then hook the hook lips close to Fang Chu

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Chapter 543 was arrested thought beams town, organized language: "the Purple Miss, I have a friend from Hong Kong over, he first came to the development of the Mainland, I helped him quite a bit, so our relationship has been 99 years, he invested ten several hundred million buyout of Universal Music Asia operating rights, going to the White mainland market recently, I believe that as far as I know the artists he most admire is basil Miss!, basil Miss, if deign joining Global, will double care, I do not know basil Miss think of it? "Xiaohan pick eyebrows:" I somewhat understand how this is called doing you a favor? "beams town face a lag explains: "Because ... because when he is the best friend, I hope that the good development of their friends, basil Miss agreed to indirectly satisfy my desire is to help me, so ... why they say ! "is it?" Xiaohan meaningful smile: "I'm sorry, I did not intend to quit!" purple lady, you think it over EMI's now a popular singer, of course, I know two years, even if the rest of Miss basil or EMI thinks highly of most red singer, but switched to Universal is specific packaging enjoy feeling alone pet will certainly be better? "beams the town said, also stressed that one:" I'm also look at the purple lady is not labor sake of Jade Jade friend, before operating this heart! "Xiaohan jokes smile:" Oh? Yueting how the more you mean you help me? Mr. Leung operation this heart, I work at EMI is very pleasant! "beams town urgent waved their hands:" No! not! You see me that mouth, I really can not speak, how will I help you? me is seeking your help my friends, you can also experience the feeling of joint venture, you are assured that his company is very strong, and the of EMI absolute comparable "What is the name of your friend? Xiaohan, etc. for a long time, did not hear Liang town answer, looked up and looked over and saw beams town gnawing ribs Sa ball eyeball was staring at a motionless, then hook the hook lips close to Fang Chu, whispering: "estimated to be distressed to die! "Fang Chu lookin smile shook his head:" you know, is a child! "the Xiaohan toot mouth:" eternal innocence to face not old, you do not know? "Fang Chu near Xiaohan the ears low laugh: "You will be the youngest? whisk hot air and tickle the ears, Xunde the Xiaohan cheek quickly infected with a layer of bright red, pretend inadvertently pushed Fang Chu, head bow soup. Fortunately, the table dish up, Dajiadoumang of food, and basically looked around, the two had a little trick Actually, I'm worthy of our attention. "Purple lady just asked me what?" The recovered beams town look embarrassing estimated feel just looks like quite a shame! "Oh, no, I have also a casually ask, just want to know which investments Global, look I know do not know!" The Xiaohan smile will strip good shrimp feed Fang Chu, mouth, Fang Chu Zeshun hand will the Xiaohan stripping the crabmeat to the the Xiaohan mouth, beams town to look at the side bulkhead own eat Wang secretly swallowed (not greedy, envious!) "The Purple Miss and Mr. Fang is really affectionate, very good fit, but the fans will certainly be very disappointed to know that the purple Miss unofficially crowned" beams town square Chu looked up and pointing at him, and quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, I digress , my friend called Europe World Chol, heir of the Euclidean group, young people, promising Fang Chu, hand movements slightly meal, lips evoke a hint of a smile pun Road; Liang Mr. friend really spared no effort! "They continue to Xiaohan tick fishbone, he saw it, the beams town always have doubts about the identity of his colonel. The Xiaohan hand back and forth in the Fang Chu waist pinch, his face was pale with a smile: "my fiance said to Mr. Leung is indeed quite worry friend, but I am afraid that my decision to let Mr. Leung disappointed! "beams the town seems to peek at the one time, the eyes flickered smiled and waved his hand:" purple lady before do not have to rush to answer, you think about, want to give me the answer, you see how? "Xiaohan Vietnam the see beams town of expression Vietnam feel right, Europe World Chol how will the pay this friend? She even wanted to snowball to snooping about him in the end thinking. But eventually the idea Renxia this cheating thing more, will form a psychological dependence, she is to exercise their ability to observe, who knows what will later go back and face the complex ah? Anyway Air Max 2010 II Shoes, more than a little experience is always good! Beams town Xiaohan looked seems a bit uncomfortable, then forced a smile: "I was so warm-hearted person, the Purple Miss No offense! Excuse me for a moment, to go to the bathroom, I'm sorry!" Jojo looked up with a glance beam town out of the package between the figure, puzzled look to the crowd: "VIP private room not the bathroom you? confused?" "estimate, right! the Xiaohan mouth hook the hook:" the rare Mr. Leung Please expensive