Role Playing Bold of the YearDMG Pokemon

January 13 [Mon], 2014, 12:37
Role Playing Bold of the YearDMG Pokemon, Nintendo of America / Creatures Inc. / Game Freak, Inc. (Game Boy) Panzer Dragoon, Sega of America / Sega of America (Sega-Saturn) Parasite Eve, Square Electronic Arts LLC / Square Soft , Inc (PS) Zelda:... Ocarina of Time, Nintendo of America / Nintendo Co Ltd (N64)

Sports Bold of the Year1080 Snowboarding, Nintendo of America / Nintendo Co. Ltd. (N64) Hot Shots Golf, Sony Computer Brawl America / Sony Computer Brawl Inc. (PS) Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside, Nintendo of America / Left Acreage Productions ( N64) NFL Blitz, Midway Home Entertainment / Midway Amateur Inc. (N64) NFL Quarterback Club'99, Acclaim Entertainment / Iguana Brawl (N64)

Console Bold of the YearAll Animate class finalists are nominated.II. PERSONAL COMPUTERAction Bold of the YearHalf-Life, Sierra Studios / ValveStarsiege Tribes, Sierra Online / Dynamix, Inc.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. / Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.Unreal, GT Alternating Software / Epic Amateur and Agenda Extremes