nice apartment 

June 06 [Tue], 2006, 11:04
Cindy was back to Melbourne That's a real good news for me.
durning next semester LG, her boyfriend and I help her looking for a new place to live. Last saturday we check two lease unti. One is in Carbenwell, One is in BoxHill.
Carbenwell is peace and comfortable zone in melbourne, the most important is near our university. BoxHill is an other big place gathers the Chinese people, there has much more chinese restaurant and store, unusual convenient to chinese and easy for looking works.
At last Cindy choose the BoxHill one, that a beautiful apartment, because the apartment is newest so that the rental is expensive, $350.00 per week

tomorrow we were going to help her to moving in, I want to take some photo to record


May 26 [Fri], 2006, 19:34
Crossed two weeks to forget in an instant to write..
Still have task until next week...much more assgiment need to work on.

Takes topic incompetent5.14 

May 14 [Sun], 2006, 11:47
How said, recently did not want to do the schoolwork, rather ran on-internet is dull takes a stroll for 2,3 hours not to want to touch the work back.

I did not want to graduate - -||

To press by the paper have not gasped for breath. On hand held the taste which new wished animated could to indulge immediately. Really not to feel better.

Website that side edition correction, although is rare the simple version which as soon as sees, could not think unexpectedly is mentally and physically exhausted makes.

Tired, saves my life!!

Previous two days looked at 《Princess, Princess》.
In addition 《Pink clouds Country Language?》(I translate the name absolutely has the question.....) and so on new unexpectedly all had suspicion of the BL.

Finally the common people all have understood the BL charm?

《Princess, Princess》 is speaks a male student to enter the male school, because looks so beautifully, therefore must pull does "Princess", also is puts on the female attire to inflate for the entire spiritless male school student, the inside clothes all are Loli attire, so pretty!! And three princesses gather very much do together smile.

e.....I hate English

First diary 

May 14 [Sun], 2006, 10:24
Finally set firm resolve to have to write English diary, mother requested me for a long time, actually always to mention the spirit to write, because my English so bad? (Smiles~).
However I am also the university second year's students, have wanted the speech which mother 's small request also achieved, really was quickly does not have the face to see the person.
yaplog is lovable, later on will settle down in this.
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