meal We all eat more Xinxin, do not light meat dishes, eat more seafood and vegetables, or you tomorrow quasi uncomfortable! see Li Xinxin sea cucumbers are picked out puzzled and asked: "Xin Xin, why you do not eat sea cucumber? but cast high immunity to soft gold! "Li Xinxin shook his head:" I do not like the taste, the fans inside the line, this soft Baba did not taste! "Xiaohan know Li Xinxin taste comparative eat salty, they is not Zaiquan, smiled bow continue to drink a bowl of soup. Liu meters could not help but looked up Chong Li Xinxin vertical Shudamuzhi: "Xinxin, you cow! But I have to tell you, you eat a bowl of fans converted into * yuan to buy the best fans enough for you to eat a year!" Li Yuzhu one, and quickly put his "fans" push Li Xinxin front: "Do you eat!" Li Xinxin provoke a chopstick thin research: "This fan is what to do?" Wang rare smile: "Xinxin Liu meters fooled you do not listen, it was a shark fin! "shark fin this look like?" Li Xinxin Staveley: Fans difference is not a big thing, the book says so precious, and I thought how good it! How can pork is delicious! "......" ...... beams town out of the room came to a corner of four Chouchou nobody called the European World Chol phone: "Mr. Europe, I beams town, remember me? "the European World Chol cold sound pass over:" Do you have any thing? misappropriation of funds would not say I will not help you cheat Liang Dong yourself to talk to him to explain it! "beam repression low voice: "Mr. Europe, I would like to tell you to make a deal, I have a big secret to tell you, you have been concerned about things, if you promise to help me, I'll tell you!" things I care about? You know what I care about? "means that the European World Che sound with derision. Liang town confidently replied: "You are concerned about the whereabouts of the big star basil Miss, do not you?" "Do you know her a message? Possible how!" The Europe World Chol voice suddenly high up. "I put some recordings to listen to you!" Beams town his pocket and pulled out an exquisite voice recorder open play button at the phone, he has just tried to persuade Xiaohan global dialogue through the phone clearly spread to Europe and the World Che ear in. Recording has finished playing, the other end of the phone is a long silence, Liang town "hello" several times, before they heard the voice of Europe World Chol: "I immediately told me where she is!" Beams town face emerge out victory smile : "You have heard how I help you, right? agreed to my request, I'll tell you her position!" "Well, I promise you, tell me the address, immediately!" the Europe World Chol voice hastily pass over. Liang town temptation said: "I want to plus 300 000!" European World Chol Xiangyebuxiang the answer: "I promise you!" Beams town heart under coursing sound excited shook: "You want to speak count, then!" Europe and the World Chol dissatisfied with the voice: sake 3,000,000 "I will go back on? little of me you're not blocking this money misappropriated hole? stop wordy!" "Well, I'll tell you her address, heaven Hotel VIP rooms 1008 room, I will try to help you pin down her, but you have to hurry up Lodge Jacket Canada Goose, otherwise, do not blame me for incompetence! "beams town Then came hears phone" toot toot "blind sound, a proud smile: "You re smart, not as a woman I draw the line?" great sense of accomplishment, is not it? "" That is, of course! answered sudden reaction to not "Liang Zhenshun mouth, and quickly turn passed away, I saw Fang Chu, smiling, standing behind him, frightened step back extrusion ugly smile on his face: "Mr. Fang, you ... when did you come?" Fang Chu press the shoulder press beam town: you open up the phone when I came over, not the nerve to disturb you good thing! "... what do you want?" beams town look of panic. "What do you think?" Fang Chuyang smile of light at this time to see the eyes of the beam town, that terrible than Satan smile. "I do not know!" Beams town voice trembling. "Well, I would like to remind you how to do, like you and Wang Gang behavior? Such as you is how Na with funds? Another example how you know the European World Chul basil interested?" Fang Chu spoke to Pat beam on the shoulder of the town: "it is now clear how to do it?" Well, I say, I say, I hope you do not hold this thing off by disclosing to me that Timberland High Top Boots, okay? "Leung town helplessly watching party Chu, that feeling, that he is the innocent children in the world. "You speak first, and so you had finished I then decide how to do it, but I warn you, do not attempt to lie to me!" Fang Chu said Liang town promoting the next VIP rooms vacant twisting a lock, a call Then look at to beam the town: "Well rest assured, no one here to disturb, I can tell you here and my boss is a friend!" "Well, I said I said ......" warm second more to send to the last day, the call of the hands of the pro pink, do not vote on the waste, I strive for the fourth, sugar treasure, whining, good heavy task! ~!
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