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August 13 [Mon], 2012, 11:39

How To Get Free WOW Time Computer codes
Does anybody else like World of Warcraft but think its kinda expensive to pay for Mists of Pandaria Cd Key each 2 months? Also assuming you have never played World of Warcraft read the article because most definitely i'll explain it pretty well and you might really enjoy it game. This website also offers tons of other online mmorpgs too anyway... I have found a great way to earn free time codes on PRIZEREBEL which can make World of Warcraft absolutely free! This game is really amazing and features millions of users. Also if you tried this game and didn't are pleased, you can try tons of other games because they offer many types of memberships to different games

Okay well that is can easily get all my free game time codes that i depend on for WOW and i reccomend you atleast do one offer to check out just how easy it is. Because i want everyone kid enjoy this game for free and get tons of spare time codes
On PRIZEREBEL you just have to complete simple things, offers, surveys, watch videos, and signing up for websites and you dont need a card to use this site! Click the banner to begin earning your spare time codes or the hyperlink where is says "PRIZEREBEL" in red.
What Is World of Warcraft? (WOW)
So Wow is an MMORPG where you have a character and you now have the certain class. ex mage, hunter, warrior, and much more. So First you select a realm which is like a world where you have fun in. Then you name your WoW MoP cd key character customize him and pick his class. Then you then are in the game and you can start playing. In Wow your main objective at the beginning is to lvl together. You start at level 1 and you can go close to 60 at first but if you buy expansions you can move up to 85 but they are still making more expansions.

To lvl up you will do quests. The quests will vary in what they request you to do. Some will ask you to kill certain creatures, some to gather something, or to go kill a boss. So quests are the main way people lvl up products also while you lvl up there are dugeons that you can try. A dungeon is a place that has a lot of creatures and powerful bosses which you could only do with a group of people. So you pair up with a grouping of 5 people to do these.

Then while you lvl up and do quests you certainly will acumulate gold, armor and misc. items. Also you can have two skills it is easy to follow like tailoring or mining. So that is the basics of the game but you will find a lot more at hand and i hope you enjoy the game or i hope you will find yourself enjoying the game soon. If you have never played Wow you can try it here.

Also if you have played before as well as have stopped they have a scroll of ressurection. This allows you to play wow cd key free for 7 days and get a free character to help you lvl 80 and switch realms. Also you will get cataclysm absolutely free.
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