This is our protest and revenge

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 11:26
The Olympic Stadium in Rome press conference poll.But should appear very warm atmosphere, but now it has some strange, because the scene of many reporters face embarrassment.International Milan won the Lazio 1:0, just like in the reporters face fan of a heavy slap in the face, leaving the red paw print.Wait the asshole Caesar doesn't know how will arrogant, how taunting us!Believe that the scene of many journalists are very sad heart.If they choose, they do not appear in this place, by the rival ridicule, but they are only wage earners, they have to rely on Yang Cheng to the press to make newspaper sales.So for them, even if the Yang Cheng again how ridicule, mockery, and even their names, they are to resist.The media and the soccer, is integral to the two industry, particularly in europe!Yang Chengzhan at the scene outside, when he saw Erickson in the eyes brother come, immediately smile and greet.Win the ball, he is in a good mood, but the eye brother but not good mood, do things carelessly the greeting, went in, heart in contemplating, wait to cope with Cragnotti's question, how to keep his head coach position.Well. Paul.Yang Chengyi saw Paul Beyer, immediately shouted."Find me something?"Paul Beyer pant for breath, he received the news immediately ran out."Wait a minute in, you when my voice!""A spokesperson?"Paul Beyer surprised, news will not coach the place.?How Yang Cheng also find a spokesperson?Listen to me.Yang Cheng grabbed Paul Bayer's shoulder, leaned over and whispered a few words.I quit!Paul Beyer was shaking his head." UGG Fringe Cardy;No, Paul, I'm your boss, you must listen to me, you must be done!""I determined not to do!""You don't have a choice Canada Goose Palliser Coat!"Finally, Paul Bayer was brought in Yang Cheng.........................When Yang Cheng brings Paul Beyer appeared in the press conference, reporters at the scene are some wonder, but soon calmed down.Sit down, Yang Cheng secretly poked Paul Beyer's foot, which raised his head, plaintive left Yang Cheng a look, look for the reporter, coughed twice."I'm sorry, Mr. Yang Cheng can't answer any questions today!"After that, his head quickly and down.The reporters at the scene suddenly burst in, what is the meaning of this?"Mr. Yang Cheng, are you saying, you can not answer any of our questions?"A reporter at stand up.Yang Cheng recognized this guy, is Turin sports newspaper, enemies!He gives no response, no openings, also did not nod or shake his head, but stretched out his right hand, in your mouth before a pull zipper motion, schematic yourself today would not answer any questions."This is our protest and revenge?"Another reporter stands.Boy, is the Republic of!Yang Cheng also made a zipper gate action, still ignored him."You are depriving the journalist's right to know!""Mr. Yang Cheng, you are such a move would only intensify the contradiction between you and the reporter!""You will pay for what you did!"See the reporters at the scene all be filled with righteous indignation, Paul Beyer some do not sit, "uh......Actually, Mr. Yang Cheng did not answer the cause of the problem is, he does not want his answer being misunderstood or......Oh dear.He secretly took Yang Cheng's foot.The latter is sitting in a chair, leaning back, smiling stares at in front of this group of reporters, a pair of you bite my hate expressions, gas in the presence of the reporter roar UGG Suburb Crochet Tall Boots."Mr. Yang Cheng, if you keep this cooperative attitude, we all colleagues will leave, to show your protest!"The Turin sports newspaper reporter suddenly stood up.Yang Cheng is tired of the waved, looked as if to say, out of so many do, get out as soon as possible!The Turin sports newspaper reporter mad, he wanted to grab your stuff and leave, but around four journalists are no movement, he had to stare angrily Yang Cheng, sat down again.Do not protest, is also a kind of news!Yang Cheng retaliated, fun, but the hapless Erickson is depressed, he just lost a ball, the mood was very poor, but now completely reduced to a news meeting......Bit, even a bridesmaid is not, he is really a head wall have a heart.
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