the country come together

September 26 [Thu], 2013, 18:30
This is a group of people who like feet measured the Earth, beautiful purple mountain sports park in the heat of high summer in the Central heroes of running Hill race, writing a century in many parts of the country and cities when high-temperature history, dared to sign up is a true man, not to mention the 13km mountain run and climb more than 300 meters above sea level. Even then I still have 360 men all over the country come together, running on the beautiful purple mountain. Night of womens nike air max 1 stars and Galaxy also has lights woven up down the mountain the fireflies dancing in the Woods, like a lamp hanging lights for the contest, silhouetted against a excited and filled with sweat, Archie smiley face. Cheer each other mutual encouragement, to show the unique cultural charm of outdoor events. We see in them is more "movement, joy, dreams, friendship, mutual support, persistence and perseverance." Children from 12 years old to 67 years old, from white-collar workers to just walk into the Office at a college student from body slim teen Petite girl, who enjoys the happy sports in their own way, both tired and the pain will turn out to be worth it. Believe this time is different for everyone, I'm the most unforgettable memories.

Detailed guidelines on good order and make the game more like a party Because many people prefer outdoor sports outdoors together in a unique atmosphere, outdoor people because there was a smile on his face, they always self-effacing and organized, they love nature know how to care for family and friends, they didn't know each other but together are a happy family. These unique charm to match the author fully felt at the scene, who did not know about Vincent van Gogh offers a variety of technical advice on summer run, volunteers greet everyone where to Deposit Valuables in the sunshine and roll call, there are the unknown friend offered to help you take pictures. Everyone had air force 1 low uk a smile on his face, all the warmth of the Sun under the hot sun has become a lot more gentle, or at 6 o'clock in the afternoon and it was not just quietly hiding behind a thin cloud. Like a breeze, for game players to create an excellent weather conditions.

Competition in the most difficult uphill part I wanted out of the game in a row, speed and stride length drop down, many unfamiliar players after side or asking for help, or to cheer I encourage, make the game full of family warmth.Because it is made of reflective material signs along the night race along almost everywhere, at major road junctions are also drew attention to security of staff. Almost no trash on the track. Ran into Hill watching Firefly visitors stop to cheer for racers! Heroes 360 mountain Zhongshan will get together and upraise outdoors 20,141, there will be more expectations
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