can not go looking for revenge it went

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 11:47
> At this point, the sky, nine gold, are like a small sun rims, burning torrents flame, comes out extremely hot light. The the WWW, QunabEN, COM slowly within nine instruments used rims, actually, turned out nine, Wu Phantom! Just turned out, Wu, eyes closed, exudes a breath of destruction. People's heart is full of runners. Suddenly, the black gold suddenly opened his eyes! "Shabu" shabu! "Brush!" ...... Nine, Wu, 18 SG, opt for injection in the air, as if interwoven into a golden net toward YE Feng shrouded from. This golden light enveloped range greatly, but, in the end, but it is condensation into a great power. Unparalleled! If it is a sea of ​​fire fall down, YE Feng also to point out the surface, and thus successful break out. But now, the red robe old man, just being is to be followed YE Feng Ying Peng. "Well, I knew you to be forced to kill me, but so wanted to kill me, not so easy!" YE Feng Long before the expected will be made into such a situation, although panic do not panic, slipped , began his maximum speed and toward that led Wan Ku children of attacks in the past. "Call out!" This sword is profound knowledge of Feng Ye, ready to go blow! Suddenly, has been attracted YE Feng follow the the red robe old man's wonderful fighting a time, who Xiao Ding, the Xiao Taigong child, at this time there is not even any reaction! . "Oh!" Presumptuous! "" Do you dare! "" Stop! "Four old man saw YE Feng attacks, very frightened, they had expected their son might die here. Then, a few of them, the whole family will therefore be convicted! At this moment, four, there is no any hesitation, and directly toward Xiao Ding, the fastest rush to protect him. This time, they did not dare to attack Feng Ye. The what Weiweijiuzhao, this moment, is entirely nonsense! You can kill YE Feng, wooden dragon demon Dan finally got so what? If the son died here, even if they had won the day Dan is useless! Xiao Ding comfort comparable to be important! Xiao Ding a hint of problems, even if wait a minute YE Feng hacked in pieces, they are not worth the candle. Because of this dude who tied their family's lives. This moment, three people that did not participate in the fighting, no time to attack YE Feng, but moments, and all display their defense exercises, stand in front of Xiao Ding with their own body. "Really." YE Feng hearts smile, in front of all YE Feng expected. In fact, he did not think of, really to kill this dude. Since the degree of attention of a few people this person dandy, you can see, this dude lives, more important than the lives of their four more. YE Feng practice, just to give yourself a little fight for the initiative only. The two meet, the brave victory Meet brave, wise wins, YE Feng is undoubtedly brave wise. Mythical dragon wings!! "Seize the initiative, YE Feng naturally, but to give up, and he also has been the expansion of this initiative, which becomes the weight of victory. Three just to resist in front of Xiao Ding, old exhausted, Sony is not there at the moment, YE Feng instantly turned toward the side retreat. At this moment once again performed their own mythical dragon wings. To an enemy, each of the four people repair stronger than me, if a two, I have to grasp kill four people, is impossible. Instead, four of them full Weisha me, I there is no chance to escape. "Feng Ye did not intend from the outset with them head-on confrontation. Met, beat, escape, this is the most correct choice. Brush! "YE Feng display their mythical dragon wings, the speed, and the other is beyond the other. Only twice in a row to display their mythical dragon wings, front YE Feng load of the body is very large, but now in order to escape, but also gave up. Launched a mythical dragon wings YE Feng, faster than the original full raise double that five people do not react, and instantly, YE Feng follow them to pull away. "Damn, he actually dared to escape!" Xiao Ding reaction over YE Feng has started running, the atmosphere of corruption against the four men shouted, "You four waste I grabbed him, he even dared to defy my Venerable the grandson. "" Yes, sir,Nike Air Jordan 11, son! "moment there are two old man running full chase away toward YE Feng. While the remaining two men that simply did not move, but there guarding around Xiao Ding. "You two waste how still here? Do not chase!" Saw two old man did not act in accordance with their own command, Xiao Ding cursed. "We are afraid of the son encounter any danger, and therefore here to protect son just said that red robe old man followed YE Feng fighting front of Xiao Ding reasonable manner. Although they are very afraid of that the Shinto triple day master, but also has a strong strong dignity from the heart, they look down only know the name took his grandfather, swaggering dude. However, do not let this dude injured. It is stuck on the very. "Oh! Ah, since you in this." Xiao Ding Oh sigh, just think of the danger, nodded and is not talking. Distance, YE