Two auto-ignition type single-valve welding torch characteristic

April 10 [Thu], 2014, 14:54
1) the performance is safe, is reliable, ease of operation.
2) the manual/auto-ignition,welding gas regulator the free choice, the temperature control scope is wide, the elevation of temperature is rapid, the highest welding temperature may reach 1350℃.
3) the barrel may 360 degrees revolving, be suitable each kind of complex environment use.
4) uses sole industry fuel gas MAPP or is the propane, uses in the air the oxygen combustion ingenious design, bottle of gas then, carry conveniently.
5) was mad that with the bottle gross weight 890 grams, the welding torch weight 470 grams, the use is facile.
6) Man Pingqi above continuous working 160 minutes.
7) is suitable in refrigerates in the profession the copper pipe and the copper pipe, the copper pipe and the aluminum tube, welding between the aluminum tube and aluminum tube's, as well as domains and so on height piezo, highway, refrigerator, air conditioning, hardware, equipment service.
8) the gas consumption is low, the service life is long, the welding torchesdisassemblage, the service are convenient.