Agricultural lectures: BB fertilizer is not necessarily slow controlled release fertilizer

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 15:28
Last spring season, in Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places farming endowment the market appeared a large number of color BB fertilizer products, they are marked as slow

release, controlled release or long-acting fertilizer, marketers are keen to promote this kind of color BB fertilizer selling point, called the one-time fertilization without

topdressing. The Northeast Agricultural Region of farmland of average per capita is more, the growers are worried about how to labor-saving disposable under application of base

fertilizer for corn no longer time, fertilizer, so bird spikes this kind of colour controlled-release BB fertilizer long-acting popular,

even if the price is more expensive growers also endorsed. On many color BB fertilizer product comes on stage in succession. But then Jilin Nongan, Tonghua area farming ability

member reflect, last year for their respective cultivation with corn, fertilizer of color of controlled-release BB fertilizer, 40 or 50 kg per mu, by a one-time application to

maize seedling emergence, was not quite complete, a corn seedling growth was inhibited, leaf color is dark green and be in the blues, growth period after the extension, leading

to yield than the previous year. Recently, through their expert services hotline to expert advice: how to distinguish and evaluation of sustained release, controlled release

fertilizer? Last year, question whether color BB fertilizer application on?
How to identify slow release, controlled release BB fertilizer and conventional available BB fertilizer, is relatively trouble. First take the colored fertilizer grain, these

are coated or encapsulated treated, should have sustained release or controlled release properties of N particles, usually in large granule urea. Then the qualitative or

quantitative determination in complex. An in line with national or industry standard release, controlled release nitrogen fertilizer products, requirements placed on 25 ℃water

soak 24 hours, can only be dissolved in 15%, no more Bird Nettings than 30% of nitrogen. While ordinary granular urea in 8 ~ 10 hours after

all the dissolved; in addition, the observed soak fertilizer water color change can distinguish between true and false, who see water fade fertilizer, are used to dye and sol

dyeing and false release, controlled release fertilizer with polymer coating, the true color of the envelope controlled release fertilizer, is colorfast. Of course, the

appearance of the differential is qualitative, to be careful about the release, controlled release fertilizer and controlled release fertilizer nutrient release rate of the

exact release date, by indoor quantitative measurement system. Another crop seedling test is more accurate and practical method for the identification of. Japan and Europe and

other countries usually adopt potted seedling test method.
How to evaluate the sustained release, controlled release fertilizer of nature? The quick-acting fertilizer compared with conventional. With nitrogen as the representative,

after application into soil quickly soluble form root zone of high concentration of salts of the poison, or volatile, leaching, denitrification and loss, resulting in low

utilization rate. However, sustained release, controlled release fertilizer is different, whether urea aldehyde slow-release fertilizer or polymer coated controlled release

fertilizer, which applied in the soil after the initial dissolution and release slowly, urea formaldehyde nitrogen release process according to the dissolution and dissociation

step by step, slow process of release by microorganisms and other factors, one application the relatively large nor the formation of the initially high concentration and damage

seedlings. Coated controlled release fertilizer Rodent Bait Station in urea, ammonium nitrate, is quick-acting fertilizer particle is

coated on the outer surface of a layer of water insoluble substances ( such as polymer ) protective film, in order to control the water penetration, thereby controlling the

dissolved fertilizer and release, membrane composition and thickness, pore size changes make this kind of fertilizer with different the initial dissolution rate and the 1, 2, 3,

5 ( months ) of different nutrient release period, be be worthy of the name of the controlled release fertilizer. Therefore, the real release, controlled release fertilizer can

reduce fertilization frequency and not burn seedlings, but also can reduce the loss of nutrient and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
Here comes back to look, this case appears growth problem, is associated with the color of BB fertilizer application on. It shows that the market of every hue color mixing

fertilizer ( BB ) fertilizer products, are not necessarily slow release, controlled release fertilizer.
To spring ploughing fertilization season, BB staining this year will prevail? Expert proposal, farmer friend choose and buy fertilizer, remember the appearance of color is not a

measure of fertilizer grade, quality and properties, to accept a new fertilizer application technology to grasp, want finally to see actual effect.
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