Li Changlao panic shouted

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 17:14
(;) Hey, chrysanthemum burst is I most loves, you wait I blow you! Na Jia immediately cut out of soil body. Li Changlao saw, a soil body guy, immediately frighten sweating: I say, what can I say! Jiang Fan laughed: I knew you would say! You are the star organization how many hippocampal Knight base? Our star there are three hippocampal Knight base, respectively is the No.1, No. two, No. three base. Li Chang road. Oh, you are here is a base, the base two and base three in what place? Jiang Fan road. The island of Dongli is a base, in addition to the conch island is the base two, sand shell island is the base three. Li Chang road. Who is your main island and on the island? Jiang Fan road. Li Changlao shook his head: I don't know who is he and on the island! You are the star organization elders, also do not know who is he? You have not seen the island? Jiangfan Li Tao cold. He never see our true face to face, he is always wearing a mask. As for the ascend elder too much, I just heard about it, he has never been to base. Li Chang road. He was wearing a mask? What mask? Jiang Fan exclaimed. He took the Tauren Men's North Face Denali Hoodie Clearance mask. Li Chang road. Tauren mask? You listen to the voice of island, estimate his age? Jiang Fan road. About fifty years old! Li Chang road. Did you know that the elders and the woman is stem what of? Fan asked, he intended to ask, to test Li Changlao said not to tell the truth. Sha long always Sea Navy deputy commander of the Military District, the woman is the general manager of the East China Sea city club hotel. Li Chang road. Oh, I know! Jiangfan nodded, he looked at Huang Fu, small rich, do you have any questions to ask? Huang Fuyao said: no! Since there is no question, for he also useless! Idiot, you put him off! Jiang Fan said coldly. You, you don't keep promise, can also give me to the Na Jia soil body! Li Changlao panic. Hey, I this person credit to the bad guys never! Jiang Fan laughed. Hey, old Roan, you finally fall on my hand, I want to burst your chrysanthemum! Na Jia grinned soil. Ah, don't you, I beg you, let me die happy! Don't torment me! Li Changlao panic shouted, he remembered the secret weapon, a soil body, immediately frighten cold sweat. You called it, the louder the sound, I was more excited! Na Jia soil a lift Li Changlao, put him into the underground. A moment later, Na Jia soil body comes out of the ground, oh, really very cool! The miscellaneous wool is really * * * tight! Is too not through it, only a few died! Na Jia soil with his se. Uh, stupid, you are too sick! Even the old man's Chrysanthemum also not let go! Huang Fu sweat road. Hey, small rich brother, I now practice a kind of good Women's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance weapons, private and take one unaware, is trained! Na Jia soil body laughs. I rely on you, it really can do with weapons? Huang Fu exclaimed. Hey, almost can, general trees, as long as I gently swept away, North Face Fleece the tree is broken! Now in the morning I practice every day in the sand, not to how long you can catch up with my spur! That is my secret weapon! Na Jia soil body mysterious smile!
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