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August 24 [Sat], 2013, 11:51
Yan small opening impatience, and finally to the two chatter closed her mouth. "Come on, let your first moves." Xiao Yu Chen Taiji put up fake gestures, very gentlemanly road. "Well, I punch, you have to be careful, Gou cloth ceremony will stop me Zhe Yiquan" strict even a small opening to remind a good heart, and eyes suddenly sank, fiercely towards Xiao Chen Yu rushed past . Saw him oncoming some ferocious, Xiao Chen Yu originally wanted to make concessions, but think this guy is just a lack of a contempt of waste, there is no compromise is necessary, so it will be determined by standing there, ready to put on a master should grace, soldiers to be blocked , the water to soil flooding, adopted piecemeal, give them also move. Yan flew near to a small opening, shrugged his shoulders, as if to punch, Xiao Chen-yu, subconsciously parry up, who knows just raised his hands, Yan opened a small leg sweep over without warning. Xiao Chen North Face Backpacks Sale Yu was taken aback, and quickly lift the leg to resist, but because half a beat slow response, just lift the leg, Yan small opening has been kicked. "Bang" muffled, Xiao Chen Yu Sang Sang endured a foot, although not broken ribs cracked bone, but it hurts him hopping. "Encore" with great difficulty after the pressure of cross breath, Xiao Chen Yu firmly stood still, staring fiercely small Hoi Yan. "Be careful, this time I really punches a" strict feeding the small opening, continue Jipu and on. On a time when, Xiao Chen Yu did not dare to great care, and do not dare to believe him, so he pounced to shoulder again provocative when fundamentally no reason, apart from retaining tight upper body vital, staring at his footwall. Just let him never thought that this time really serious small opening out of the boxing, fast and does not say, but also very strange angle Mateo turn, fists came, looked like a left to play, but in half the time, but without the slightest warning suddenly slid on the right, such as a spring-like bounce, brush on the bomb to the right cheek Xiao Chen Yu. Xiao Chen Yu and others hit law-abiding habit, which has seen such a strange moves, watching his fist to the left called, definitely go out into the right flash, and who knows when the flash to the right, as if the face of the beat go up to meet the people's fists same. "Bang" punch his face smashed in the firm, while the spot stars, successive back a few steps. Qiaode extremely bitter side of Lee funny, "surname Yan, did not expect you this notoriously dishonest people will use such dishonest tricks ah" Xiao Chen Yu spit a bloody spittle, too, nodded: "Yes, You just being honest people bully me Well you can not even move out of the two, now to me, "said hands, immediately hands. Xiao Chen Yu brush Jichong to, punch a small opening towards Yan played in the past. Yan small opening hurried sideways, Kankan flashed on the occasion, Chen Xiao Yu has been kicked to sweep kick, this kick sucker Yan Li and illness and completely unable to resist a small opening was the middle of the abdomen, the people are just like kite Gone are played out, flying sixty-seven meters before "do not squeak" soon fell to the ground, lying there. Xiao Chen Yu was shot touched the side of the face, and the pain could not help but suck down a few mouthfuls of cold lump. Lee bitter hurriedly asked: "how?" "But also how, pain chanting" Xiao Chen Yu burst into the side, while a wry smile and said: "Now, I have come to believe that he can and Gou Brig singled, and this guy really two Sanshou ah "Lee bitter look at a still lying there motionless Yan small opening, sighed and said:" moves is there, just that punch, for I may not be able to avoid them open, but this foundation, indeed Some are too weak. "Xiao Chen Yu suffered a straight face:" I do not want to play with him, let's go? "Lee bitter more bitter than his face," You forgot Lim Branch requirements? least get his leg discount Now this is gone, Lin Wei Branch can spare got us? "Xiao Chen Yu said:" But it just being a bully ah "Lee bitter sigh," income money, help people ward off evil, which is also no way of things, Who you had to pick other people's money? "" I have no way ah, well, say that out hair "Xiao Chen Yu waved, red Yan small opening shouted:" surnamed Yan, but also okay, not me in the past to kick You kick, put your leg kicks off, this thing would be finished, "Yan Jin Little Cayman has long been back here, Xiao Chen Yu that kick though fierce, but still not playing his unconsciousness, he just knows their current strength is not able to compete with each other and want to play dead muddle through it, but now it seems, the other apparently did not let him so mean. According to this re-crushed, and then carry yourself up to three measures, it should be completely burned out. How to do it? Rolled his head straining, Tude flashes. The face of an enemy more powerful than ourselves, can not force the enemy, only to outsmart good, outsmart thought of this, Calgary Jacket Men UK he touched the ground with one hand, put on a very difficult and laborious Caine Qiangliang stagger stagger like to get up, his face facial features also seems to become distorted because of the pain it was originally very white face, become more white. Xiao Chen Yu see him threw, as if even stand unstable, and not help smile again, bitter Lee said: "bitter brother, or else you come up I really could not do it." Lee bitter big step back, "he chose is that you, and not I, own business, or take care of themselves now, "Xiao Chen Yu snappily scolded," Did not you say that we are brothers? "" Yes ah, "Lee suffered a very serious nod, and then more seriousness said: "But Yeh told me that brother is used to sell the" Xiao Chen Yu: "" Lee looked at the hands of bitter cottage Rolex said: "hurry, and I did not eat it, and then go on grinding squeak, canteen on What