Wireless headset for people comfortable eliminating the need for wire

June 18 [Mon], 2012, 16:50
Sent to test the headphones, fake beats by dre its stylish appearance and excellent sound quality, convenient connection fascinated reviewers.
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For younger users, the headset is very attractive product, stylish look is the best killer. Of course, not only, and headset sound quality is outstanding in the same level of product, its performance is infinitely close to the wired headset, and extremely comfortable to wear, suitable for long wear.

According to common sense, general users, wireless headphones, the sound quality may not be very good, at least not better than the wired headset; Ye Hao, 2.4G or at least the existence of such problems. However, after so many years of development, wireless audio technology has been rapid progress, at least we have tested wireless headset, a considerable part of the sound quality is close to the cable products.

We fully believe that the technical side, the sound quality of the wireless headset is infinitely close to the wired headset, the only difference is the vendor's technical means.
Widely regarded as the wireless carrier has a strong compatibility.

Compared to 2.4G wireless audio products, is not the transmitter, because the mainstream sources has built on ease of use is much higher than 2.4G products. This is also one of the reasons of concern.

Headset trial experience

The design is more stylish, we have received, this is the color of red and white two colors, the visual impact is very prominent. The headphones can be folded, although the volume is not exquisite folded carrying more convenient, portable package that comes with matched, fully portable.

Headset with a long reception range is about 10-15 meters, more than 50 percent higher than the average headset. Sound quality, the manufacturers official description of the headset is 100% close to the wired headset, which is true? We will be mentioned in the back of the subjective listening.

Headset battery compartment

The headset uses a replaceable lithium battery, use of cost than battery AAA level is much lower. Headphones up to 150 hours standby time, use up to 8 hours to fully meet the basic requirements of a day charge. At the same time, the headset can be used as a wired headset, even battery power can still be used.

The headset can be used as wired headset

Headset design is more sophisticated, integrated on one, under a large volume, the volume of small features, and integrates a mute button: users hold down the button very clear voices around, without having to shut down the music, which kinds of design is still very intimate.

As the leader of domestic audio products over the years has been committed to research and product development of audio technology, its multimedia speakers has always been favored by computer enthusiasts, relatively good reputation. Pay more attention from the beginning of this year to acquire the famous Japanese electrostatic headphones brand STAX headphone product development, introduction of a variety of outstanding value for money headset products, unlike many headphones chaos of sound and strong bass, headphones own their own unique style.

K800 headset

The headphones workmanship and sound quality with many domestic manufacturers of products with the nature of the difference can be seen from which it is produced in the true intentions of headphones. H850 has a number of new technologies, and International sound guru carefully adjusted and priced at less than $ 300 to the great surprise of the people, the fact there are many cost-effective headset sound quality is also more satisfactory. The new headset K800, today we have reviewed the product from its price of less than one hundred yuan, excellent workmanship and high cost.

K800 headphones Frequency Range 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohm, sensitivity 102dB, very easy to drive; headphones with rotatable microphone design, specifically with a computer to listen. The headphones look simple fashion, excellent workmanship and intricate design details, sound quality is quite good, very good choice for computer enthusiasts. Below we will look and sound on the headset to conduct a detailed evaluation.

Headphones to get the first feeling of the hands of light, it uses a full face structural design, but the weight control properly. The headphones use ultra-lightweight, high stiffness made of plastic material, light weight, is also very durable.



Headphones overall appearance of the mainly black, no other colors, the extreme simplicity of the design. The surface of the headset with a matte texture processing, solid feel very good, also played a very good non-slip effect.

Headset shell

Headset shell and arm

Headset appearance of rounded, nor too much of the decorative patterns, the auricular part of the oval design, the middle part has a concave circular, making the overall look less monotonous. The bottom of the shell printed with the identity of the left and right channels, easy for users to distinguish between wear, force arm has the product logo, these headphones only "decoration".

Headset earmuffs part

The headset earmuffs, and shell

Headset for the full face design, is not generous, when used to just completely over the ear wearing; earmuffs part of the headphones is made for high-grade leather material, not the domestic many manufacturers to use inferior imitation leather, the soft thick, elastic, and when worn on the skin to stimulate the sense of small and difficult to produce allergy.

Headset to follow ergonomic design, its first beam part of the widening processing, and the middle part of the hollow design, can reduce the pressure in the head, to ensure comfort when worn, making the long-term use is not easy to produce fatigue.


The beam part of the headset head

It is worth mentioning that the lever portion of the headset is made of plastic material, but the sense of scale when its pull is like steel structure, is very clear, sliding feel good, visible workmanship and detail design of the headset are more refined.

The headsets rod section

Headset rod and shell

The headphones use a unilateral wire output, which can effectively reduce the trouble of wire wound; street portion of the wire has a soft rubber material wrapped, which can effectively avoid the wire being damaged. Headphone plug part of the work fine for the dual three-gold-plated plug, with a computer to listen very appropriate.

Headset wire output

Headset wire and plug part of the close-up

The integrated remote control on the headset in the wire, a big volume control button sliding damping sense of well above also has a microphone mute dial printed on the back big logo. The headset microphone is integrated in the shell, designed for long-handled, can be a certain angle of free rotation, and its positioning, call quality is relatively clear.

Enjoy the freedom of wireless listening, people are willing to choose a wireless headset to use the biggest reason. In 2.4G wireless headset technology is relatively mature, relatively speaking, in the transmission may be more than a wireless headset stable. We daily go out to listen to music, most of the phone as the source, the phone has been very multi-functional, as MP3 using or rubbing a surplus. The phone now supports stereo technology, so the headphones the radio to listen to on the phone is the best match.

Headset one of the most important call function, users can freely between listening and call switching, as opposed to traditional headphones to facilitate much. The application of the headset is not limited to mobile sources, a lot of support enabled computer can also be perfectly compatible with the use of its scope of application is very extensive. Today we reviewed products from Ya just BH202 headset, the headset using the structural design of lightweight and hung, very suitable to go for sports use.
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