one of the best characters Daikin country , not to mention a little magistrate , is to see flowers bloom , people see ? ? ? ? ? ? vomit vomit ? ? ? ? ? ? people love what 's suave Rattus big headed a state official , government officials would also mention. Zhao Zhen pretended surprise , said: Really ? It would be great, how can I be given a bigger official Dangdang ah ? Zhao Zhen pair looked greedy faces, Wan Yan li withdrawal heart sneer few times, and his face was a smile diminished, he keen on the idea and said: No problem , according to my family all systems of your appreciation , this is certainly nothing problem ! Zhao Zhen clapping suppressing a smile and said: This is good , then you have to go back and tell your family reunification , say I'm king of this name Rattus King felt very good, can not let me down after being a king ah ? Words may overdone , in the Golden State , only the brightest ethnic tribal chiefs and princes Jurchen large what they can become king . With a little bandits wanted to be king it is a dream . Wan Yan li withdrawal hear his words , have some control his anger. His airway : you ...... this thing is too great , the next still Zuobulezhu until all systems go Bingming I got home , please also king Jinghoujiayin . Although it is down to snookered Zhao Zhen , Golden State may have the potential of the people are entitled to special attention to their status , a king 's promise even if it is false, but also an affront to fame . Although Golden State launched when nothing but mountains and Khitan people minions . But after the launch , Kim people but it also has its own unique and proud . With Wanyan Lou chamber as honorable , and he, as all EC , Wanyan li withdrawal if the promised Zhao Zhen , Wan Yan Lou will set the master room on any ground. If WANYAN in withdrawal now blind promised, in case mess Wanyan Lou room unhappy, that he may steal sheep away. Therefore in , Wan Yan li Men's North Face Gore Tex Clearance withdrawal dare promise , had to temporarily stabilize the king Rattus further plans. Well, you go back and say that all systems of your home , do not give me a king Dangdang I was not going down the mountain . Zhao Zhen abnormal resolute tone , bent to look like when the king in general. Saw this, had to temporarily withdraw the next best thing WANYAN li , said: king , in that case I'll go back to my house and report it all systems . You first see is not able to forage and livestock to us , ah, so, my family all systems will certainly be a significant increase in your favor , maybe a happy so I agreed to your request yet. This video does not matter , forage things later date, such as your home Datou Ling agreed to my request, I give you personally with brothers went to the door . Zhao Zhen a rebuff road. See Rattus king resolute expression , Wan Yan li temporary withdrawal know this is hopeless , and had to go back down the mountain WANYAN Lou room Bingming do intend it. River in Tainan city, the Golden Army Shuaifu being . Wanyan Lou room listening to Sa Wan Yan li withdraw the answer . Jing America will be a bitter cup fell to the ground , growled : darn thing , we all EC troops in war for years, Liao Gong Song What kind of people have seen , did not have thought this was hit by a rude and ri watch the culprits so insulting . He really does not kill all EC obscure the heart of hate , Wanyan in withdrawal , you immediately mustered ten thousand troops and horses , to the system put the culprits are caught ! To him will I cut to pieces ! See Wanyan Lou room looks angry red face some kind , Wan Yan li withdrawal ventured Road : all EC adults, you and pacified , why fuss with ignorant Mangfu general . I went to that bandits hideout looked at that piece of mountain terrain, easily defensible. If forced to attack , we meet a lot of damage . Although my big Jinyong Shi fear death , bandits can be scaled up to a group of small losses army of warriors , but some more harm than good . Kindness to all systems , must be willing to see this scene . Canada Goose Women's Kensington CG55 Parka And, if so will forage burning culprits , kill all animals , then we lose more ah. Therefore, the Commission also Wangdu think twice . As army commander WANYAN Lou chamber which can not know these things , just the reason gaffe, because that is all too Rattus king of ignoring his authority . Heart has calmed down now , then there Wanyan in withdrawal of persuasion , then yielded and said: Well , it 's made ​​by you , you go out ri thief camp, told the shameless Rattus children , say in addition to can not let him as king, another official with his choice. But do not threaten him , that the most ignorant Mangfu xing grid rude , you need to come down the hair . Just put him to lie down , to see how this all EC fix him , huh ! Wanyan Lou room listening to the words , Wanyan where withdrawal is finally calm down, in fact, most