food are gone, only a dollar plus point juice meal "Xiao Chen Yu turned supercilious, look rather like standing there shaking his yù fall of Yan small opening, the Xinyi Heng said:" surname strict, careful, I'm coming, "said Xiao Chen-yu, a small opening strides toward Yan rushed over, the more ran faster, to the near to bounce the whole person, body side brush is an anti-kick. Xiao Chen Yu confident this kick to end the battle, and then go back to cook dinner. If because of this kick a real kick, Yan small opening definitely fly out, even throwing a few ribs, also on the spot vomiting blood. Although this is not the result he wanted, but the people in the arena, who have involuntarily time. If this fight really have life and death, then or do you die, I live it just never occurred to him that, in his bomb body and the sky of the moment, had also threw seemed not stand not Strict stability Tude slipped a small opening in the ground, Kankan avoid this in mind sharp and his overbearing anti-body side kick. Xiao Chen Yu kicked empty, fell to the ground, when lying on the ground a small opening Que Tu Yan to a leg stomp, one leg kicked fiercely towards his belly in the past. This sudden kick, completely contrary to Xiao Chen Yu expectations. Caught off guard, Xiao Chen Yu spot in the move, to be played Annealing a few steps, clutching his stomach Tonghu up. A strike succeeded, Yan small opening play quite a carp, suddenly rolled over, stop it stop towards Xiao Chen Yu rushed past, and disease sucker, how can one o'clock half-alive look, the Tigers came out simply incorrect? This time, even the side waiting for the dinner, Li hard it is perplexing that God horse situation ah? Xiao Yan Chen Yu saw a small opening suddenly become so fierce, that we finally realized that this guy just manifestations are installed, are in the acting, the purpose is to lull yourself to underestimate the enemy, his heart was not scared of the giant being freed from the pain, only to back again and again. But this time, Yan small opening fists already footed, kept up the attack, but also a kind of spring-like wacky moves, watching seem headed toward the right, but suddenly on the rebound to the left, looking like on the left, but instantly went to the right. Chen Xiao Yu back too fast, though, but his face Lianzhongsanyuan, and are part of the same nose. Spot that is bloody DC, spent the whole face. Waves of pain coming from the bridge of the nose, making the sight of his eyes slightly fuzzy, although anti-suppressing pain kicked Yan small opening kick, but not only did not kick the Yan small opening Potui, and instead stimulate His fierce xìng, once again flew screaming, fist flush out, suddenly dazzling fist like raindrops Zhao Xiang Xiao Chen Yu. Xiao Chen Yu This time is was completely get dizzy, because it will not tell intensive fist full record which is unreal real trick is to remember and which block the side, give way and the other side, anti-scored above, keep no less than to live Here, the results have caught him. Despite the small opening of the fist strict enough so Henli Xiao Chen Yu-handed, may fall flesh body, it was not a joke. Lost opportunities, down the next Feng Xiao Chen Yu choked back pain a retreat passed, because he does not want to compromise being aimed at the opportunity to fight back, but Yan small opening completely did not give him that opportunity. Punch faster than a punch, kick faster than the foot, the middle is not the slightest stagnation, is naturally no gap can be drilled. "Bang" muffled, Yan small opening final blow sandwiched body strength punch hit severely Xiao Yu Chen faces the door. Xiao Chen Yu that the already bloody nose stopped again bloom, the spot overturned fell down. When Yan rushed to the small opening, will kick towards his neck, when depressed, lying below Xiao Chen Yu was frightened. The bitter side of Lee separated too far, too late to save people think we should look at the bird's foot down Meng riding, Xiao Chen Yu desperate eyes closed. However, he lay there for a moment, still not seen the last of the pain hit, opened his eyes to see, but found that Yan Little Cayman has his feet back, retreated to the side of the side of the Li bitter quickly ran, Xiao Chen Yu wants help up. Xiao Chen Yu labored stood up, pushed Lee bitter, wiped the blood of his face, stared at Yan small opening. Small opening jǐng Ti Yan asked: "how? Even come?" Xiao Chen Yu weakness shook his head, "No, I lost. Though you make a fraud, but I lost is lost and I just do not understand, Why do not you just kick that step down? "Little Hoi Yan:" You and me no complaints Wu Chou, and I do not receive other people's money, why should set you kill. "Xiao Chen Yu thought, nodded," there is truth "Yan small opening to see the side Men's North Face Apex Bionic Sale of the Li bitter, heart, although extremely nervous, but still pretend calm asked:" How about you? you want to play a game with me? "Lee bitter thought for a moment and said:" I really want and You play a game, but I just have to say, you and Xiao Chen Yu who wins is good, I will not intervene. real man, authoritative, so even if I want to, and can only stay until next time. "Yan Small clear the way: "Then I can go?" Lee bitter pushed aside, and even made a request posture. Xiao Chen Yu busy: "Wait a minute," Yan small opening frowned: "Then come? '" Also come? "Xiao Chen-yu smile not, muffled and said:" If your kid is not cheating, you really think that play-off I do? I just want to tell you, Lin Wei Branch fellow will not let you go so easily, he was able to find the two of us, we can find someone else, you get yourself into the "strict watch both a small opening, the last point of the nod, to say nothing of walking to the other end of the alley. ----------- Arrival of the new year, wish all the friends who supported the Bai Yun enjoy pass, Maestro King.
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