that the card for migration

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 11:26
Zhang Yuan; do not want to say something, Zhao Yaning also had no way to make him say it, but Zhang Yuan for the so-called plan or plan, or, Zhao Yaning was not very interested in. He is more concerned about, is his own in the past season and the ability of those changes occur. A season of his down, play is good, won the Best Newcomer Award, also won the two trophy, according to statistics of the French, his Premier League is 13, up 11, for a nineteen year old person, also is the satisfying level. After winning the Carling Cup and League two champion, he also got two cards. The Carling Cup card is a +2 card also does not matter, but the Champions League, but a +4 card. The five major league level is very high to get the card is also very good. But in fact, two card draw, is not very satisfied with him. The Carling Cup card, he got was a name is called the 'philosophers' card, add two forces. This card comes from the who, Zhao Canada Goose Sale Yaning is naturally stick out a mile. Turam also is the Monaco born player, but Monaco is very proud of the players, for his nickname, Zhao Yaning is naturally know. And to have him a card, also let Zhao Yaning very happy -- not because the two forces are of great help to him, but because of this increase, some like the heritage of the club. Zhao Yaning's forces have not been very strong, even after six months of hard training, but only up to 12 in this card under the effect of it on their own, to 14 of course, compared with those from Africa black players, he is still somewhat thin and weak, but at least, he won't because a collision fell on the ground, it seems to him, is enough. But compared to the card of the Carling Cup, obtained from the Champions League top card but also more no use. His luck is not how, in just a piece of crap white se card. 'Sleeping Beauty' -- that the card for migration card, can, in any cup game, the referee will not take sides, absolute justice. This card comes from, Zhao Yaning thought for a long time to understand. In the course of put sleeping beauty's celebrate the posture of the people are few, and court justice can pull together, also only French legend Platini. He scored in the 1985 Argentina and Juventus youth Toyota Cup, but because the opponent in the offside position, in accordance with rule was found Men's North Face Ski Clearance Sale in invalid, he put the sleeping beauty posture of protest. While this card, is apparently come from there. But that is aimed at a protest, this card is a byword for justice, it is quite ironic. Such cards can have much effect? Zhao Yaning felt a bit boring. The most important is after all the league football match, Xing cup will be a lot worse. Of course, important Champions League Xing greatly, but North Face Backpacks the problem is, in Monaco, now the strength to play in the Champions League, but also have much hope? Maybe a miscarriage of justice but can live longer, some might just.
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