Feng fast, he looked back at the two people caught up. "Well! This rate, the two of you would like to catch up with me?" Two people watching from behind in his pursuit, YE Feng Lengheng the cry, and at their own pace to an extreme. Jiuxiao Dragon complementary step followed the mythical dragon wings, the speed is not only fast, the action is more sensitive. YE Feng shuttling in the forest, flowing movements and facial. Not too long, YE Feng will the men far left in the back. "Well, in front of a jungle into the jungle, they certainly can not find my." In front of a thick dense, YE Feng without any hesitation, toward the inside drill down, and soon he found a place to hide from their breath, and then sat down cross-legged, began to recover from the effort. YE Feng practice aquatic exercises, but the forest water vapor is also extremely dense, exquisite plus water Kwai articles, his body convergence from their breath, almost blend followed by the surrounding environment. If it is the realm of the repair is higher than his double, completely unable to find. "Well? Kid's speed really fast, so fast run gone?" An old man facing the other and says. "Well I think that the boy should be hidden, definitely did not go far." One said. Followed by two people in the forest careful search, they searched very carefully, but the majority, this place, they can not all search. The direction of their search team, coinciding with Feng Ye location location opposite. This time, YE Feng as a meditation monk gives the impression of the whole person, and no any breath of life with the magic fluctuations. As if the world does not exist. Two old man in the forest to search for a while, no results annoyance up. One of humanity: "You say we so laborious to find that kid doing? His run, run, we also peace of mind." Another person cold shouted: "You know what, that guy's not very old, but, cultivation is so high,Air Jordan 12 UK, especially in his last wings, the breath distributed above I feel very frightened, behind him is not powerful martial art is a powerful master, if the escape is Fanghuguishan future, we're in trouble! "the man listened to curl one's lip, said:" Even if the forces behind him no matter how powerful, can not go looking for revenge it went to Xiao? "that guy fighting has been reported he name of the martial art, it seems that he has absolute confidence in the ability to escape, such a person who is, if he hurt the good definitely will come back, come to us looking for revenge and he already know who we are, just ask, we can know we message, this person must be exterminated, and eliminate the troubles or later, we're in trouble. four of us were ordered to protect the son, it does not allow any makes a mistake! "you say well, that we quickly find the two of them did not know their conversation word for word fall, YE Feng heard inside the ear. "If you want me to die, then you are waiting to go die!" YE Feng heart sneer, but no action, to restore their cultivation. But he did not dare to recover quickly, because if he absorbed energy around too violent past, will naturally cause some energy fluctuations, the two people in front. The two men repair is also impressive, even lower than Qin Yao only a hint. YE Feng recklessly with the two men, then it would have a death wish, his control, try not to generate energy fluctuations, the fastest restore their physical strength. That two people in the area, searching for a half hour, and did not find YE Feng figure. Finally, they refused to give up. Two empty-handed, Xiao Ding see them looking dejected, suddenly guessed the results, the reigning thundered: "You two waste! Bastard but she ran! He ran, my wooden dragon demon Dan go there to find? waste, waste! "They did not dare take words, Nono without saying. "I'm sorry, son, that kid too cunning, he fled under the dereliction of duty." But, son, do not worry Wicked Sea, the days of the South of the world's major martial art experience, if nothing else , that kid will come and we will one day be able to meet him. "says an old man. Xiao Ding eyes squint, trace of Hanmang flashed, "Yes! He will come the next time I saw him, I want him to lynching! So, in order to vent my heart of hate!" Carefully looking for a lot, a few people finally determine YE Feng is really run away, it does not go looking for. "You four, since you can not find the bastard, then called the son to look elsewhere wooden dragon? Province, this time to go back, let me lose face in front of my beauty concubines. Xiao Ding facing the four people Lengheng soon no longer be ignored, and galloped off toward the distant. Xiao Ding did not mind this incident, YE Feng escape, only to stimulate the heart of his playing, he does not believe in Feng Ye will be able to kill him! This Arisaema domain,Coach Online Store, did not dare to offend he xiaojia young master. "Want to kill me? Dream!" YE Feng Lengheng the cry, and felt that five people so far away, slowly showing his own shadow. <
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