hate that Bandit is his WANYAN li dismissed. Thousands of people escorting a group of bandits also robbed forage to , had let him disgrace the face. Now every time I see another Golden Army generals , feel each other's eyes with contempt. He was anxious to dismantle that Rattus King Grilled rib bone . If Wanyan Lou chamber can really let go and smite him with a thousand winds that what Huang Shan , but he could not. The yellow wind mountain yifudangguan Wan Fu Mo open terrain , even with their military valor can take gold to come, but how many horses are unknown loss , when the loss is too large, an angry Wanyan Lou room , two voluntary manslaughter , own may be gone way out . WANYAN where withdrawal is also not afraid of death the original Golden Army Titans , but with so many years of great wealth, corrosion and death defying his sinking heart. For him to survive by some grievance , it was nothing , so pleased kicked and said: Yes, please rest assured that all systems adults , children Rattus weekend will certainly give that lie down . The next morning Sishi , Rattus king 's stronghold - that originally nameless , but was casually called Huang Feng-shan their place . Zhao Zhen king with his two to six kings will come again in the golden army generals WANYAN withdrawal warm welcome into his humble wooden hall. Everyone just sat down, Zhao Zhen hurried asked: your home system can have other brothers had promised my condition ? He looked impatient look, Wan Yan li withdrawal laughed: Oh , back to Da Touling words , my family all EC said, in addition to not allow you to when the king , the other official as you pick . Zhao Zhen pretend thought for a moment and said: so ah , in that case , or you come out ri ? Let me say something other brothers together . Since Zhao hazel under the expulsion , hot ass WANYAN not sit up in the withdrawal had to hand over and said: I'll be waiting to hear back , but tomorrow will certainly give me a king Zhunxin . Zhao Zhen ass did not move about, waved and said: Well, you go back, tomorrow will certainly give you Zhunxin . Listening to his answer, unwilling, but not threaten each other in the withdrawal can only helplessly WANYAN say goodbye , he turned down the mountain . On the road, on horseback in the withdrawal WANYAN thought bitterly , his mother ran dozens of road, sit tight ass did it , it was Zhuke it. Sent a few words to put yourself back, good way to go tens of miles it ? Good to go ! Do not let even a break , my heart can not help WANYAN li withdraw gas . Zhao Zhen with everyone sitting together and talk a bit about it. Feel that we do not agree , then maybe you will find WANYAN li withdraw some strange and abandon them. So , uh decided to withdraw tomorrow promised WANYAN where the conditions , and then a large banquet in the mountains , and even HE three days , when considered when dragged . And then went on to request , agreed to two weeks after the downhill . This is so because Zhao hazel forage should conclude Kinbyo depleted , as long as holding the existing batch of livestock forage . Wanyan Lou chamber group is bound to think of ways and then shipped over to catch them when the robbery under the forage , and then rely on nearby mountains terrain and then resist Kinbyo few ri, you can get away with it. So , doing , then you can not charge a soldier 's holding Kinbyo more than one month to prevent army to attack in the mountains of gold , but this can not lose the sale. After completing consultation by Zhao hazel Royal Highness personally to select a group of soldiers to play the smart clever actor , in order to be more realistic. Second ri, it is noon, Wan Yan li withdrawal arrived at the named Zhao Zhen Huang Feng-shan . This time the scene to greet withdrawal may WANYAN in grand more. Seven hundred yellow wind cottage with a king 's brother, himself down to greet him. Zhao Zhen Wan Yan li removed saw horses, then walked to meet her submissively laughs: Confucius said , to have friends from afar , please generals quickly up the hill. WANYAN see each other in the withdrawal of a case personally to meet today , to conclude that this is definitely the king promised Rattus own terms . That being the case he will be a lot rely on themselves, so the fishes themselves so well . Figured after they arrogance as Zhao hazel on the mountain . Today, the mountain is really different from the previous ri, in the mountains, dozens of people have been born from the fire , each of the surrounding wood baidunzi has seventy-eight , roasted on the fire but also some wild things, blowing bursts of fragrance . WANYAN in such a withdrawal into the village gate , cheers rang . Welcome ! Welcome ! Warm welcome ! I saw a group of ugly , bad times uneven height of bandits who held up a piece of wood, above all crooked welcome word , and loud roaring . Although WANYAN withdrawal can be considered knowledgeable in , and