Japan since the 2007 years since the political compromise in

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 9:58
The government in June this year to the European Union and the international monetary fund application assistance, to save by adidas adizero ghost sale Greek debt crisis banking and make up for

the deficiency of the government funds. The government is still in and the European commission, the European central bank and the international monetary base

Gold organization troika of negotiating groups held a salvage negotiations, but both sides have not agreed salvage agreement.

Fitch ratings said, 2012 Cyprus financial condition worsen sharply. Cyprus sure goal is this year will fiscal deficit percentage of GDP, down from 6.3% last year to

2.6%. But according to plug the ministry of finance data show that the first nine months of the year fiscal deficit has reached

Last year's level. Fitch ratings are expected to plug this year's fiscal deficit ratio will be more than 5%.

YeTian dissolved after the house of representatives hold a general election, the Japanese politics quickly into "warring states adidas pro model zero sale period". A Democratic Party members

"defect" agitation, lose ruling position a few to stay, The LDP sharpen one's knife to recapture the prime minister throne, but can get more than half seat is still


Number; There are more than 10 small party expansion giddy GeZongLianHeng, accelerate the "political surnamed ji". In such a mess of the campaign, in the Japanese

history is rare.

Japan since the 2007 years since the political compromise in, this is six years the seventh time choose prime minister. So frequent election, can not let the Japanese

national confusion? Can not make the international community confused?

Three years ago, while the democratic voters in the LDP down on the table, the success achieved for the first time after the war "real political power". However, three

years, democratic administration has basically, the Japanese economy is on the verge of collapse, the domestic right-wing thought prevailing, diplomatic collar

Domain alarm again and again. tracy mcgrady shoes for sale It is in this context, with Mr Ishihara, bridge, such as task as a representative of the third pole forces emerge in a large amount, and

as "plot to usurp" accountant. However, these even neighbouring relations are all dealing with bad political party, and how can let people believe that can control

Good state power?
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