no one would dare to disturb him

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 15:47
; Fang cloud is not clear, the hall of Supreme Harmony Zhu Chen, why this decision, perhaps because six was destroyed, sign order impassability, or because Confucianism robbery incident, Confucian suffers to weigh very much, or, for this mess, Confucian really is incapable of action. But completely determine the dominant military office, absolutely not good. Since ancient times, all light, now the military office of administration, is a win? Fang Yunyao shook his head, there is a good feeling. Wu instinct is very sharp, he had a bad feeling, it all seems to is just the beginning. In the military, instead of Confucianism, not the end, but a beginning. Confucianism may think, to put an end to all this mess source. Taiping era coming, it returns to the point of civil administration division. But the cloud is very clear, the secret is shown, in accordance with the following, is a heaven and earth ". The source of chaos, I'm afraid inside short time, don't finish. Once the time is too long, the military and political systems of China Shenzhou began habits ingrained. Then think of civil and military administration, it is not so easy. Now, can only hope that he can control the degree of wu. All things. The current chaos, military department took over the real benefit. But if the degree has not grasped, afraid is adding to the chaos. Fang Yun heart faint trace of fear. However, think of Wu Mu, a little peace of mind. Wu Mu is the one thousand real control of 600 million troops, known as the big week army of God, eight Wuhou, all listen to his schedule. Although he is rarely seen, but all the big week within the territory of China, are in his hands. In the Zhou Dynasty razed to the training, is written by him. Wu Mu is a wise, we believe he should be able to control the clouds, the degree. Hou Ye listen to you, here, as early as general military department. The court is an eventful year, along with Wang Hou, no military command at the Forbidden City, leave. I hope you Hou ye, I say I do. The graying at the temples within the father-in-law, then read out the imperial decree, but did not leave immediately. But to say a word. Father assured, I understand. So many princes in the hall, someone should he. Husband bus to a few words, he left. In the hall, still brightly lit. But busier than before. At this time, the sky Women Canada Goose Constable began to dawn. Fang Yun sat a while in the temple, meditation is not language. He thought a while, no one would dare to disturb him. To Chen Shi, Fang cloud left. The court called the princes here, is read this book decree. And no provisions, even the house can not leave. Send yuan Wuhou Wuhou Wuhou, strong, brave, heroic Hou Messenger, just say I asked him to the house to sit. Went back to the house, Party cloud immediately sent to please four wuhou. The person directly in charge of military office. Now the military office of administration, power up. They asked for, it is the most appropriate. The champion Hou's face, or someone to. North Face Backpacks Sale Not and in a Mens North Face Hoodie short while, four Wuhou arrive together. See the Wuhou Wang Xizhao attachment, all is an earthquake. The Wuhou, in recent years become more and more strange. On that front, seems to be very popular. The Wuhou and Fang Yun dispute, make public. Did not think of Yuan Wuhou, the British Wuhou the personal independence of conduct, incredibly will befriend and cloud. Two people hostile to each other, but secretly carrying on!
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