can be seen there to welcome people coming to this battle ? Especially seeing a weighing four pounds , I do not know male or female to dinosaurs woman holding a dog's tail flower smiling up, Wan Yan li withdrawal could not help but shocked. Then followed behind Zhao Zhen introduced: Oh, how are you feeling ah generals , brothers but would not you want to get . I heard you coming today , specifically come up with such a big battle to welcome you , brothers a few days down the mountain , but also to please a lot of attention is the generals . Wan Yan li withdraw looked smiling flower face hairy Rattus king, heart cursed: Damn, is indeed the brigands , I came no less than three times, and how so many people have not seen previous to meet their own , not every time did not see the people, that is one I see on the covetous . I now have to ask for , like saw Qindie like, this changing face of effort can be really bad. Although my heart think so , you can not put these bandits and cattle are the main food to go lie down . Not reach the ultimate goal , of course, can not be too insolent . So where withdrawal WANYAN hand and said: Oh, brother king and polite of you , we are Daikin country after the effectiveness of talk these words may see outside . If the chieftains of you do not mind , then call me a li withdraw brothers just fine. Well, we like brothers brothers withdraw such pride in the people go, you are not my brother today ri drunk endlessly. Zhao Zhen spoke to pull it WANYAN li withdraw to their huts hall door. On entering the house , boy ! WANYAN withdrawal seen in the hall zhongyng put up a large table above already filled with food. A variety of dishes looks a lot less than twenty pots. But looking ahead, full of horse meat and vegetables, wild plants containing these horsemeat is all even with the size of the tub basin . See WANYAN in withdrawal stunned look , Zhao Zhen laughed: li withdrawal brother, my brother today, specially prepared for you under this rare feast, you have to eat is ah. We have nothing to entertain the stockade , and that you are not cattle to get it back . We can only use horsemeat and vegetables to entertain you ! Oh, is shortage of materials ah. No wonder then , the withdrawal of the case where Wanyan thought . They also some sometime , today Rattus king seems to have suddenly had their eyes opened , to understand the ways of the world where he just sat Theme withdrawal WANYAN go inside . WANYAN pretend withdrawal sometime in a few times, but finally sat down theme . Just sit down , Wan Yan li withdrawal was grateful to several yellow wind Walled king and chieftains were surrounded. You order a yellow wind cottage dry , dry one for me , surnamed Li , Wan Yan li short while filling the withdrawal fifteen bowls of wine . Although at that time a very low degree of liquor , and beer around in general, but also drunk on top . Until twenty bowls of wine , when they drill under the table Wanyan li withdrawal begun to snore came. Zhao Zhen greeting , the withdrawal of the janissaries in several Wanyan drunk leaning into a pool of mud in the withdrawal of WANYAN lift down. Early next morning, headache WANYAN li yu withdrawal just cracked up , they were pawns to notify the yellow wind king asked him to drink. WANYAN not feel comfortable in dismantling it, but come on yesterday forced to drink a lot of wine, did not talk down to business , it must go . So , he re-entered Zhao followed pawns hazel huts hall. The withdrawal WANYAN in here brigands who saw military situation here is really quite a lot of men . Just one rags , like a bunch of beggars in general. But it is undeniable that they are good with weapons , all new steel mouth is very good weapon . It seems these bandits had robbed Song ` grab something daring bandit gang is really very big ah , necessarily Soong Army troops dare robbery . Wan Yan li withdrawal thought. l trouble you go to apply vertical and horizontal Chinese network user names to a lot of favorites and join me , my books have been signed up . This is your support, is your strength , thank you very much . Thank each and every one has always supported the Hermit, Hermit accompany our brothers and sisters along the way . Codeword very hard, every day thousand words Hermit not broken one day , without a day off . But because of you , so I was really touched . As long as your support , I have motivation to continue. After signing , please , as always, continue to support the town Hermit , thank you for your support and encouragement. Later chapters will be more jing color . We seek to Hermit little more clicks to Canada Goose Reversible website Add town Hermit aspect of the book, thank you for the support and love it. In order to repay everyone's love, I will break this month , a million words a day , your support is my motivation ! Please come support me.
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