cells in pathogen seed is not a day

December 07 [Fri], 2012, 12:19
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultTo date :06 March ~11 ~ ,nbsp ; the ruined well !Ruin a good ! Moss Neal on the main ship meeting room , Arnold , chief arbiter .
Arnold is more used to be called the Dark Lord family now recognized as the strongest God ,including just from the jagged main ship coming to elders is . led by thirteen elders ,and Derrick iron God sitting in round table ,the patriarch Arnold muttered : Seventeen planes is not destroyed in the dying God split explosion ,now I have to mobilize the battleship to there will be completely destroyed .
All know degenerating cells in pathogen seed weakness and control method ,except that we present here ,the other in seventeen planes division demon research base .? The arbiter adults and Arnold tone, deep voice asked : other place ,two main ship including know degenerating cells in pathogen seed development process that biologists relatives ,how much they know ?Where are they now ? All died .
Derrick everyone to division demon research base and metamorphic cell pathogen seed best known to most people, he stood up to the patriarch and the arbiter . slightly with he said only: study degenerating cells in pathogen seed is not a day for two days ,those involved in research and development biologists and relatives live in division demon research base ,as there was total destruction they are dead .
As for the other people don degenerating cells in pathogen seed existence, this is our family was classified as top secret .But now in the field you adults ,no one know that it exists UGGs Wedding Cheap.
Nobody really ? The arbiter . sneer said: just from the seventeen plane to escape three main gods , degenerating cells in pathogen seed existence, those enemies of God does not know? Mondo .
No longer to heart ,sooner or later they have to touch it, but we still plan less comprehensive eventually let them go ... ... Elders still ,ugly face the needle like matted hair up ,hear his voice is strong self restrained anger .
None of us knew they would receive intelligence and it went to number seventeen ,but one is the three main gods two God split, this volume also in our contrary to expectation ... ...
elders ,the number is not critical ,but their strength ! Arbiter is still the elders elected by the parliamentary elections .-- can say to still have arbiter ,they recall have much power ,but the latter is not a point ,in the elders tone poor circumstances he was very impolite to interrupt the words ,but also the tone stiffly : this battle has very clear a problem .
Keep equipment looks very important one of Jas face was bright god horse Naqiduo seckill spot ,other people strength coupled with strong lethality and defense force of magic weapon are not the enemy .
Obviously, our God and they fight against the enemy regardless of the strength of the LORD God or have not little difference ,but it is Nicholas alien is not involved in the case . So we have approved let degenerating cells in pathogen seed intervention in the battle .
.. ... Elders are Sri grunted coldly said : all the gap because degenerating cells in pathogen seed in seventeen ,is a surface battle it .Subsequent combat is no longer with whom we have difference UGG Retro Cargo, but they sent us a lot .
Mondo ,to have decided the matter, to discuss whether it is feasible to have not much significance . Jagged patriarch Arnold speak .He said slowly : we called the meeting to discuss how the degenerating cells in pathogen seed for actual combat, how do we and those of the LORD God of combat .
As for the degenerating cells in pathogen seed for combat in the pros and cons, this is now beginning to never again in any form of the meeting . Can recommit the same error . Elders still complexion was better .
He was present in all of the most pure origin as well as the highest power within the group of high-level face saccades in a circle that said slowly : we must seize the opportunity to them a man ,not like last time let them appear again one or several of Mischel ,Mcgee ,can ,find out not again hold ,we can give myself to stay hidden cancer .
It is natural ,the problem is we have to find them . Arnold said : whether they are hiding in a plane or stay in turbulence ,want to find this harder than they look for a needle in the ocean of hundreds of millions of times ,and I believe if they decide to do it UGG Bailey Krinkle Cheap, they find our main ship than the probability we find them much ,after all the ship volume in there pendulum .
Ruin. Derrick smiled and said : that will destroy .From now on, called all the planes in the base member back ,including those in various fields have a unique ability and special contribution of the alien ,they will all be called back the main ship .
And all our God to keep apart in two main ship ,two main ship echo each other at a distance determining a ship under attack of another can be instantly support for relief ,and then destroy ,ruin the bit face group .
They are not willing to come ,we push them out . Apparently derrick this idea have and those elders by gas, elders still ,habitually touch myself day grey . said : anyway, this plane group elements most rich higher and limited the LORD God world has deserted ,our basic -- base has enough multiple energy reserves UGG Bailey Triplet Boots, give it up for us no loss .
You want to keep the destruction of a plane world created a black hole in the form of forced the LORD God come? Yes long ! Derrick looked to the patriarch Arnold smiled and said : if in this way ,they do not appear in the very possibility is that they go back to their original position of Nicholas group ,even when they are lucky enough to find the other side group of the road ,we also do not have to go looking for them ,only need to Nicholas their position group ,we are absorbing more elemental force at the same time as began to destroy .
As long as they have relatives in the plane group a bit plane ,other people is not good ,we in the good intelligence Nicholas will not allow his relatives by our artillery bombardment into dust ,whether he just appears or is even more God ,as long as we pull the net will have big fish jump come up .
The main ship of energy storage is limited, an antimatter gravity gun attack would consume a lot of energy reserves ,we can for detonation on the number of cannon? Never let the main ship appears antimatter gravity gun because of insufficient energy consumption cannot attack predicament ? The arbiter .
Mondor still in a harsh voice said : it is done ,we still have what development ?Base condition limited personnel is also limited ,so could not destroy it, for a long time we can not orderly development ,which for a completely rely on division demon civilization life ,growing racial what it means ? The ability to destroy a bit face the world not only the antimatter gravity gun ,not we have several God .
.. ... Derrick smiled said : the blast howl element force is our inexhaustible energy source ,but also through our sophisticated calculation, antimatter Gravity Gun detonation on day ten ,the energy conversion center in full within a few days is enough to fill the energy consumption .
Ten times a day the antimatter gravity cannon capable of destroying ten planes and the world ,or minor, a planar world collapse means a black hole formation ,and when the black hole together after the formation of the giant black hole is unimaginably large horrible ,according to collapse by Nicholas alien strike out of the black hole calculation ,it has swallowed thirty-two planes world finally collapse disappear into the void ,with this number as a baseline, we destroy the plane group need only a few days can be .
Says ,derrick hideous grin on his face more and more dense, short pause he said : as for adults your we a fundamental development ,this is not a problem ,it seems the arbiter adults do not know ,when we come back during the two days North Face Triclimate Outlet,many top experts through the study concluded , degenerating cells in pathogen seed own power will be our main ship stability is also the instantaneous output power the strongest energy body ,and they have identified this is feasible .
If it is consumed by our all crystal reserve ,which also includes the six main gods nuclear ,degenerating cells in pathogen seed would be the most stable energy output ,instantaneous input power most of the energy body ,the arbiter .
You should also know what it means . It can convert !It can provide the antimatter gravity cannon provides energy input ,it can make the main ship defense strength further ,it can make the space jump .
.. ... Arbiter Mondo it startled but be no trivial matter .You Elders still ,managed to recover a psychological balance ,he looked to have said : the reason we don break the plane crystal wall jump out of the plane group is because our energy operation stability is not enough ,the different branches of the elemental forces into the FEL energy instability of this problem we spent hundreds of millions of years time can be solved ,and the energy of the instantaneous output is not strong enough .
But we Moss Neal family of one of the greatest inventions the most striking Creation -- degenerating cell diseases seed changed the appearance of these ,those of us who experts identified ninety-nine percent more possible ,in our main ship for maximum power random space jump ,we can certainly break a plane wall problems appeared in another world .
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